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USD128573S US D128573 S USD128573 S US D128573S
United States
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Bruno Staehle
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July 29, 1941. B STAEHLE Des. 128,573

DRESS Filed July l0, 1941 INVENTOR. B, W v 4.41

Patented July 29, 1941 Des.

DESIGN FOR A DRESS n Bruno Staehle, New York, N. Y.

Application July 10, 1941, Serial No. 102,000

Term of patent 31/2 years To all whom it may concern: Figure l is a front View of a dress, showing Be it known that I, Bruno Staehle, a citizen of my new design; and the United States, residing in New York city, Figure2is av rear View of Figure 1. in the county of New York and State of New Iclaim: York, have invented a new, original, and orna- The ornamental design for a dress, substantialmental Design for a Dress, of which the follow- 1y as shown. ing is a specication, reference being had to the BRUNO STAEHLE.

accompanying drawing, forming part thereof.



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