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    • F02B53/00Internal-combustion aspects of rotary-piston or oscillating-piston engines


APPLICATION rILrn Hav. 1a, 1910.
Patente Apr. 4, 19H.
r. w) 4 4 u 4 r. n i, ..1 4 ...4 n, .n.11 m. 1,. d. .1.... .if ...i MI is :L
0 I'. EDQVIST. kann GASHGINL -APPLIOATIOI X'ILED IOT. 15, 1910. zw?- 2 Patented Apr. 4, 1911.
SHEETS-SHEET 3y aggio;
ROTAB Y GAS -ENGINE To whom 'if may concern:
S pe citcation of Letters Patent.
subject of the King of Sweden, residing in g the city and eountv of Denver and State of This invention relates to iiiipi'oveineiits in rotary gais engines, and the objects of the invention are: First-to provide a. cylinder I whieli is rotatably mounted upon ay station mjy shaft and which is provided with radial i partitions. rotatable pistons beingr mounted in the cylinder which are adapted to more tli i'ewitli but. at. a greater rate of speed. means being provided tor auioiiiiitieully and successively loeking sind pistons io tlie sluifi.A
:it eqiiidistnnt points in their rotation rind for momentary periods. the lin-lied piston;
stnndini' "djaeeut to one of the said. partitions and brine adaiieit to forni an ahnt; i
nient to receive tlie impact from :in explosion A of gas which has been previousfy compressed between said piston and ailiiitii'ieiit, whereby thc cylinder is given a menus being provided for unlocking the pisrotaiw impulse,
tons siie'eessirely inniadiately following the g expiosions. Seeondfto provide a rotatable cylinder mounted upon a stationary shaft? and provided with rotatable pistons haring spring :xct'uiii'ed dogs adapted to autoniati- Q cally hiel: .said pistons in successive order tu the shaft, oai-li piston as it is looked being/Q arranged to unlock 'llie other pistou, :irnis being pivotalljiv secured to the cylinder and to the pistons, whereby the' pistons are rotilted intermittently :ind at ai greater ratei of speed than the cylinder, said pistons be- 'i ing adapted to :iet asinonieiary aliiitnients .f
to receive the iiiipnet of an sxpesion of gas.
the cylinder haring partition blocks which g are adapted to lie positioned adjacent .to the A looked pistons when the. explosion oec-nrs,-r
ii'hei'elr; the cilinder .iS
given rotary ini-Q )iilses in successive order. vali-es bein" "iro- 'vided for automatically admitting the explosive mixture to t`-;e eyliiuier, und for permitting the exploded gus to exhaust. These objects are accomplished by the mechanism t illustrated in the ae oiiip;inying drawings` in which:
Figure 1 is :i side elevation of the iin-' proved engine. Fig, 2 is a side 'elevation of the opposite sido of the engine. Fig. 3
is a rerticai, sectional Be iz, known that I. @Lor F. Eoovisr. a
latnted Apr. 4, 1911.
Application filed November 15. 1910. Serial No. 592,450'.
View through the engine. cylinder rightarigles to its axis. Fig. t is a rc1-tical, sectional view of the engine takenY on the line. iL-4 of Fig. l. Fig. 5 is :i sectional view taken on the line 5 5 of Pig. Fig. G is an elevation of the side of the engine shown in Fig. l, but. emit-'ting the front supporting standard find parts carried thereby. Figs. 7, 8, 9 and l0 ars respectively :i side view.l a rear View, 1 plan view and fi. bottoni View or" one of the pistons. 1l is a transverse, sectional view through a portion of the timer ring; and Fig. 12 is :a view in diagram iilusirating the parl; circuit.
