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USD132486S US D132486 S USD132486 S US D132486S
United States
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new york
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Bonnie Cashin
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B. CASHIN Des. 132,486

DRESS May 19, 1942.

Filed April 22, 1942 I'nuemZ -r 30777718 Gas/7,7

AvTov-nsy Patented May 19, 1942 D 132,486

DESIGN FOR A DRESS Bonnie Cashin, New York, N. Y. Q Application April 22, 1942, Serial No. 106,667

7 Term of patent 3 years 7 To all whom it may concern: Fig. 1 is a front view of a dress showing my Be it known that I, Bonnie Cashin, a citizen new design, and of the United States, residing in New York city, Fig. 2 is a rear View of the dress shown in in the county of New York and State of New Fig. 1. York, have invented a new, original and orna- I claim: mental Design for a. Dress, of which the follow- The ornamental design for a dress, substaning is a specification, reference being had to the tially as shown.

accompanying drawing, forming part thereof. BONNIE CASHIN.



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