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Patented. May 18, 19%.
92%,297, Patented May 18, 1909.
Application filed October 7, 1907. Serial No. 396,306.
Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented May'18, 1909.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, JOSEPH MARGU'LIES LANnoN, a subject of the King of England, residing at 20 Central Hill, Upper Norwood, in the county of London, England, have in vented certain new and useful Improvements in or Relating to Talking-Machines; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same. f
This invention relates to talking machines and consists firstlyin so constructing such machines as to produce, with a single trumpet, immovable during playing, a better result than has hitherto been attainable with talking machines as at present constructed.
According to the first feature of this invention, I provide a tubular piece to one end of which the reproducer is attachable. This tubular piece is carried by means of an arm suitably pivoted and is so formed and arranged as to telescope intothe smaller end of the trumpet which is suitably formed for its" reception, or it may be connected therewith by an accordion joint or other suitable means. The arm may, if desired, be actuated by suitable mechanism connected with the motor. This will be particularly desirable when the machine is used for recording. According to one way of carrying out this part of my invention, I bend the smaller end of the trumpet and shape it so as to form a portion of a circular tubular ring. I also provide a tubular piece of similar curvature carrying at one end the'sound box, the other end telescoping into or over the curved end of the trumpet before referred to. This tu bular piece is carried at the end of a rod which is so pivoted as to move in a plane parallel to the plane of the record, and the radius of curvature of the smaller end of the trumet and of the piece connected to the sound ox and carried by the arm is equal to the length of the arm.
The reproducer I may connect to the tubular piece so as to allow the vertical motion necessary during playing. This may be done by a ball and socket," or I may connect it to a separate pivoted arm as hereinafter described.
The bell portion of the trumpet maybe made to turn so as to project the sound in. f
any required direction. A suitable rest or bracket may be provided to take the weight w of the reprodu'cer when not in use.
The first feature of my invention may be produced by a modified construction in which I swing a short piece of tube (similar to a pendulum) on to the end of the trumpet, the other end of such piece of tube carrying the sound box and provide suitable mechanism for keeping the stylus in the proper position throughout the track of the record.
Referring to the first part of my invention, Figure 1 shows side elevation of the machine; Fig. 2 shows plan of same; Fig. 3 shows perspective View of same; Figs.- 4 to 9 show details hereinafter .referred to.
a, Fig. 3, is the bell portion of the trumpet, b shows a bracket screwed to the casing c of the machine. The bracket b is provided at its upper end with.a ring (1 in which the lower end e of the trumpet is held. The portion 6 of the trumpet is held in the ring d so that it is immovable during playing but independently adjustable as desired, and this part e is preferably tapered in form, and its upper portion projects into the upper or bell portion of the trumpet. It is also bent at its lower portion as hereinafter described, f is a tubular piece bent to the same curvature as the lower portion e of the trumpet, into which it telescopes. This tubular piece f is carried by an arm 9 carried by a pivot pin it. The tubular piece f is enabled to telescope easily into and out of the'part e on account of the radius of curvature of the tube f and the part c being approximately the same, namely, a circle struck from the axis of the pivot h at the distance of the axis of the tube, as shown clearly at Fig. 2.
I prefer that the tube f may telescope into the part c somewhat loosely so that no actual frictional contact shall be present. The
pivot pin it takes at one end in the bracket 6 and the other end in the socket 7c placed in the center of the upper portion of the part e of the trumpet, so that in whatever position the portion 6 may be turned the tube f may telescope easily therein. To effect the same object I may place the pivot pin h in lugs m attached to the turned-up portion of the part 6 as shown clearly at Fig. 7.
At Fig. 6 a; modification is shown in which the part c has fitted at the end a washer n. 0 is the sound box attached to the sliding tube One method of attachment is shown in detail at Fig. 5. In this figure the tube f has 35 same,
formed with, hgb of the fixedflzo oi; formed-ztherewith a flahge The tuberto which the'sound box isattached is furnished with a flange s. t is a screw cap screwing on to the flange On'ei'ther'side of the flange 8 and between the cap t and the flan e 3 balls u are inter osed. B this construction the needle of the sound box is enabled to'rise and "fall. easily as itp'asses'over the record owing to the motion of the sound box 10 around the axis of the tube, the sound box being/also suitably weighted to facil tate this.