Referring to the accompanying drawinvs the numeral l indicates a sliatt which' is rigidly mounted in standards Centrally 0f its length, the shaftis profiliert with an annular enlargement or eollfirB, which is provided eentrally.v of its width with an annular groove 4. Substantially a third of the length of the shaft from euch end is tubular or formed with an axial here and these hores or nas-sages 5 and 6 constitute respectivel} iniet and exhaust ports for the engine. At: the inner ends of the bores :ipertures T und S respectively extend through the tubular portions of the shaft. The apertures communicate with a. surrounding hub il, which is revolulily mounted on the :i2-de, and from which extend sliortoppositely imstioned pipes 10, to wliieli are. secured straight, horizontally arranged elbows 11, the opposite ends of wliii-li are adapted to be secured to one side of tlie engine cylinder, as will presently lie shown. The adjoining :ids of the pipes :ind elbows are preferably tianged, :is shown, so as to be connected by bolts l', and the ends of the elbows which connect with the cylinder are also flanged., :is shown :it '13.y These pipes and elbows are adapted to convey explosive mixture to the cylinder, a suitable carburetor {not shown) being secured io the adjacent end of the shaft so as to connect with the port or passage l. The elbows are provided with inlet Y which are flanged ai their ends, and to these flanged ends :ireic nin-cried straight horizontal elbows 16, which are also angcd al. their ends adjoining the pipes, the adjoining 'pipe and elbow flanges being secured together by bolts l. The ianges 1S at the opposite ends of the elhows are adaped to he secured 'lo the adjacent side of lie cylinder, as will presently be shown, sind these pipes and elbows with the shaft port 6 formv un outlet for the exploded gases from the cilinder.
The cvlinder comprises e bend i9 suit' :K A e able Widthito the opposie edges of which are secured plates or heads 2O hy bolts Q1,
which pass through holes in the hand and t heads. The heads are provided wih circular axial openings 21A of greater diameter than the collar l orv die shaft, and from dianietrically opposite points L er! iion blocks 20 22 extend from the margin of the openings 2l* lo the band 19 and are secured by holi's 23, which pass through the said blocks und through the heads 2Q. n
At right angles to the blocks 22 are op- 25 positely arranged partition blocks 2l :1nd 24;", which also exiend from the margin of the openings 21A to the hand 19, and bolts pass thrw'gh these blocks and tl'zrmigh 'Une heads 20. The blocks 2Q and 2i serve to brace the heads und fo delirio the space hetween there and the holle prevent spreading of the heads due' lo the. pressure result-- in from the explosions in lhe cylinder, ns will he apparent, The blocks 2-1- und nl are provided :it their inner ends with trainsverse grooves 215, which nre :nlizpied to receive packing strips 27, springs being placed linthe grooves which exert an ont- Ward pressure upon 'she strips. The poel;-
' 40 ing strips 27 :1re adaptd to hear upon the 30 and 3l' extend the shouldered ends ofA the elbows 1l and 1G respt tively. the. flanges -13 und lb respectively of said elbows being bolted to the heads 20 by bolts The inner ends of' hc ellmrrs 1l nre vornml with valve seais 33, in ivlzicn are sealed coni- Cal disk valves 3i having stems 35. The ends of hev elbows on :i line with the valve seuls are provided will:A threaded eperiures, in whicn :ire screwed headed pings 3U lmving axial holes exiending partially through them, whi.- orm hearings .for the i'. ids of the valve :keine Near "che inner ends of the elbows are located inlcgrzil skeleton supports 37 having asiel holes through which the stems 35 poss. and these supports or r bearings oi'er no obstruction to lhe passage 6* of explosive luixlui-e through the elbows.
{Flanged collars 3S are secured upon he l stems and expensive. coil .springs 39 are i interposed between the flanges of the said l collers and the supports or bearings 3T and' l normally hold the valves 34 upon their seats. The shouldered ends of the elbows 16, l which exend into the holes 3l, are pr vided i with valve seats 40, upon which are seated l conical disk valves 4l havin stems -l2,which 'cxiend ont through axial oles in headed. plugs 43, which ere. screwed into the ouer ds of ihc elbows, and upon the outer ends l ligf i'hesesieins are secured heads 44, Thev ihezxds of the .plugs 43 are provided with f eountersunk recesses 45, which are adapted i to receive the. inner ends of expansive coil springs 46, which :ire inerposcd between the said plugs and .the heads 44. on the ends of the sein, and these springs serve to normally hold the valves 4l upon their seats. Skeleton supporis 4T are formed ynear he inner ends of the elbows 16 and are provided with .axial holes, through which the valve stems il pass.
