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USD133680S US D133680 S USD133680 S US D133680S
United States
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Marjorie Norton
Original Assignee
Kay Ferer
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M. NORTON Des. 133,680
Sept. l 1942.
DRESS Filed Aug. 8, 1942 Patente d Sept. 1, 1942 Des,
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A DRESS Marjorie Norton, St. Louis, MO., assignor 150` Kay Ferer, Inc., St. Louis, MO., a Corporation of Missouri Application August 8, 1942, Serial No. 107,850
Term of pat-ent 3 years TO all whom it may concern: ing a part thereof, in Which Figure 1 is a front Be it known that I, Marjore Norton, a citielevationa] View and Fgure 2 is a rear elevatonal Zen of the United States, residing at the City of View of a dress embodying my neW design.
St. Louis, State of Missouri, have invented a new, I Claim:
original, and ornamental Design for a. Dress, of The ornamental design for a dress, substantialwhich the following is a, specification, reference ]y as shown. being made to the accompanying drawing, form- MARJORIE NORTON.



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