In consequence of; the above construction the. machlne is, adapted to play disk records of different sizes due to the fact that the arm e may befturnedon its piyotatthebracket 6,
and, its outer end brought nearer the ,pejrip'hery of the ;record thus enabling the use an arm v I of the size of therecord.v
AtFig l -another form of ,the invention is shown in which the telescoping tube f is replaced by an accordion joint vbetween the sound exit tubefrom the sound boxv c and the lower part c ofthe trumpet. It will be easily understood that the principle of theinventionis preciselythesameinthis case as the sound box tubers carried by the arm'g as before mentioned, v
In placeoi arrangingthe armig horizontally I may, in somecases, suspend this vertically, somewhat in the formof a pendulum, and provide suitable slots and guides to keep the soiin'd box in the; correct position with respect to the record as it travels, across f Y Althouglitheintention has 13 ,611 described as applied toflreproducing from a; reeordit inay also, be applied to recording,- inwhich case it would be necessary to move the arm 9 40 mechanically across: the disk dnringthe prod essof recording, mechanism-which may be actuated by the, driving motor-if; it will be understood that this part of the invention may beimodified invarious ways while retaim'ng its essential feature, namely that of having the lower end: of thetrumpet vfixed rod or its, equ valent in such away thatthe sound box may travel across the diskto ward thetend of the trumpeter, viceversa. Another modification of one feature of this, invention is; shown in Fig's; 8 and 9,, wherein...
pivoted-army amay :be partly sound-box, and- Ipivot or hinge ate to the ashort arm 2, which arm the hole in the back'of the sound. box andtthis arm piece coincides with thehole-in the tube v f,;to the endoi which tube a diski8is con eonected which comes closeto theback of the soundfbox orsmall arm 7. A Washerof leather or other suitable soft material may he. interposedbetween these two .metal surfaces td prevent rattling when playing. ,Onthe having a fixed length irrespective and-having, thev movable tubecarrying the, sound box supported by means of vapivoted:
s5 ,drat nngs this arrangement-is shown as ap-f :plied to pivotedarni means of the fork 9 but the arm 7 might be hinged or pivoted to the lower end of an ordinary trumpet or'that portion known as the tone armjbin which case the lower end of the tone arm or trumpet would be suitably bent round to adapt it to this arrangement;
i What I claim is zi i 1". A'sound-reproducing machine comprising in combination a turntable adapted to receive a record, a sound box carrying a stylus, a hollow curved member adapted to re: main, in a fixed-position-during rotation of the turntable but capable of inde endent 'adjustment and guiding the sound ox, a-t'one end, and means whereby said'sound box is ad ted 'to move across the-turntable in a pro ongation of the arc'formed-by the curved member, and means for'permitting the stylus to be moved up and down during said movement of the sound box. I 1' A sound-reproducing machine comprising a turntable adaptedto: receive a record, a
sound b oxya hollow curved member having a fixed position during rotation of the turntable and extending oversaid turntable, a hollow curved member guiding the sound box at one endand telescoping 'at its otherits other end in the curved bearing whereby the member carryin the sound' 'box can move intoand out oft e curved bearing, and
means. for guiding the sound" box and its carrying member during their movement, i v .4; sound-repro duoing machine compris- 'ing incombination, a turntable adapted to receive a record, a sound box carrying a sty-' lus, a'fixed hollow curved bearing extending over the turntable, a hollow curved memberguiding. the sound box at one "end and adapted to telescopejat its other end in the curved bearingwhereby the member carry mg the sound box can move into and out of the curved bearing and means for'permitting an upward and downward movement of the stylus, and meansfjor guiding the sound'box" and its carrying memberin their horizontal movement. I a
5. A sound reproducing machine compris ing in vcombinationa F turntable 'ada ted to receive arecord, arsoundbox,a fixe hollow 3 curved: bearing extending over "the "turn table, a hollow curved member guiding the and its carrying member during their movesound box at one end and adapted to telement, substantially ,as set forth. in scope at its other end into the curved bear In testimony whereof, I afiix my signaing, whereby the member carrying the ture, in presence of two Witnesses.
5 sound box can move in and out of the curved JOSEPH MARGULIES LANDON.
bearing, and an arm pivoted at the cent-er! Witnesses: from which the curvature of the fixed hollow i A.- BR owNE,
bearing is struck for guiding the sound box H. D. JAMEsoN.
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