The pistons A and B, above mentioned, .comprise blades 18, which are radially disposed reliiz'ivelj. to the axis of the cylinder, and from ine inner ends of which extend segmeniel inen'xbers 49. The bledes'nre of a widzh io iii snugly hezweezi the cylinder liceos 2C; and iheir outer ends are adopted to hear against tin` cylinder bend 19. The larcra ends of the hhides are provided with grooves 50, lo receive pushing strips :il :md i siirings 52, which adapted zo press the said Siri-ps against the cylinder heads. The outer ends of the blades nre also provided wih grooves 53 to receive strips 5l and spring;- ,35. The segmental portions 49 of the pisions nreenough wider hirn the blades to extend throujh the. circular openings 21A oi the cylinder leeds and lie flush with the onler limes of the said heads, The under sides of the said segmeniail portions 49 ure formed with segmental recesses 5C, of a width :ind curvature eorrespoi'iding to the' shaft collar 3, and the portions of the member 4i on cach side 'of the segmental recess 5G are formed with recesses 57 of a curvature corresponding lo the curvature of the shaft. ln ihe cenlers of the recesses 56 :ire 'formed Longues 58, which are adapted lo lio in the `annuler groove il of ille collar 3, and these tongues, are extended n suitable distance beyond flint and of ihe member l) furthest from the blade 18 sind terminate in beveled ends 59, :is shown. The blades 48 of the pistons are provided with slots or rei es G0.' which extend into them from their inner ends. These slots are of :L suitable depth and extend from one side o'f the segmental recess 5G to the other and centrally from the 5 end Wells of the sluis holes (il extend into i the blades, and these holes serve as pockets l l i ifor coil springs G2. Latch blocks G3 are 1 placed in the slots G0 against the springe 62. and these blocks are slightly slim-ter than the depth of the slots t() anni :ire adapted to successively engage n plurality of stops G4 f ormed upon the slmfr collar 8 on opposite sides of its :mniilnr groove 4, the Stege being n'tlie form of tisinsveise groottes, as shown. Then one of the pistons is brought to i1 momentary panse by the engiigeniem of its latch block G3 with a stop 64, the beveled end .'39 ut! its Longue passes uncle? the latch block of the other piston and disengages the szmefrom n stop, ther-elw permitting the .latter piston to be mov rotatively until its latch block is engaged by the next succeeding stop, tongue at the saine time effecting the release of the latch block of the former p in, :is will oe unda stoof; by reference to Pig'. 3.
T lus manner of inteiimttenly rotating the pimms sind the object thei'enf is as follos: This segnwntal members of the pistonsextemi laterali-jf through the L we ings 2H of the piston heads, as before rnentifmei' :incl one side of nach of these rnc-mbes is formed with a rullini' 200W or recess 65, thc mn?- inal edges if '.v iich are undercut, un shown in Figs. 9 and tt). A, block {it} .is placed in each of tliee giooi'eS, and these blot-listar@ formed willi lievolerl edges to correspond to the nmleroeit edges of the said grooves. Tite blot-ke GG :irc liclcl in the ginoi'es by sere 6T, and [vom enc-l1 block p'wajects n stud t" the outer enris of which are tlii'etilezl. JL roil .5() extends trnnsvei e l throng'x the Q ;lnilei' between :i pair of the inn'tition J and il and npon one Pini of thi rod i.' pii'otally mounted an :mn Tf). to tifafre enel of 'which are pivotnlly ntiuelicil :inurl Il und 72, the opposite owls of .i-i are pivotally secured tu tliu sinds oit the partons and B rcspectiwly, which are flirt-elly given im intermittcnt rolnx'if nioionn-ih` :is follows: winning that the piston i is lnclicil to the Simft by its lntcli block :xml that ilic cylinder is rotating in the 'lii'w'- tion of the arrow, a; shown in Fig. 3: t e arm 7l). ivliicli moveeI iiitli the cylinder,
4pushes tlaf :ami 7l and pulls the um 7'2.
