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USD68688S US D68688 S USD68688 S US D68688S
United States
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Thomas B. Anderson
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Nov. 10, 1925. Des. 68,688

T. B. ANDERSON CUP Filed July 17, 1925 WlTNESSES INVENTOR 7%01/546' iigodeiozv A'ITORNEYS r y Q Patented Nov. 16, 19355. {page UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Q DESIGN FOR A CUP,

Application filed July 1'7, 1925. Serial No. 14,124. Term of patent 3% years.

To all w/zomit may concern: erence being had to the accompanying draw- Be it known that I, THOMAS B. ANDERSON, ing, forming part thereof.

av citizen of the United States, residing at The figure is a perspective View of a cup Coshocton, in the county of Goshocton and showing my new design.

State of Ohio, have invented a new, origi- I claim: nal, and ornamental Design for Cup, of The ornamental design for a cup as shown. which the following is a specification, ref- THOMAS B. ANDERSON.



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