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    • B42D25/00Information-bearing cards or sheet-like structures characterised by identification or security features; Manufacture thereof
    • B42D25/20Information-bearing cards or sheet-like structures characterised by identification or security features; Manufacture thereof characterised by a particular use or purpose
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' NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT Annunci nu un. zo. nos.

U m. H N


` .nmlin .ginninsonjorcmnfrsnune; Wisconsin. 1.5.2??

ms'rnuuzsn'r." I ...fijn nessi-,246. e spei'asn'iinoflnmeri'raeenc., n '.'rateneed mg. 17, i909. Munition sied seguinte: asians. assalito.estavv I f .To all 'whom 'itvmyromms l i the date that' it can not possiblybe'llliaiig'edl l f t Be it known that-L'HJ-ALMAB A. Nnnnprovide aty ay suitable point upon th'c instrusoN, a citizen of theUnited States, residin ment a blank space 9 containing three or' at Grantsburg,in-thecounty ovfBurnett more vertical co1nmns-,10,.,1l 12.' These 5 5. State of lVisconsin, have invented? columns-are intcrse'cted by ,horizontal lines new and useful Im 'rovements' in Negotiable .'wlxich divide them into spaesand thespaces v Instruments, o f -w ich the 'followinghds a; ofthe irstjcdnmncontain the-.names of tlh specification, 'reference' being 'to t e actwelve of the yea or abbreviations com anymg drawings." e. kof siichai'a'ihesas'shown. The spaces of the cs T is invention re ates to improvements in one or'more columns 1 1 contain the'numbers y -.blan'l s for .negotiable instruments andi more from l. toBl 'to represent the different days `particularly to an interest bearing, ncgoti of a month and the spaces of the last column able certificate of deposit.` f' 12 contain numbers representing a serieslof i' The object of theinvcntion is to proy succeeding years.' Said ,columns10, 111'2 7.o vide a blank of this character which may be are 'suitably design-.ated at' their upper endsl w 4 readily filled. ont by the issuing bank for any and innnied'uitely` abeve'them at the top of the v i l 'snm within certain limits, thereby dispensing space' the word Datev which .calls a t. with-the necessity of th'ebank having a plu` tention to said space. When the instrul l .ralityot'v forms for different amounts, which mentis issued one of the spaces in each of -75` will have its date andainoniit so marked'that the columns 10,11', 12 is punched or other- Aj it .wur be impossible' for the same to be ivise'markcd 'so that no change lcan be made changed .aild which will contain. an interest in such marking. As illustrated, said spaces 'table showing the amount ofintcrest accrued 111'@ punched, aS DdClted 11i '13- "By Punch- .at dilfcrent lates during the life ofthe ining said spaces, it will'beinipossible for any so 'strnmcnt. z one to alter .th .date'ofthe instrument with- ;l

Y 'lheabi'ivc and other objects' of the. invcnout suchl alteration being apparent. tion are attained vin its' preferred cmbodi- The C-ICUG lSO-CODUIUS im, interest- 'ment' illustrated in the accompanying drayvtable 14 and information relative to the rate' 'jing which shows the 'improved negotiable 'of interest, the method oi computingv the-a5A 30 certificate of deposit bearing interest at the saine and the len h' ofthe'life of the Icerrate of 4% computed semi-annually. Y tii c ate. In'tihe ustratdn, thera ofing 1n the drawings L denotes the body of the terest givenisfw'c' per annum but .it will Abe certificate which, in practice, is a blank form, understood that the vrate may .be any amount v having a space 2 to receive the name-of the eithersim'ple or compound interest.- It nill 90 p obligor which in the illustration isa fictitious alsojbe'understood that the interest bearing tiankg-` It also hhas a: suitably-designated lite'of the certificate may be for. alonger space- 3 to receive the .name of the deposito.l or shorter period than iv'e'years as in the. V and also-a suitablydesignated s aceft to reillustration and that the interest Amay ,be cive. the' name of the'payee, sais s aces 3,4, computed zua'rterly or otherwise'instead of 95 40'in the illustration bein filled in wit ithe fietisemi-annua ly as' in--the illustration. The v tions *frameset John' oe and Richard Roe. interest table 14 is arranged in'a rectangular 'It further has a,' suitably designated' blank space suitably located upon the body of the ,'space5toreoeirhesignatnre ofthe cashier lcertificate and it preterablyconsists of a or other. oicerloff'tliebank issuing the cert-itable which willI show the amount ofl Vinl loo. '45, catmr. -f "f 1 -terest accrued on dilerent surfl at the e'x;v -J ,Gand-'s' enote two' blank spacestoreceive piration of different periods ottime, it be# the amount'offthe principal of theobliga ingso desi atea Table showing-due "tion, which amont in' the illustration is ',datesand amounto interestaccrued at the Y $156.00 andis written ont in'words in thev different duedatesf, .or *words oxsi-milar' 105 space Gand written in figures or numerals import; .Said .tangnlu" space is iii-the space 7. A--suitablydesign-ated space vertically and horizontally into vertical col- Y l 8 is also providedxto'receivenn identifying umns and horizontal rows of spaces. The