as will lin understan/l, nml 'the :frm 7l ill swing up upon tho stml of the will lockvi piston A., wliilu lie umn T22 will mow the iirfmn ll. the lntcli of which sins released 'by the lwveleil tongue of thc pieton A, from the position shown in Fig. Il to ine next Succeeding stop noti'l; in the hul: collar Il. :ind as it reaches this nntchit is nimncntni'ilv luck-ed flu-.reto lay its latch block. flaite iii; tongue lifts the latch of lie piston A, which piston is instantly moved to the nox'; sueccefling stop notch. Thus, mieli pistonj :if it nonies to n locked po.-;itinn unlocks the other piston intl tlm movement of tlupistons relzitiiely to the cylinder' is suoli ilnit when eaoli one comes to a locked position it has 'iiertalcen :mil stands/adjoining one of the nii'iiiiogi blocks :4 or 21"", :if: il anso may bC, iuliiilfinsti: eine; between the. said pi, in and block; und us the piston momentaily locked tlic power exerted against the black by the ur;- plonion gives roinrj; impulsi: to the cylinex', by which the blos-l; i: f iiiivd orwnil1 in advance of tlif: piston. lint, the outer enel? of the :irme: Tl mail T2 travel in im nrc of much g tl :m the t :if the pisons to i im: lashed, and mi the. ,az-:is of the.
swing of the arm locked nsti-in, 'die milomeii n on is i for rotated :it gremita' wie oi: y
one stop notch to arc which the ej,'l1niiei 1s i'olfitiiig. entre to E" 3 it will lie seen that the paititione are in those relative pn; explosion occurs asviill presently no expl l, nml as the i ''or- Su wari ni'lvzince of tlie pieton n. is;
I nouv-uen it :mil tti. ton, by which the inlet value Kilt oi i to nirni :i charge el explosive in;;\`.nr{.:i id almost sinnaltfaneo ly ilici'owiln the. oppu- .site exlazins valve 'Lil iiipeneil lij; the engagement'. olf it" i'iili'e elem liesnl vt-i .iii'lz ne of iln'ee anni projections Til on a ving; is Secured to one oi' tlm wnpnof'ingij nuls in 311:: Suitable minlnv-c. pirla-:'- y by serai-cs or boils Tl, which excinl gli the lower pli-:limi of tins rin.; :'.nll of the standard. anni ilii'frngli tlm ny of tlm ring nml :i lnnclici T5 lzzii'inf;
:ich lun-grafi :i bolt Ti'. Vlie ring is poiin'cil willi tliice come. :is shown, :um :is there un; lint two (liumeti'iuzilly opnosile si, valves' l. it will lin n tlm! tlvy Ynlfcs :irc opcnitl in alti-Vinile mulxr. ln-i1 om iuli'c 5mn .lecail il iii im i over :i calin the oppuitc liv-nfl if# lwtivci-n iii: mins. nr, town in lig. l.
l li
l standard 2, ami tu the amper end of'hf bracket o by 'mits ci er through bloei 95 of nv .,Jz'ductmg maieria which insulzze ih@ cunuct g rings ZGSrOHLthe sandzr. These vrings ure wir E ai' the cylinder.
