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USD125405S US D125405 S USD125405 S US D125405S
United States
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dress ensemble
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Samuel Reich
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Feb. 18, 1941. s RElCH Des. 125,405

DRESS ENSEMBLE Filed Jan. 8, 1941 Patented Feb. 18,1941 I D 125,405

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A DRESS ENSEMBLE Samuel Reich, Chicago, I11. I Application January 8, 1941, Serial No. 97,857

Term of patent 3 /2 years To all whom it may concern: Fig. 2 is a rear view thereof.

Be it known that I, Samuel Reich, a citizen Fig. 3 is a fragmentary front view of the dress of the United States of America, residing in Chimember. cago, county of Cook, and State of Illinois, have Fig. 4 is a rear view of Fig. 3.

invented a new, original, and ornamental De- I claim:

sign for a Dress Ensemble, of which the follow- The ornamental design for a dress ensemble, ing is a specification, reference being had to the as shown.

accompanying drawing, forming part thereof. SAMUEL REICH.

Fig. 1 is a front view of a dress ensemble showing my new design.



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