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    • A47C17/00Sofas; Couches; Beds
    • A47C17/04Seating furniture, e.g. sofas, couches, settees, or the like, with movable parts changeable to beds; Chair beds
    • A47C17/22Seating furniture having non-movable back-rest changeable to beds with means for uncovering a previously hidden mattress or similar bed part
    • A47C17/225Seating furniture having non-movable back-rest changeable to beds with means for uncovering a previously hidden mattress or similar bed part with hidden separate full size mattress frame unfolded out of the base frame




Speclcntion of Letters Patent.

lntvntott Fol. 15, 19N?.

"Application una mit. 26, won. sont no. 422.9711.

'In ott' whom it may concrrn:

iin it known thnt l. Si .onion ii.nvi-:.-;. n titizuit oi." tht! Uniti-d Stott-s. rosidiiig ttt Chimigo, in tho wiuntt' of Cook :unl ritnto ot' illinois, lnivv invvutvd n now :und mutui iinirovonmnt. in Sofit-thuis. ot' which thc't'oh owing in n .@pvrititntion.

y intt-ntion rvlntvs pnrticuhtrly to coinliinntiun .-.i'::.` anni hvds, or omnhinntion souches nml tunis. in whioh n [oldnhlo umttttm-frnun, ot' l'olduhlo i'utl-ftnnu, is nor nmlil houwil within the tintin trnnu` lwnonth tht` sont ol tho soin und wup mi with n foldnble wirt: nintt rush', or ,-.prtng iiod-hottotn, the parts being no rrlntvd ns to nii'ord room httweon tho` notations of thv t'oldod lwd-frntno und bottom for the bedding, i. r.. tht` mut- .rcss-pnd, bed-linen faul covers.

My prlnmry object. in to provide :tn improved construction of tho olutrut'ttr indicated ioessing' the qnnlitvs of simplicity, durnbi ity and hnndiness of operation, while Harding a comfortable sofa of pleasing np- 'pnrnncu when in the aotn form nml n thor- :s

oughlycotnfortnblc hed when in tho had form.

It m'uy be preliminar-ily station that in the preferred construction of the invention whichjs illnstrxted in the accompanying drawing there ure employed a. mitin frmnc;

n Stationary buck carried thereby; a sont pmtnlly supported nenr its rear odge on the ninnrfrnmcond adapted to assume n xtm'iding tion adjacent to the sofa-back; und "n fold wat, monnttd on n engins@ or stichw. un mi to ho bodiiy movubltI in n :orwnrd tlrwt'ton: .unl connortons lx'twot'n tho mtr portion ot' the wat, und tht carriage, or slidvs, when-by the folththhs imttmswfrnmo will ho bodily married forwardly automatically whoo 'th' sentis ruined to the standing position und.

will be bodily carried rearwardly nutonnitir-A ablo mattress-frame nornmlly housed within the mitin frame beneath tlml forred monitor.

nntnnttin whirh the seotioxm of tio.' l'oidnii;

ionttm-s --t'mnn' .-i\.iplo \,'otl :srt: connucttd it guthti' :ind trnwml; Fig. il, n view similar to Fig. l, hut. nhowini; tht; devint: in soin forni; Fig. '4, an onhtrgt-d limi-:on settionn View tnkon'ns indicarmi :it lino -i of Fig. il und illu.-'trntin;, f thtx innnnvr in which tho, roilort-.qttippotl salidos or t-nrringgo mnpioytd ure connut-tml with tlnhoriz/.omni guidon or trnvkrnrriod 'lit' tho innor surfnet-r', of tho mitin t'rnnw: Fig. broken pursfwctive view nliow'inf.'v the frontr portion of one of snit] edition, :intl portion`V of the links CGM- noutod thomn ith: :and Fig. tl, o broken pion sot-tional View tnlfzvn ns indivzitetl ntJ lino of Fig. 1.