s 94. whim im centric: with the a x-ihin tbe er ring 90 and conceni'c dieren-'kh is a maar comprising a non-cimduf-ting ring 96, in the. periphery of which are sp-fxc crnducior ings 92 and 99, wie
clgrxuecr'f-d by Wires X00 and 10i to di@ oppoa-e pr. of e Spad; co g, to which Liuc wil-afs' and le are "ciad, Cona ed h tide rin A:rms 1G; and 105, and thence Ihre Gn tlm :ylwff-r be i oppesiie to the one to vi the :mms and 5G are secured is #nih-:Q .a driving {miie} und the inner 55 fixe-e o iris pulley is :frowned with geur eetx l: A pinion 210511 n sin-lf( ULvvrhiczh is mounwl in n be 21A i3 pm'ideri with ammini gx'uoves,
which cxemi imo grooves 114 formed 35 in the sfmnenha m-:mnrs of tlm p15-tons A Ys inner surface, ad iQ acen :Standard by :vcrws 5 emgi; tix, mailers 10G' and 10T im? and B, and as the pistoni: -Jm 'n'y Slide :xp-Qn these packing rings, as W be under stood? The Upration Gf tl* Assuming hat the cjlir-f v the mzmuy upmfsed 'wheel 11u mi that the pistons are in `the relative waitin-11S ovs'n in Fig. 3, hn f'ne cyi'uer is in amper p0 isn 'Snr am apeiou i6 -are piace. bei. partition bind; ,4g-.. this iustan the miler $6 engages che of *the Contact? f', therey 'Jrming sm aecrc fir-cuiihlxxg ring 98, wir?. 3.0i?, spark coil 254, Wim: 92, canino a' C feller 875mm 8' an wine Y. vm 911e p nf the. s; L
through oppose wie of rpm x i uder v?, am". sami mii-'ez' conrgetc-s Ehe circuit. 11s this circuit 5s formed thxpimson *Lakes piace and the :yuder is 'viven mimi;I impse, which *fue piston B, which was unockeci imm the shaftimuuneously with En@ locking of the pistun as previa 3f @scribe-i3, is drawn iipm 'by the arm T: and a geaer raie uf 'um hat tyavee by ik@ @LAQ so that wipe-n it 1VV stop notch 'su he sha'z hub. :and il' EOC ref@ ii cvcken im pari en at the 'mif; instan iig- Ccfnziri- 11a-ier pases over one of cwnacs L63 11 mi n mit is formed g 9S, wir@ HV1, *park ii! 9%, Fire 93, cuidador ring 33,
:md wire to uns pole Gf the 'iz-1g S1; ihence hroug; the :appar-:hc wing f -o :1r-m lO aand L. ik@ cima.-. azul @ducing a spari: :1f: plug S1 befween pison B :md ich-2, pzwiimii A? by Whig-L the cylinder is given amike? rotary impulse. When the esplosi@ oc ref `ue- :Ween the piston A and pauiiinn 24 he valve 34 was opened by iie v'mnum caused 0; the advancing pisnn admit n charge cxp minare beiwee'x 1. arid pisto ami partir-i031, and nircu same time. the vulve H upffnrz in a msnnGr-{zfffdescribed to parini he expue mixture to Nimah-12. Tho "1' e risulta v' c 30mn khad wiwi the es n i 2 5 i i mii/Ja" pints brftwn @zich Jimi-sn anni its co-fiig z'tiion cvcrv rL-xoiui im; of the cyinfer, ur si); Qxpiosii in fill, jhus? af: cylinder is give?l sm rotary zmpniecs during every rmwglutlon.
Having des 'hed ilu; m'ientfs-n, whm.- 1 new and iin vc to secure by Lct-:n's t l l i `l i i tion with :i stationary shaft, of a cylinder rotatably monntel thereon haring oppositely arranged partitions. radially dispotd pistons rotatably*mounted on the slmv means for locking sziirl pietnns to the shaft :1t equidistnnt. pnint in their relative travel :md in alternate order. inezni fm' unitn-king une piston simnltnneoualy with the lurking nf the other piston, annie. connevtefl to the cylinder :mtl to the pistons for intermittently rotating the lutter. mi automatically operating inlet :ind exhmifs valves which uct nt predetermined periudn relatively to the lurking of the pistons to the shaft.
1n :i rotary en the combinetion with n stationary snuit having eqniilis tant: Shins arranged in radial order, of :i cylinder roiuiniily inounteil un ige simil having oppnsiteiy arranged partitions, radiilly dispos-eil pintons'rotatably monntrfl on `sai' shaft, spring (1pm-:iwal lute-he; in said pistons for engaging Suid Stops. n ns connertetl with the y' mi; whereby '.:hen one is loelceil the other ia eimnllnn-z-msiv nnlnrkei'l; nrnxs'pivotully connected i@ the cil inrler nml to the phtml.; for iinnrnnttemly rotating: the piflone. nml oppnsilely zir rungfefl inlet :intl exhaust valve; rchivh oper- :ite autonnitif-lly :si prerlcternunwl periods relatively te) the lurking nf the, pistons t0 the shaft.
