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USD178524S US D178524 S USD178524 S US D178524S
United States
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condiment dispenser
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Raymond C. Lange
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United States Patent 0 ma Des-178,524
Patented Aug. 14 1956 CONDIMENT DISPENSER Raymond C. Lange, Cedar-burg, Wis. Application February 7, 1956, Serial No. 40,059
Term of patent 14 'years (Cl. D4422)- Figure l is a rear elevation view of my design for 21 References Cited in the file of this patent condiment d1spenser; UNITED STATES PATENTS Figure 2 1s a side view;
Figure 3 i a from View; D. 142,697 Bl echer 0 19 Figure 4 is a bottom plan view; and 174390 Klfekhaefer 1955 Figure 5 is a top plan View D. 175,270 Palm r A g- 1955 I claim: 2,705,468 DiX APR 5, 955
The ornamental design for a condiment dispenser, as shown.



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