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USD179623S US D179623 S USD179623 S US D179623S
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sunglass frame
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Jack Bloch
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179,623 SUNGLASS FRAME FRONT OR THE LIKE Jack Bloch, Leominster, Mass., assignor to Foster Grant Co., Inc., Leominster, Mass., a corporation of Massachusetts Application April 10, 1956, Serial No. 41,016
Term of patent 14 years (Cl. D571) l 'I l I Fig. l is a front elevational view of a sunglass frame References Cited in the file of this patent g? 29 fi i UNITED STATES PATENTS 1g. is a op p an view ereo The dominant features of the design are shown in full 1441319 schrfiysshuen 1946 lines in the drawing D. 168,067 Phlllppe Oct. 28, 1952 D. 172,050 Newman Apr. 27, 1954 I claim: The ornamental design for a sunglass frame front or the like, substantially as shown and described.



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