il. ln a rotary las engine. he ctnnhinrb lion 'with u stationr," shaft haring: radially disposal Stop thereon. :it :i cylinder rotanlhjf nmmneil on :nhl shift haring' opposite-ly positional punition". oppositely :1rrzmgetl nntmnntii-:illy iprrritiniz inle. :intl exhnuft rali-ee mii. .'inl. tu enrh partition. li= ill \f flispnrrfril pistons rnlntzzhlv monntwl in "d rylintler :xml nflnplml to not in ouninnel'mn with Suhl partition in minfining :i volume of explo-aire niixlnrv. latches. in Suhl pistons fr engaging the snif! stops enverssively :ind in nlfrnnti writ-r. nimm runneete-l with the pihtnx hei-ehi' hen mie is lux-lied t0 thu slnift the other is :in'mltsine` oneije tmhnrkell. :infl :mns pirutnlly emmerted to the cylinder :mit tu the pistons. 'whereliy the lutter nre. rutziteii intermittently.
4. In :t rotary ;.i\- engine. the fmiihinntimi with n. stationary hnl"v haring; rmlinlly ili= posed stops, of :i rylimlnr rotatably nnnmteal on sniil shaft huvin; r :Iininnlrii-:illy uppnsit: partitions. rnflinlly tlispnqil pistoll in sniil (-yliinle rutzltuhly mounted m the slmtt. epiing opcrntetl latches in :iiil pistonnA adapted to .Quel-esirely engage thel sziiil stops, :m arm pivotml tu the cylinder., :iwi :xrm pivntully .secured to the Stihl :wm :xml to the pinton. n'lwi'ehy th:l pietnns :u'lrutxitr-l intermittently :incl nl n grt-:iler rute of spi-eil from (me Stop tu the next Ful-.ri'viling Stop than thzil, traveled mmtimimisly h y the eylimicl'. longnw mi the, pintora whirl :wt alternately to nnlocl: me piston simultaneshaft. haring radially tliposeil stops and axial ports extending: into its ends, which :ire intere-wlmi by rmlinl ports, a cylinder rotatably mounted nn the shaft; having dinnetrienlly opposite partitions. hubs nu the Shaft Surrounding the said radial pnrts. op 75 )insite-ly positioned pipes extending from each ol said hubs. anil Straightr horizontal elbows winneeted to snifl pipes :mtl to the adjacent cylinder heads, which are :ipertixred to receive theenrls of the ellis 5, l0
spring controlled :intonnztienlly operating vulves in the elbows. thoe in one. Side' (if the cylinder heilig inlet ,'zilies :mii those on the opposite. spille being exhaust, valves, rotatable,
ruilinl pistons nn said shaft, :mns connecting the pistons with the @linden-latches in the pist-ons for successively engaging the mid radial stops. and latch operating tongues on the pistons by which when one piston is locked its tongue unlocks the. opposite piston, whereby the pistons Yirel limited to intermittent movements in nlterneteorder.
(i. ln :L rotary gas. envine. t,..e combinntion of :L stationary shaft havin" nxiel ports extending into its ends7 *.vliien are inter- 95 by radial ports, rafinllj: disposed stops on the, shaft. a cylinrler rotatably mounted on the shaft having diametricnlly opposite partitions, rotatable hubs surrounding the saifl radial ports, dinmet ieally opposite pipes connecting each hub Wit-l the interior of the cylinder adjacent to the said partitions, automatically operating inlet valves in the pipes on one side of the cylinfler uml zintonnitirally operating exhnnn4` 105 vulves n the pipes on theA opposite side nf the. cylinder. pistons rotatably mounted nn the shaft. lzitr'hes carried by the pistons whit-h engage the Suid Stops snecesnively :1nd
in altri-nnte order. hitch operating tongues vnrriml h v the pistons. by which when one piston is: liu-kerl its longer unlocks the opposite piston. und arme pivotallv ennnerlerl tn the pistons nml to the rylinfler in Such manner :tetn eeei :iltei'inxtingl step hy step 115 rotations of sniil pistone..
