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928,105. Patented July 13, 1909,
bw l jaaafwdzek mv W94 akkus,
crit "infill .1
Specification of Lettes Patent.
retest-ea my is, 190e.
Application filed January 19, 1907. Seriell No, 353134.
To all whom 'it 'ma/y concern.' l
Be it known that I, RUDOLF E. BUSCHEK, a subject of the Emperor of Austria-l hungary, nt prestnit'residing in the city of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful' Iniprm'cnient vin l `ountain- 1 Pen Attaelnnents, of which the followingT is a spe-eilieation. p
This invention is :L combination attacln nient adapted to be used in connection with an ordina ry fountain pen, the objeet being to provide said fountain pen with a blotter.
1With these objects in View, the invention l eens-ists essentially in arranging' a sheet of blotting' paper in roll forni within the cap of the fountain pen, said'sheet oll blotting paper being so constructed and arranged that it can t be quickly and easily drawn out when de- I sired l'or use and as quickly and easily rolled up into the cap when not in use.
The invention consists also in certain features ot' construction hereinafter fully deserihed and pointed ont in the claim.
ln the drawings formingf part of this specitit-ation; Figure l is a sido elevation of a. fountain pen provided with my improved attachments. Fig. 2 is a sectional View of they san i a portion ol the pen steek being broken away.
Referring to the drawings7 A indicates the ordinary stock or handle of ay fountain pen and B the pen )oint carried thereby.
C indicates the tubular cap 0r sleeve into which-the end of the )uint is inserted when not in use and at the closed ond of this cap or sleeve is arranged a roller l) which is provided 4with a ocket 1) to receive the ipen point. ol they tountain pen as most clearly shown in Fig. .Z. This roller l) is provided with [langes D at eaeh end and which bears upon the interior of the sleeve or cap t* and 1 attached to the roller between the llanfges t and wound around the saine is a st rip ot blotting paper lt] carrying a head ll at its outer end to prevent thel end oll the blott in;r paper bcingthrown intothecaporsletw'etl, it )eing l understood the said cap or sleeve. is slotted l longitudinally to permit the strip ol' blotting y whenever itis desired to use the blotter,
. spiral sprint;l being attac flaother end of the rep or sleevev thereon.
:is shown in Fig; ;Z
paper being drawn out and when the blotter is not needed, the st" of paper is wound around the roller and entlxely' contained within the sleeve or cai (land tu accomplish this rollingr operation employ a, spiral s )ring l" which is arranged in a. recess 1)" produced in the end of the roller adjacent the closed ond of the' ce one end of sai rank tl while the other end is connected to The shank C: projects through the end of the oep or sleeve and is threaded as shown at Ut', and,
n knob H is screwed upon this threaded end ot' the shank so that in case it is desired to hold the strip of blotting paper distended or pulled out for any length of time, the lmoh H can he tightened u )on the threaded end of the shank thereby locking the roller against movement. When, however, the blotter ie no longer used the knob een he loosened and l the spring will immediat-ely reuse the roller to turn and wind the strip of blotting paper lt will of course he understood that all of these operations can he carried on irrespective of the position of the leuntein, pen.
.l-Iaving thus fully described my invention,
what l claim as new and desire to secure hy Letters Patent, is:-
A fountain pen cap slotted longitudinally, a roller arranged in seid cap and haring a pocket in one end adapted to receive the pen point, a recess produced in the opposite end and having` a shanlzextonding longitudinally through the end of the cap, a spirnl spring carried in the said cap one ond being con nected to the shank and theopposite end to the cap, a kunt arranged upon the outer'end ol' the shank and a strip of blotting" paper conneeted to the roller and adapted to loe rolled thereon, as set forth. Y
l{l`l)()lil E. llirltllllli.
Wit nesscs:
Jamas li. (limos-rue; H'raxnm J. usulcn.
ied to the integral. i
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