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USD137482S US D137482 S USD137482 S US D137482S
United States
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game board
similar article
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Thomas D. Pitts
Original Assignee
Toy Creations Inc
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March 21, 1944. T, D. -rs D8. 137,482

GAMEBOARD OR SIMILAR ARTICLE Filed Jan. 22, 1944 INVENTOR. BY kmas gga ifils Mcs fiRNEY Patented Mar. 21, 1944 Des. 137,482

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A GAME BOARD OR SIIVIILAR ARTICLE Thomas D. Pitts, Glen Ridge, N. J., assignor t0 Toy Creations Inc., Jersey City, N. J., a corporation of New Jersey Application January 22, 1944, Serial No. 112,294

Term of patent 7 years In the drawing, the single figure is a top plan View of a game board, showing my new design.

The game board is of conventional thickness.

1 claim:

The ornamental design for a game board or similar article, substantially as shown and described.




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