7. ln a rotary gris engine, :i stntinnnry shaft having inlet nml exhaust pork: n cylinder rotatably mounted cui. the ihnft. hav
ing.r opposite partitionn: rotatable hnb cnrnminuit-:lling with the inlet :incl ehnnst ports, :unl upposite pipes extending 'imm each huh :mit winni-elett with the interior of the v vlineli-r intim-ent. tu the snif] partitions: :uitv-A mntirnlly operating valves' in said pipes: ro- 125 tnlnhlv pistmn. in the cylinder; :mns vom ner'l'w'l zo the piston@ :mil to the c vliniler in sut-h manner that the pitmw :1re thereby nim'efl more rapidly than 'the eylimler:
,means fr loclcing the pis-tom to the shaft: at 139 .fine
regular intervals, and in alternate `order; latch operating devices carried' by the pis#i tons whereby when one piston contes .to a locked position it unlocks the other piston; spark plugs extending into the cylinder in ndvnnce 'of the pistons; and means connected with the cylinder and with n source of electric power for closing a circuit through said plugs in alternate order and at predetermined periods.
8. In n rotary gas engine as specified, a stationary slxntt, having inlet :md eslmnsr ports; a cylinder rotatably mounted thoreon, having oppositeiy :rrrengecl partitions; rotatable inlet und exl'innst members com4 nected with said ports and with the cylinder; spring-controlled raciium opeijftted valves in seid inlet members; springt-.ontrolled valves in said exhaust members lieving projecting headed stems; a ring snpported concentric with the path of said headed stems, haring cnnr projections at redetermined points lor engaging said liended stems, to open said exhaust valves; rotatable pistons in the. cylinder; latches in the pistons for automatically lockingxlicni to the shaft nt regalar intervals and in nl termite order; means carried by the pistons whereby when one of tlicm comes' to :r locked position thc. 'other-fis unlocked; :mns connected to the pistons and to the cilinder by which the pistons nre moved from one locked position to another at a greater rate of speed tlnm that traveled continuously by the cylinder, whereby when cach piston comes to a locked position it lms confined a. body of explosive mixture lxetwecn itself and' a partit-ion; spark plugs extending into the cylinder; und means connected with the cylinder andfwitli s. source of electric power for closing a circuit through the said plugs rxlternntely as the adjacent piston is locked,
t". In a rotary gas engine, tlxe combination .with a stationery shaft, having inlet. und err-- lisnst ports; a rotatable cylinder mounted thereon, having oppositclg arranged partitions; rotatable inlet and exhaust members connecting said ports and said cylinder; spring-controlled 17a-'21mm operated valves in the inlet members; springrontrolled valves in the exhaust, members, hei/infr extended stems and cnms in the path of said stems for operating the vulves; of rotatable pistons in the cylinder comprising radial members :ind segmental members adapted to rest upon ihc shaft; stops :it eqnidistunt points nro-ond the shafts; latches carried by the pistons for successively engaging the stops in alternate order; arms pivotnlly connected to the pistons und to the cylinder. which move the pistons in alternate order from one locked position to :moi-lier; tongues extending from the pistons by which one piston is un# locked simuitenconsly with the locking of the other piston, cach cf said pistons xi'hen locked being' adepte-d to confine :i body of vexplosiw'? mixture between' itself and :in ad 'joining partition; 'spark plugs extending into the cylinder adjacent to the partitions; circular conductors secured adjacent to and concentric with the cylinder; opposite contact rollers carried by the cylinder but in- .sulntefl therefrom, for engaging said conductors, and wires connecting said rollers und the spnrk'plng; n timer ring concentric with the cylinder having two sets of equidistantcont acts :and independent conductors connecting the contacts; opposite rollers carried by the cylinder and adapted to engage ssifl contacts, Suid rollers being adapted to coi .'cy current from the timer to ilse cylinder; :md wires connecting seid timer und conductor rings 'ith e source of power.