In the pi'of'orrtd oonxtrnction, A regno smits tho tintin frnnitrii. :i soin-hawk fixodl .scoured lwtwoon thc outletnndurds tllex'eo'; C, u swinging sofa-:ont pivotnlly connected noni' its roar edge with the oiit'i-stnininrds of the nntin t'rnnn: i), n forwardly .md rent'- \\ti!diy ntmulih*t-:it'ringo ntmtuloil on thtl moin lrunn'; :and Em f'oltlin;r bod mounted on tho omringt* D.

IThe frnnio A nitty he of :my :.ntithlo vonstruction. tho fmuw totnu'm-n noodlot oiul-tnnthmn l ywhith vom-titulo tlnfnrnm ot thv.v noir.; n t't-nr'vounvt'ting.: nnnilmr 3; und n bottoni mnnvvting nwnilwi: Il. .\-.s' will ho untira stood, tht` ondmtttndzntlv tony ho hindi;- we

-phiin or ns ornttnwntnl midi-aired.

The back B nuit' lnsittin-,hed in tiny pre- As shown, it. fit@ between the ond-stnndnrtls 1 und is rigidly connected therewith hy un 'lwhnrn 4. The position of the bitch in pro crnbly auch that it inolines ronrwnrdly und npwnrdiy,as shown. Ordi- 'nnrily the back comin-ima n immo equipped 1 with nn npltolstm-fu cated by dotted lines.

The seat C may bo o1 :my preferred constrnoion. An shown, it oom )rises it tsm-ingistipiorinp; from-o, ti whivlh ttfttmi't@l if'. oqtnipmi with on noliointvtod pint t', minion by t ottodiinw. 'ii'.nvund members of tfno pad o, whioh na indi- In thoI vonstrtu'tion illustrated,

frame ere connected by pivots 7* with the end-stiindards 1 of the main frame. The lpivotal Aconnections nre preferably located a ortdistxsxice in advance of the rear edge of the frame and the pivotal connection may be of any'deaired form. i

The carriage D, in the form illustrated, comprises s pair of slides 8 which sre equipped with rollers 9 adapted to vel in horisontslly d` guides or run-ways 10 a plied to the inner surfaces of the enddardsloitheinainframenearthe lower aids o! said end-standards. Asahewn in Fig. 4, esch slide 8 is tted with headed studs 11 upon which the rollers 9 are mount- L h "tik 1 @mimi $2 it ui at i u r an ower wi ieg-tuli'ned langes 18 csrryin vertical flanges 14 which are turned town each other. The oonruotien provides a .lateral slot 15 through which the studs 11 the front end of the' section ca slide 8 isprovided at its lower edgslaortion and the shanks of the rollers extend. wise stated, eacli track is T-slot dspted to accommodate the rollers rried the slide 8. Each Otherwith inwardly-struck members or 18 adapted to support the in its fol con- The folding bed E comprises s rear msttrees-frsme section 17 carried by sans of links 18 and 19 mounted on the idea 8; un intermediate section Woonnectedby pivots 2l with the' front end d the section 17 i a front section 22 connected by ivots 23 with legs 24 connected b pivots 25 witb-the front end of the fron section 22' links 26 whose front ends are connected pivots 27 with upward extensions of e gs 2 4 and .whose rear ends are connected royiivots 28 with the intermediate section 'n.ks22..wliose front ends are connected by pivots 80 with the intermediate section 20 and whose rear ends are connected b ivots'l with the upward extensions o tie front links 18; und a trui 32 connecting the en munbsrs of the intermediate section 20. The slides 8 ure joined to the rear portion of the seat f raine 6 by links 33, the rear ends of said links 3B being connected by pivots 84 with said seat frame, and the` front endl of said links being connectcdl, by pivots 35, with the front ends of the sli es v8. y The slides 8 are provided at the u per portions oi their front ends with inwer y-strnck nenibers or ster e 'latter nre in their standing` 36 adapted to engage the links 18 when t ition. For convenience, the front ends o the links 38 uro curved downwardly to adapt them for connection with the slides 8 in front of the stops 36. A folding front iece,l or frqnt bourd, 37,1s connected with t e main frame and Joined b links 38 to the front portions of tho links 3. The front piece 87 muy be provided with nl einem ci inn-sil inni en nnitniserd pini lll?, indicated by dotted lines. 'Vlie front pieno is equipped Zwar its lower enge with pivots 5:0 conm-vieil willi tlie lower front corners ni the endsnndnrds of lli-c main airtime.

