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USD124398S US D124398 S USD124398 S US D124398S
United States
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pin clip
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Victor Silson
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Dec. 31; 1940. v v.s|| soN Des. 124,398. I PIN CLIP Q Filed Dec. 6, 1940 INVENTQR. VI CTW 571.!1'

Patented Dec. 31, 1940 Des. 124,398

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE victcr Silson, New York, N. Y.

Applieation December 6, 1940, Serial No. 97,139

Term of patent 3 /2 years T10 all whom it may concern: the accompanying drawing, forming part thereof. Be it known that I, Victor Silson, a subject Fig. 1 is a plan view of a pin clip showing my of the King of Great Britain, residing in New new design.

York city, county of New York, and State of New Fig. 2 is an edge view thereof.

York, have invented a new, original, and orna- I claim: mental Design for a Pin Clip, of which the fol- The ornamental design for a pin clip, as shown. lowing is a specification, reference being had to VICTOR SILSON.



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