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USD109986S US D109986 S USD109986 S US D109986S
United States
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William J. Hickerson
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June 7, 1938. w J, cK so'N Des. 109,986

CHEST OF DRAWERS Filed April 28, 1938 INVENTOR W/L 1. mMLZbm/rA-Rs 0M ATTORNEY Patented June 7, 1938 UNITED STATES Des. 109,986

PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A CHEST 0F DRAWERS William J. Hickerson, Philadelphia, Pa.

Application April 28, 1938, Serial No. 76,790

Term of patent 3 years To all whom it may concern: 4

Be it known that I, William J. Hickerson, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia. and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new, original, and ornamental Design for a Chest of Drawers, of which the following is a, specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming part thereof, in which:-

Fig. 1 is a front perspective view of a chest of drawers showing my new design.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of Fig. 1. I claim: The ornamental design for a, chest of drawers, as shown.




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