As will be clearly understood from Fig. l, the links 18 and ll) src piirnllel links sdilpted to msintsin-thc reiirV mattress` frame section 17 in pniullel relation to the slides' 8. The upper ends o the links 18 and ll) nrc connected with the end members of the rear xnnttrcssfrume section i7 b plv otsl 41, and the lower ends of snid lin s are connected-with the slides 8 by pivots 42. The links 19 are provided at their lower nds with oblique extensions 43 which are con nected by springs 44 with oblique extensions 45 with which the rcitrcnds of the slides 8 are equipped. The tendency of the springe 44 is to maintain the bed in the extended ition shown in 1, and it willbe nneratood thst the springs assist. in the unfolding operation.

The truss 32 comprises vertical arms 46 whose lower ends are connected by a member 47, the members 48 and 47 being connected E braces 48. The upper ends of the arms sre connected .with ivots or bolts 49 carried by bracket mem rs 60 secured to and projecting beneath the end members of tlie intermediate bed section 20.'

The mettreee-frame is preferably formed of angle-bars the front end rear sections being of U-slinpe, and the end members forming the yintermediate section beinglstraight members connecting the extremities of the ends of the U-shspe'mombers. The parts nro so relisted that in the unfolded -condition the members of the section 20 nave their horiontsl flanges .resting upon the hori..ontal flanges of the resr section, es will be clearly understood from Figs. 1 Lid 2, so that the intermediate section will when the extended, and hen persllel with the intermediate section so es to be out of the wey of the front piece 3'( when the structure is in the folded condition..

The mattress-frame has attached .thereto allexible bed-bottom. or'wiremsttrefl, 5l, shown in F proper, the he -linen and t e covers are una ally secured in position while the bed frame su ported by cantsliver action.v The-11o truss d, out of the way' of the bed lili . 6. lThe psd, or mattress A is in the extended position, end folded with the bed frame when the lutter is folded. The bedding not shown in the driiwings. however beingl omitted for ,cleurness illustration. liy reference to Fig. 3, it will be observed that nniple'room is nil'orded bctween the rear section 17 und front section 22 for acconimodutin f the bedding when the mattress-frame is fo ded.

The operation will be readily und-eisten?? `parallel inks 18 and 1t) to elevate th Prior to the -ia automaticall nung to the apri tion, thereby from the foregoing deacri itiou. steaming the structure to he in no a form. ns illustrated m Fig. 3, the seat muy be turned about the pivots 7 so as to assumo the standing position shown in Fig. 1. ln the operation of moving the seat to the standin position, the linka 33 o rxago D, and the olded bad E mounted thereon, forwardly, the front-piece tl? being automatically avrun downwardly out of the way in the same oerution. The bed muy then be unfolded y swinging the upper (front) bed section 22 forwardly, thereby extendln the bed sections and causini; the

l! U\\'l.l' (rear) bed section. Ao has been indicated, the sprin's 44 aid in this operation. ln

lthe unfol ing operation, the links 26'operate to automatically extend the legs 24 whichA support. the front ltionor p0rlwn of the front aaction 22. alummade u in? the bed to have been prorerl be oretltlhe atxucture wat; t d into so n fo e bed will read out when thamlaad'ia unfoxl'd in the'sxanner just de tion of 'convertx to aofa form, the ia mada up and the secured to the mattraI-frame. The

hed 1a then folded, the rear aection at the lame time dropping to the plane of the alidea 8. Theaeat ia then aw forwardly and downwardly to ita horizon al ton,

