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USD183998S US D183998 S USD183998 S US D183998S
United States
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similar article
jewelry finding
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Samuel J. Mccorrnick
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Des. 183,998 Patented Nov. 25, 1958 United States Patent Ofifice JEWELRY FINDING OR SIMILAR ARTICLE Samuel J. McCormick, Attleboro, Mass., assignor to Metals & Controls Corporation, Attleboro, Mass., a
corporation of Massachusetts Application April 9, 1957, Serial No. 45,653
Term of patent 14 years (Cl. D451) Fig.1 is a planview of a jewelry finding embodying my design;
Fig. 2 is a front elevational view thereof;
Fig. 3 is a side elevational view thereof; and
Fig. 4 is an elevational view taken at an angle substantially midway between those of Figs. 2 and 3.
Portions of the drawing have been stippled to indicate contrast.
I claim: The ornamental design for a jewelry finding or similar article, substantially as shown and described.
References Cited in the file of this patent Phipps and Bird Catalog R41-l941, page 844, Item A7 4610.
C. D. Peacock Catalog, received December 8, 1941, page 7, Item 15.



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