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USD389520S US29066565 US06656597F USD389520S US D389520 S USD389520 S US D389520S US 29066565 US29066565 US 29066565 US 06656597 F US06656597 F US 06656597F US D389520 S USD389520 S US D389520S
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Bernard J. Kocon
Craig R. Bures
Frederick W. Kruger, Jr.
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Binney and Smith Inc
Crayola LLC
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Binney and Smith Inc
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FIG. 1 is a left front top perspective view of the marker holder;

FIG. 2 is a front bottom perspective view thereof;

FIG. 3 is a rear bottom perspective view thereof;

FIG. 4 is a front view thereof;

FIG. 5 is a right side view thereof;

FIG. 6 is a left side view thereof;

FIG. 7 is a rear view thereof;

FIG. 8 is a top plan view thereof;

FIG. 9 is a bottom plan view thereof;

FIG. 10 is a front bottom perspective view thereof with a stamper marker shown in broken lines.

The broken lines showing the stamper marker are for illustrative purposes only and forms no part of the claimed design.

Claims (1)

  1. The ornamental design for marker holder, as shown and described.
US29066565 1997-02-14 Marker holder Expired - Lifetime USD389520S (en)

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USD389520S true USD389520S (en) 1998-01-20



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* Cited by examiner, † Cited by third party
A sketch of a device used by teachers to create parallel lines on a chalkboard to write musical notes for students. The device had a wooden handle and several metal fingers. Each finger held a piece of chalk. The sketch is based upon a device seen in approximately 1972.

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