in which operation the linka 88 retract the Ialidaa 8, thereby carrying the folded bed to ita houaed aofa. Int ia 'tion b enaath the aeatpf the operation, the front itece 3 7 l. idlng the mechanism rom vo While it'. ia preferred to em loy tne linka 33 to au matieally shift t ev hed,as a whole, in` t ie operation of raiaingorllowering the seat, the invention is not. limited to the emYlo ment o! this expedient. If dosred, t te inks 88 ma be omitted and the forward und rearwa shitting of the carriage Dtinay be etl'ected by hand. The idea of pivoting the sont at or near its rear edge eo that the sent may be moved to a atandin position, and hoomnralfolded bed beneati the seat. in suchre ation thereto tlmt the bed maybe unfolded, or oecup `an unfolded or extended position without t le seat interfering with the use of the bed, is an important one, imuouueh ns this expedient. contributes both to the sim licit of the structure and the sanitary e ect. .from Fig. l it will be understood'that when the sent is in the standing position and thecarriage in the advanced pimition, the seat is locked, or braced, n'lainst accidental descent. This l feature in otJ importance, tmntrihuting as -it doen to the ante unaof the structure. o

The. foregoingdetailed dencription han been given for cleerness of undernhzndmg rate to move t e caronly, Intl no tendue limitation is; to in* un derstood therefrom. init the oppeuded vloizm are to he construed us broadly ou pertuis-hhin view of tho prior nrt.

Vimil regard no new. und dwire to .weuro h v Letters Patent. is"- l. l-lly means of the rlutriuttl .Het forth. the emubinutiou o u Ironie. n hurle mounted thereon, o 'irnrwnrdl swinging! sent luonlltedjn sold ivi-unit! und uduptcd to :L+ .suine a stnndin position udjuceut uuid haelt. und n bodily s iiftnhle folded bed normatif; housed in Suid frume. beneath .sold sent und mounted to more forward as u 'whole with relation to said fimuc. said folded hod coluprising u plurality of tml-sections normally occupying a folded relation with reference to eneh other and adapted to bo -shifted forwardly and to unfold forwardly in convinti.- 'y

ing to bed form. 4

2. In a atrueture of the charm-ter et forth,


the combination ot' a frame, a rearwardly swinging scat, a forwardly movable carriage,

and a folded bed com rising n plurality of bed sections inde n ent. of sind wat und mounted on sai housed beneath said seat.

3. Ind means of the character net forth the combination of n frame having ita end portions equipped with run-wys, n cnrringe so carriage and .normally mounted xn said run-ways, n rearwardly twin ing seat, a normally de reeeed rear hedrame section, connections tween said 'hed-frame section and said carriage ada ited to elevate said bed-frame section, vim n foldably related snperpoeed bed`eection,suid hed-motions normally housed beneath uuid .neat when the hitter in in its uormol position for use as u seat.

- 4. In a structure of the character set forth,

the combination of a frame, a roarwurdl swinging seat, a pnir of normally retracto( ylili) slides connected with the ends of said frame,

a normally depressed real! bedQfrunie section, linka eonnecting'said bod-frame section and mid slides adapted to elevate said hed-frame section, und n foldnbly rrlatedv front bod-frame section superpnsed ,above said first-named hed-frame seetionnnai bed frame sections normally housod with! frame beneath said scat.

. rial' 5. 'In n. structure of the character set forth,

theI combination of iframe having endsitandurds, guides connected with the lower portions of said' end-iitandunls, a rearwardly swinging neat mounted in -said frame above said guides, slides movable in saidl guides, und a lfolded bul-tronic buying a rear section ruixsuldymounted on uuid slides und normally mrcupying u pr .iton udjaeont to said slides, n nd having ulso n front section foltluhly related to the roux' section, uuid Sfeetionu heine' nominally housed iu said fronte beneath unid sont. t

li. .lu u structure ofthe rluu'neter .wt for' I ifi.)

-in a. section pivots la criceti-e thc coinliinatioino c freine, ii mirino-diywith rollers extending through clots, a pivotiilly .mounted sent, links ivonlly invjoined to said slides and n folded I ily joined to said 1mi-as, said foided hed being normally housed h3- neatii oid seat.

