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USD174308S US D174308 S USD174308 S US D174308S
United States
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cooking utensil
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Paul Belokin
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Des. 174,308 Patented Mar. 29, 1955 COOKING UTENSIL Paul Belokin, Jr., Berwyn, Ill., assignor to U. S. Industries, Inc., a corporation of Delaware Application March 5, 1954, Serial No. 29,364
Term of patent 14 years (Cl. D44--1) To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, Paul Belokin, In, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city of Berwyn, county of Cook, State of Illinois,. have invented a new, original, and ornamental Design for a Cooking Utensil, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming a part hereof, in which Figure 1 is a perspective view' of a cooking utensil showing my new design;
Figure 2 is a top plan view;
(Figure 3 is a side elevational view from the handle end, an
Figure 4 is another side elevational view thereof.
Everedy Chrome Cook Ware, Catalog No. 41, 1940, page 4, covered saucepan.



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