l0. In s rotary gas engine, the combination sigla of stationary shaft, having an inlet por't' at one end and an exhaust port at the opposite cnil', and e. cylinder rotatably mounted thereon, of means for admitting explosive mixture to the cylinder, comprisingr n rotatable member mounted on the vshalt and communicating with the said inlet Jort. and with the crlindcr und s rinffscontrollcd vacuum operated veli-es in said inemllcr; means for exhausting the exploded gases from the cylinder comprising a rotatablc inetnlier mounted on the slinft :md communicating with the said exhaust. port mld with the cylinder; spring-controlled valves in said exhaust member having projecting stems, and n stationary ring concentric with respect to the cylinder, lmving projecting cams at cquidistnnt. points adapted to engogo the said stems.
l1. In n rotary ges engine, the combination 'with n stationary shaft, haring an inletpor nt one end und an exhaust port at the opposite end, a, cylinder rotatably mounted on the shaft, having op'positely arranged partitions; rotatnliie inlet and rotatable'ex- Y hasst members connecting seid inlet and ex lmust ports'rcfpectively, with the cylinder :1nd automatically operating valves m sind members; of rotatable pistons in the cylin? der, connirising redini and segmental portions, the lutter engaging the shaft; stops at; three cquilistant, points around the shaft; spring operated latches in the pistons adapted to engage the stops; projecting tongues on the segmental portions of the pistons, enc-l1 of which when its' piston is locked is adapted to unloc i the other piston, the seginrntal portions of seid pistons adaptccf to extend thro-figli axial apertures in the z rylindcr heads; annrm pirated to the cylinder; n pair of arms pivozd at. 'one end to flic fir-4t :mn and :it their opposite ends to the said segmental portions of the pistons, wlicrfzliy :is the cylinder rotates, the pistons nrci also rotated in alternate step-by-step l or-V er.
12. In a rotary engine as specified, the combination with a stationary shaft having a central collar prm-'ided fit-li an annular groove, and a cylinder rotatably mounted on the shaft, havingA o ppositci.; disposed parti tions; of radial pistons in the cylinder havinr segmental portions adapted to ride upon said collar and project through the heads of the cylinder, and tongues which ride in the said groove, the said collar being provided with equitlistant stop matches;l spring actuated latches in the pistons adapted to engage the said notci'ies successively and in altornate order, the vtongue of each locked piston being adapted to lift the latch of and release the other piston; an arm pivoted to the cylinder; n pair of arms pivoted to the said arm and to the pistons; moans for adniitting explosive mixture to and for exhausting exploded g from the cylinder; and a sparking' device operable through the rotation of the cylinder.
13. ln a rotary gas vngine, a statii'inary .shaft haring inlet and exhaust ports in its ends; a cylinder mounted on the shaft havin;T opposite partitions; radial pistons in the cylinder having segmental portions whmh partiaily surround the shaft and pass under the inner ends of the partitions; stops at cqniclirstant points around the slnrft; latches in the pistons for engaging the stops; valved members connecting the inlet; and exhaust port with the cylinder; tongues extending from the pistons for unlocking one of tliein when the other is locked; arms pivotcd to the cylinder and to the pistons, by which the pistons are alternately rotated step-by-step -neetetl therewith, and operable by the rotation of the cylinder.
14. In a rotary gas engine as specilied, the combination with a stationary shaft, a cylinder rotatably mounted thereon having rotatable pistons; 'arms connected therewith and with the cylinder for rotating Said pistons;
and spam iplugs extending into said cylinder: of rolers carried hy the cylinder and insulated therefrom; wires connecting the rollersA and spark plugs; rollers carriedhiv the cylinder and not. insulated therefrom; a stationary ring concentric with the cylinder and comprising inner'and outer conductor rings separated by a non-conducting ring, the first mentioned rollers heilig adapted to engage these rings; a timer ring having eqnidistant pairs 'of contacts, which are adapted to be engaged by the second inentioned rollers; and wires connecting said conductor rings and Said timer contacts in circuit with a source of, electric power.
ln testimony whereof I ailix niy signature in presence of two witnesses.
OLOF F. EDQVIST. Wit nesses (l. Sanoizxr ELLIOTT, ADELLA M. Fon'nn.
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