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USD165595S US D165595 S USD165595 S US D165595S
United States
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telephone call
timer unit
call timer
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Richard A. Miller
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Des. 165,595
Jan. 1, 1952 R. A. MILLER TELEPHONE CALL TIMER UNIT Filed July 12, 1951 4 INVENTOR. Richamifl.Miller BY amgg M ATTORNEYS Patented Jan. 1, 1952 Des. 165,595
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 165,595 TELEPHONE CALL TIMER UNIT Richard A. Miller, New Philadelphia, Ohio, as-
signor of one-half to J. H. Miller, and one-hall to Cleta B. Miller, New Philadelphia, Ohio Application July 12, 1951, Serial No. 15,841 Term of patent 3% years (01. n42-7 To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, Richard A. Miller, a citi- Fig. 3 is an elevation of the right side thereof.
I claim: The ornamental design for a telephone call timer unit, substantially as shown.
REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the file of this patent:
UNITED STATES PATENTS Number Name Date 1,261,915 Ferdon Apr. 9, 1918 1,951,332 Barclay Mar. 20, 1934



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