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Bottle cap

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Vincent L. Haley
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Rubbermaid Inc
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Rubbermaid Inc
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FIG. 1 is a top right front perspective view of a bottle cap showing my new design;

FIG. 2 is a top plan view thereof;

FIG. 3 is a front elevational view thereof;

FIG. 4 is a right side elevational view thereof; the left side elevational view being a mirror image; and

FIG. 5 is a rear elevational view thereof.

The broken lines are for illustrative purposes only and form no part of the claimed design.

The bottom and interior of the bottle cap form no part of the claimed design.

Claims (1)

  1. The ornamental design for a bottle cap, as shown and described.
US29068776 1997-03-31 Bottle cap Expired - Lifetime USD396190S (en)

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USD396190S true USD396190S (en) 1998-07-21



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