8. In a structureel the character set forth, tlie combination of ai frame, ii pivotznlly eupported seat, a forwiirdly movable carriage supported on slid frame, a folded bed having n section raisably mounted on said cin.'- iiii and movable front ,.ieco connected wit i the frame beneath siii sont und connected also with said carriage, whereby the front iiccc will hc moved out. of the .way when dio carriage is, iuovcd forwardly.

0. In a structure of the cliiiriictcr set forth, the combination of n traine. n Heut. niovulily mounted in Suid frume, a forwardly moviilile carriage mounted ou scid frame beneath scid seat, links pivotoliy connected with said ciirrni a lietli'i-uiiic section mounted on siiid inks, n bed-frame section foldnbly connected with said tiret-minimi section, und links joining said second-named licd-frume tect-tionto said first-inlined linlni.

-10. In u structure olf the character' Het; forth. the coiiibinution oi ai frame, u reorwiirdly swin ing uit, u forwardly inovuhlc cnrriiigc, uni n imi-freine mounted on miti ciiiriiigc und housed licnciith euid Heut, .Lmid imi-frumc comprising n liftulilo reni* :icctioii, u front section, and nn intemiediatc relatively short nccton -pivotiilly con octet?. with' Suid rcui' und fiont sections und with uid carriage.

1l. In u structure o! the character set forth. the conibinntion of ai frame, o. reni'- wiirdly swinging scat, two-pains of Apivotililiy supported links mounted -on scid frame, a ieur bed-scction pivotally connected with the upper portions of said links and adapted to pioJect 1n front. of thc front pair of links in the extended position, u short intermedinte bed-medion iivotully connected with tho front cnd'of suit tirst-nnnicd hed-section and adapted to he supported thereon by cantaliycr action in the extended position, c front hed-section pivotnlly connected w'i i tlic intcrnicdiiite hed-soction 'und equiiigid n 'ithdcgs adopted to support its front portion in the extended position.

1Q. In n structure of the character not tiiirtii, this cnininnfcicf. if( :t t. e of pit/wiwi liniii mounted in teni imm, rcnr iitti5c-i.tifm iii'i-'otniiy ci'fiiiwctcti with said iinks and acting in front oi the front pair of ii i in the extended giosition, an intermed`- o bedeiection pivot iy con iiccted with e n 'tunnncd iictiecction, ii front bod-encima {pivotniiy conncctcd with seid intermediate zciheect ion, und it Uehupcd tenes connected with the ond members of scid intermediate bed-section.

13. In a structure of the chemie-W set. "forth, the combination of n im "y, two finire of pivotcd linka mounted on :mid -t'mme a -rcar t cd-eecticn pivotziiiy connectwit i iii' l ionizing ii front pair o. i l tion, on in@ 'ce @cinte hed-motion iivotci connected with mid tirstlniimed be sectioin n front hed/mation, mitally connected with said intcrmcdiate -eection, sind :i tishaped truss pivotiilly comico l with end members of said interniL site haii-scction. i l

14; In n structure of Athe character set. forth, the combination of l. frame, n seat. pivotnlly connected therewith,- slidcs mov uhlv inountcd on Huid freine, links onnccted with scid slides. u U-isiuipcd rear bed-section carried by said links. xi @shaped fiont 'oodcc'tion, un internietinatfa ned-section ivotg nity connected with orina. of can reau und front iisd-economi, sind n tici-sped truss pivotcii connected with the end members o smid intermediate iicd-scctiom 1f. 4In ,u strooi-:nre of the character sich sind iutciincdiato lieti-section, sind linlteV conv necting said intermediate lied-acetico with .said finit-mined tiene.

