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USD185752S US D185752 S USD185752 S US D185752S
United States
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shoulder pads
football shoulder
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Toby Harper
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United States Patent Des. 185,752 Patented July 28, 1959 RACK FOR FOOTBALL SHOULDER PADS OR THE LIKE 1 Toby Harper, Dolph, Ark.
Application May 26, 1958, Serial No. 51,087
Term of patent 7 years (Cl. D809) Figure l is a view in side elevation of a rack for football shoulder pads or the like, showing my new design;
Figure a top plan view thereof; and
Figure 3 is a perspective view thereof.
I claim: I
The ornamental design for a'rack for football shoulder pads or the like, as shown.
References Cited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS Vogt Feb. 18, I94] Marcus Feb. 7 1 956 OTHER REFERENCES L. A. Darling Company Catalog No. I40, rec'd October'8, 1937, page 23, lower righthand. Item No. 5029.



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