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Qgg I .Patemfs Jan. 10, Sl.


wifi arnmg,


Riemann H. wELLEs, or MFG. co., or

nnNosngr, wisconsin, lis'srenon To THE BADGER BRASS KENosHA, wisconsin, A.a CORPORATION or wisconsin.

LAMP- aaneen.

stammen for peters man. 'Patented Jan. 1o, 1911.

application ined march a1, i910.. serial Na 6505708.

To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, Riemann H. VELnnS, `a citizen of the United States, residing `in the city of Kenosha, county of Kenosha, and State of Wisconsin, have' invented :certain new and useful Improvements in Lamps, of which the following is a specification. .This invention relates to improvements in @lamps and refers-v more particularly to subsititte burners for lamps of that type used in automobiles, motor cars, and the like. Among the' salient objects of 'the invention 'eaite to providea constructionin which different kinds -'of illuminatim'such as gas and electric light, may he used in one and the saine lamp; toprovide a construction ,of `the above character' in'which ,the two kinds -of burners are mounted upon a; common rock shaft and alter;iate'ly.' shifted into and out goofocusby means of a simple;thumb lever; provide le and improved means for 7 'utomaticallyf ocking'the burners-' either :of theirl positions; -'to rvidea construction which isektremely re iable inoperation, de-

void of delicate or relatively weak parts, and fwh-ich ate the same tirn'eean be economically manufactured; and in general to provide an "ilnproved constructonfof the character refmedm.'

The invention consistsin the matters herez inaftfer' described and more pointdout in the appended claims.

* In tpefdrawings-Figure 1 is a side elevav'artof .the lamp being jbroken away ds o wn in section, 1n order to more ,clearl ring out details .of construction; Fig.'2 is' al'fra entary transverse sectional f :tekenen tTiiieS'2--2 of 1 and looknthedirection of'thea'rrows; Fig. 3 is ai 'agm' .enta

sectional view enerally similaitoFig. 3 ut showing theurners in the o poste position from that shown in Fig. 2'; is an enlarged. detailsectionfl view nflines 4.-4 of Fig. 2 and looking direction of the arrows; fentary inverted planview of e lower -.'fpo ionjof the lamp andshowing more par- -tiularly the locking device. Fig. 6 isa per- Qo vpectve'viewof the base plate.

j The lamp is provided with a refiector 1 at -itsreaii end as shown atFig. 1. Y

itslower side the main body 2 ofthe lamp is apertured as' shown at 3 and across Q6 thistaperture upon the inner fece-of the of suitable screws 5, 5. It is to be underparticularly a motor car lamp equipped with my `lampis. adjustabl 4mounted a base or supporting, plate 6. Dtdiagonally oppositecornersthe plate is provided with a pair of screws S, 8, 4and a' confining washer 9. The lower end of each screw extends through a so closed slot 10 and the plate may be adjusted to or from the rear of the lamp by loosening the conlining screws 8 in an obvious manner. This supporting plate-6` is centrally apertured as shown at 7 and provided with coun- 6 5 'ter recesses 7 through each of which projects a -journal bearing Ljef-carried by the corresponding bracket 4. Each of these brackets 4 Ais secured to the base'plate by means stood, of course, that the opposed' bearingr eyes l#are in alinement. Between these bearihgs is rotatably seated a rock shaft 11 having'reduced journal extensions 12 extending into the bearing eyes 4'.'

To therock shaft is integrally connected a pair of burners 13 and 14 -Which in the. present instance .are adapted for. use with gas andelectric light respectively. Accordingly, the gas nozzle 13 communicates through thefrock shaft with the usual inlet tube 15. In a similar manner the bulb stem 14 which 'supportsthe bulb 16 is provided4v with the insulated connectin wires 17. These burners are angularly disposed relative 'to each other, so that when one of the burners is swunginto vertical position i. e.

. in the focus of the lamp, the other burner is'swung toward the side of the lamp and as far out o-f the Way as possible. In order to limit the movement of the burners in either f direction, the base plate 6 is provided at o positesides with a pair of upstanding ri s or stops 18 and19 which are ada ted to engage`shoulders 20 and 21 formedp in the respective burner 'stems 13' and-14. It may here be noted that the burners are s'o angularly disposed that when one burner ngages its corresponding Stop, the other burger will be in its verticalfocal position. This burners are locked in either 'of their positions by. means of a thumb lever 22 pivotally mounted between a pair of downwardly projecting ears 23 carried by-the rock shaft 11. This thumb lever is provided with a pair of op' posed fingers 25, 26, the frame of which is adapted to have locking engagement with a stop lug 24 formed by cutting awayv a portion ofthe lower face of the adjacent bracket s. The {inger'25 is normally forced behind 10 this lug 24 by means of afcoiled expansion spring 28, seated ina-suitable socket in the baseof. the rock shaft and engaging the opposite finger26. When the rock shaft is swung into either of its positions by means of the thumb lever, the spring forces the inger'25-into locking e agement with the 'lugl' and thus holds e burners rigidly vinthe desired position. i l

" lThe"'operatioii ofthe device may be briefly described as follows If the burners are in the position shown in Fig. '2, i. e., with the A.

gas nozzle in focal position, they will be shifted into the opposite position by.irst

moving the iin er-.25 out of engagement with the lug and t en shifting the rock shaft.

. The thumb lever is then released and automatically forced into its opposite locking position by means of the spring 28.

The-invention is not limited to the der .tails of `construction shown except asset lforth in the appended. claims.

I claim as `myinvention:

LY'The combination with a lamplhaving a .'25 ,reflector-,f of a pairV of angularly disposed rigidly connectedl burners adapted for use "wlth diiferent kinds of illumination, means for shiftin` either of said-burners into and out of foca position-and means' for locking said burners in either position."

' '2. The combination with a lamp body having -a reflector, of v a pair "of burners -,adapted tob'e alternately rocked` into and out of focal position, andmeans for Alocking said burners 1n either'position. A

' 3. The lcombination with' a lampbody, of 'a reflector therein, a pair of angularly disposed burners 'mounted therein, connected 4to move in unison and adapted to be shifted 5. The combination with a lamp body 50, v

having a reflector therein, of a pair of depending bracket supports, al1-ook shaft jour-l naled between said brackets, a pair of angularly disposed burners carried by said rock shaft, and adapted to be shifted into and out of focal position alternately and means for automatically locking said rock shaftaftcr the burners have been shifted into either position.

6. Thencombination with a lamp body having a reflector, of a pair of angularly disposed burners connectal together and a1- ternately movable into and out of focal posit-.iemand means for locking saidburners in either position.

7. The vcombination with' a lamp body 1 lving a reflector, of 'a .pair of angularly c isposed'burners mounted to move 1n unlson and adapted for use with diierent kinds ofA illumination,l and shifting mechanism for 70.

alternately moving neof said burners into and the other out of focal position.

. `Witnesses:



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