16. in n sanctue the character set forth, the coniiiinction of ii support frame, it sci'ii'wmdiy swinging sont, e waa-div shitciiiie iniziati housed immuth smid nent, und means 'open ntive in the mov-ement of said eelt', to anto-i inutically shift c' had forwardly.

y17. n e. strisciante/ooi the character :21% forth., the combination of n frame, ii rearwardly swinging pivoted sent s, carriage mounted on aid i'ninc, n foidq cd mounted on seid corricge :ind noizmaliy housed bef nciitii :mici nent, and ncntciciimteihmcim serving to siii nio'vcniezi olf fn scat.

18. in iieirnctnie of the cliiiincterset lioi'th` the combination of :i frame, n murwmdiv nwngin sent. 'pivotiiiiy supported ltieni' its ronr eign on said. fronte, n forbed normniiy i wardl szliii'iace foided bed normally ho beneath scid seat, and links connectediwith said seat in the rear of its pivotal supporto and serving, in the actuation of the sont, to shift said bed.

19. In a structure of the character eet fortbnthe combination of ii famine, n anni: having pivotal connections near its rear edge with said frame, slides within said frame mounted to move forwardly with relation thereto, a folded bed mounted on timid slides and normally housed beneath said scat, and links connecting the front portions of said slides with the rearportion of said sont.

20. In a structure of the character rw! forth the combination of a fraaie, a rein'- movabl connected front piece therefor7 a forwar l movable carriage, a swn mg scat, an a folded bed-frame inonntec on said carriage and normally housed beneath A said seat baci: of said -front piece.

22. In a structure of the character set forth, the combination of;a main frame, a rearwardly swinging seat, a forwardly and downwarrlyswin ing front piece beneath .said scat, and a fo ded bed normally housed beneath said seat in the rear of said front piece, said front piece swin ing to permit th structure to be converted rom sofa form to d form.

23. In a structure of the character set forth the combination of a frame, a rearwardly swinging seat adapted to assume a standing position, a forwardl iinfoldable bed normally housed in a fol`ed conditionbeneath said scat and comprisin a plurality of bed-sectims, and connections tween said folded bed and seat adapted to secure the seat in standing position when the bed is extended. i

24. In n structuaa ofthe character'eet forth, the combination of n franle comprieingg end- ,siandcriiii non n initie-inicie lineziia v:in inverted position nl' ve between the rear poi-tiene of said arde, a rearwardly swinging seat hayi f* rear portion pivotally connected Witi.` cnc.' endtandards near the lower portion of said been, said seat adapted to assume a standin .1 nocition ad'accnt aaid back, and a foldl bed norms y housed in said frame beneath said neat, said folded bed comprising a ncrifnaily depressed rear bedfsection and a enperpoeed front bed-section foldably connected therewith and normally oocupyinan inF verted, position above the rear be -section and beneath said scat in the folded condition of the structure.

2o. In a structure of the character forth, the combination of a fran-:ie compris ing end-standards and a sofa-back xedly eecured between the rear rtions of said ondntnndards, a rearward y swin 'ng sont iocated between said end-standa. .o sind ndopb ed to assume a standing position adjacent to said back a forwardly movable carriage, and afolded bed mounted on said carriage and normally housed in said frame beneath said sent, said folded bed comprising a normally de teased rear bed-section and a supe-rpc front bed-section fo-fldahly connected therewith and normally occnpving u the rear adsection and benentii caio seat in the folded condition of the structure.

26. .in a structure of the character :et forth, the combiinition of a frame having end-standards, a forwardly movable carriage between said end-standards, a rearwardly swin 'ng sont located between said end-standardg: and a folded bed mounted on said -carriage and normally housed beneath said neat; said bed comprising i. rear bedsection raisably mounted on und carriage and e front, bed-section foldnbly to seid rem" section. l

27. In a structure of the character set forth, the combination of a frame, a forwardiy Shiftabio carriage, a seateonnected at 'its rear portion to said carriage and adapted to swing rearwardly, and a folded bed mounted on mid carriage and ada ted to move forward therewith and unfol to bed-forni.

SOLOMON KARPEN. In presence ole- A.. U. Trinitron, .lf. firinmooin ico

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