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Patented De0.13,1910.
rul IIIIIRIS PITII: 0o, \vAnlmoronl. n. c
Specification of Letters Patent.
Application filed October 20, 1909.
Patented'Dec. 13, 1910. Serial No. 523,646.
T 0 all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, MATTHEW B. KEN- onion, a citizen of the United States, residing at Newport, in the county of Campbell and State of Kentucky, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Stovepipe-Collars; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.
This invention relates to devices whereby stove-pipes or furnace pipes may be fastened in chimney holes, particularly when the pipes are smaller in diameter than the holes or thimbles thereof, the invention having reference particularly to stove pipe collars that are adapted to not only secure the pipe to the chimney, but to support the terminal end of the pipe cent-rally in or above the bottom of the hole or the thimble when the pipe is smaller than the hole or thimble.
The object ofthe invention is to provide relatively simple and inexpensive support ing collars for stove-pipes whereby stovepipes of various diameters less than the holes in the chimney walls may be securely fastened in the holes and supported so that suflicient draft may be permitted between the exterior of the pipes and the wall of the hole in the chimney to prevent accumulation of soot at the end of the stove-pipe that would tend to obstruct the draft through the pipe, a further object being to provide a collar of the above-mentioned character that will be adapted to be applied readily by any one without requiring special tools or the assistance of skilled mechanics.
The invention consists in an improved stove-pipe collar adapted to serve as a clamp and provided with one or more anchors and stop devices for securing the end of a stovepipe to a chimney, all of novel construction and arrangement, and the invention consists also in the parts and combinations and arrangements of parts as hereinafter particularly described and then defined in the appended claim.
Referring to the drawings Figure 1 is a perspective view of the supporting collar in condition to be connected and rendered complete on a stove-pipe; Fig. 2, a fragmentary vertical sectional view of a chimney with a fragment of a stove-pine inserted in the flue hole and secured therein by the improved supporting collar, there being one of the common type of ornamental collars on the pipe; Fig. 3, a front view of Fig. 2 with the ornamental collar removed; Fig. 4, a sectional view on the line A A in Fig. 2; Fig. 5, a fragmentary elevation showing modifications in the devices whereby the end portions of a strap are connected together to form the improved collar about the stovepipe; Fig. 6, a sectional view on the line B B in Fig. 5; Fig. 7 a fragmentary elevation showing other modifications in the construction of the collar; and Fig. 8 a sectional view on the line C C in Fig. 7.
In the several figures of the drawings like reference characters indicate like elements or features of construction referred to herein.
Referring in detail to the drawings, the numeral 1 indicates the wall and 2 the fine of a chimney provided with a thimble 3 inserted in a suitable flue-hole to receive the end of a draft pipe at of a stove or furnace.
As preferably constructed the improved stove-pipe collar comprises a metallic strap 5 having end portions 5 and 5", one end portion having a shoulder-like portion (3 which may be one side of an aperture 6' made in the end portion of the strap and adapted to be engaged by a flexible tongue 7 that projects from the opposite end portion of the strap, the tongue being adapted to be inserted in the aperture and turned over against the portion 6 and backward to form a hook whereby to connect the two ends of the strap together and tightly against the outer side of the stove-pipe to constitute a clamping collar.
It should be understood that the two ends of the strap may be variously connected to gether, an example of which is illustrated in Figs. 5 and 6 in which the tongue 7 is made by shearing two slits 8 and 8 in one end portion 5 of the strap, so that when the tongue is bent to form a hook 7 an opening 9 is left in the end portion of the strap. Another example is shown in Figs. 7 and 8 in which the end portion 5 is provided with two opposing tongues that are adapted to be turned over one toward the other and form clamps 10 and 10 that embrace a neck 11 and engage two shoulders 12 and 12 at the end of the neck, for securing the two ends of the strap together. other modifications may be made whereby to readily connect the two ends of the strap It will be obvious that together on the stove-pipe without requiring the use of any other piece or part separate from the strap itself.
The strap, or the collar composed of the strap when the end portions of the strap are connected together, is provided with a flexible bar 18 that is secured to the strap or collar by a rivet 1a and may be provided also with other similar bars 13 and 13 likewise secured thereto, the bar or bars being adapted to extend along the exterior of the pipe 4 and to be bent over the inner end of the pipe and form stop-hooks 15, 15', 15", to prevent the pipe from being accidentally forced inward through the collar to an unclesirable extent. Each bar has a lateral brace, as 16, 16, 16", formed thereon and adapted to extend from the collar along the front face of the chimney wall 1, the braces having each a suitable number of nail holes, as 17, 17 therein to receive nails 18 whereby the braces are secured to the chimney wall. In some cases an ornamentalcollar 19 is placed on the pipe 1 as usual and against the front of the chimney, and as will be understood the collars do not ordinarily fit closely either on the pipe or against the chimney, but per mit air to pass between the collar and the chimney-wall and into the thimble.
The device is well adapted to be shipped knocked-down, as will be clearly understood, if the strap 5 is straightened out flat and the braces or arms on the stop bars remain straight or flat, and the whole may be bent to shape as described by the person applying the device to the pipe and the chimney.
In practical use the strap is placed about the end portion of the pipe 4; at a suitable distance from the end of the pipe and then the ends of the strap are connected together as above described so that the strap will embrace the pipe tightly as a clamp, and under ordinary usage preventthe pipe from moving from the collar. The bars are then bent over to form the hooks against the end of the pipe; or if one bar 13 only is provided a hook may be formed before the ends of the strap are connected together to constitute the collar. The pipe and the collar are then suitably placed in the flue hole or thimble, so that if the pipe does not fill the thimble it should be placed so as to not rest on the bottom of the thimble, and then the nails should be driven through the brace 0r braces to support the collar and thereby the pipe. lVhen soot or ashes are not drawn up and through the chimney from the pipe so as to maintain a clear passage, the draft through the passage under the pipe will carry away such as may drop from the end of the pipe into the thimble or into the bottom of the chimney adjacent to the end of the pipe and therefore prevent accumulation of the soot or ashes at the end of the pipe and thereby prevent excessive corrosion of the pipe.
Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new, is-
The combination, with a chimney having a flue-hole in the side thereof, and a stovepipe extending into the flue-hole, of a collar on the stove-pipe in the flue-hole and comprising a strap having a shoulder-like part on one end portion thereof and a tongue on the opposite end portion thereof engaging the shoulder-like part and extending away from the stove-pipe toward the wall of the flue-hole and thence over toward the end portion that has the shoulder-like part thereon, a plurality of bars secured to the collar and extending over the end and against the inner side of the stove-pipe, braces on the bars at the outer edge of the collar and extending against the side of the chimney, securing devices extending through the braces into the wall of the chimney, and an ornamental collar on the stove-pipe against the chimney.
In testimony whereof, I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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