legend such. :is-'fa numeral, the sante being spaces 'of the nppeirow 15y contains nn' the arbitrary number 'T68v in the illustration. morals representing different snmsof money 110 5 .Inforder to permit` the lcertificate to be troni $1.00 upward, each of said spaccshcac given any desired date, 'and to'so designate ing oneof the verticalv flumns in the spaces v -amount of accrued interest at the expiration of which are numbers representing the amount. of interest accrued at the expiration of diterent periods of time representedby numbers in the first vertical column 16 at the left of the table. In the illustration, the first time period is six months and each succeeding period is six months greater than the prece irlg one, but it will be understood that. they may be longer or shorter if desired. 5 y

17 denotes a horizontall row of blank spaces located immediately' beneath the upper row 15 and havin a space in each of the rertcal columns o the table adapted to be punched or otherwise marked to'indicate the amount of the principal of the obliga tion, upon which amount interest is to be paid. Said blank spaces 17 are preferably punched, as shown at 18, so that no possible change can be made in the amount of the principal of the. obligation and in the illustration, which is a certificate for $156.00, the spaces 17 beneath ,the sums $100.00. $50.00, $5.00, and $1.00 are' punched.

By providing the interest table and designating the amount of the )i'incipal of the obligation thereon, it will be seen that the of any period of six -months may be quickly i ascertained by adding together the different sums of interest appearing in the punched i vertical columns opposite the number apg pearing in the vertical column 6 and representing the number of months in question.

For example, in the present illustration the mount -o interest which would be due at he expiration of 18 months can be found by addin together the sums $6.00, $3.00, $.30 and .06..

From the foregoing it will'be seen that the invention provides a negotiable instrument in the nature of a certificate of deposit which will bear interest for a predetermined number of years without being renewed. It therefore answers the purpose of a savings bank book'and is at the same time a negoi' ti-ablc instrument. making the certiticate so that different, amounts can be filled in the necessity of the` bank carrying on hand a plurality of certificates of diti'erent dedate spaces yand amount spaces so'that the date and amount may be punched, it will be impossible for the certificate to be altered or changed. p v Having thus described-the invention what is claimed is:

A monetary certificate bearing a principal simi and a table for computing the amount of the principal sum and indicating the in` terest thereon for prescribed periods, said table comprising a series ofA figures, a column having divisions of time, and a series of columns ad] accnt the irst named column i having calculated amounts arranged under said figures to indicate the amounts of interest thereon for the periods of time,'said series of columns being separated from said figures by spaces, whereby the amount Aof the principal sum may be ineradieably marked upon the certificate and the columns bearing the aggregate amount of interest for any time period thereon indicated by a sin- 4gle'set of marks without marking or cradicating any of the ligures ot the table.

In testimony whereof I hereunto atiix my signature in the presence -of two witnesses.



O. W. Mammal-ix, EMIL SwENsoN.

50 nominations is avoided and by'arranging the l

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