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USD209640S US D209640 S USD209640 S US D209640S
United States
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combined display
display stand
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William F. Dean
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D 209,640 United States Patent Ofifice Patented 1 COMBINED DISPLAY STAND AND CUTTER FOR CHAINS OR THE LIKE Adolph L. Platky and William F. Dean, In, St. Louis County, Mo., assignors to Nixdortf-Krein Manufacturing Company, St. Louis, Mo., a corporation of Delaware Filed Jan. 26, 1967, Ser. No. 5,571
Term of patent 14 years (Cl. D80-9) FIGURE 1 is a front view of the combined display References Cited stand and cutter for chains or the like showing our new UNITED STATES PATENTS design.
FIGURE 2 is a side elevational view thereof. 45839 5/1914 Landers BBQ-9 D. 121,421 7/1940 Mayer D809 FIGURE 3 1s a top plan view thereof.
4 areal. i thereof Van den Berg We claim:
The ornamental design for a combined display stand and cutter for chains or the like, as shown.
OTHER REFERENCES Hardware Age, May 27, 1965, p. 81, top right item. Hardware Age, June 10, 1965, p. 6.
WALLACE R. BURKE, Primary Examiner. JAMES R. LARGEN, Examiner.



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