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    • A63C17/00Roller skates; Skate-boards
    • A63C17/04Roller skates; Skate-boards with wheels arranged otherwise than in two pairs
    • A63C17/06Roller skates; Skate-boards with wheels arranged otherwise than in two pairs single-track type
    • A63C17/08Roller skates; Skate-boards with wheels arranged otherwise than in two pairs single-track type single-wheel type with single axis


tatmwt @if y TiioMAs-L. LUDERSA, `or .0'LNEY, ILLINOIS. f

i Leners parmi No. 89,8325 dated May 4,1869.

The Schedule referred to m these Letters Patent and making part of the same.-

Be a `lm'own that. I, reculs L; Lenssen omey, in the county oLBichland, and State of I1linois,`have invented a new and useful Field-Skate; and I do here- Iby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, sulicientvto enable others skilled in the artto which :my inventionappertains, to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making'a part of this specification,

. Figure 1 is a sideview, and A Figure 2, afront viewof my device.

The objectof this invention isto'provide a device v,

bymeans of `which the surface of the ground may be traversed, with 4the same graceful, easy, and delightful motion as when` skating on ice;

The invention consists in the use of awheel, mounted ona stud, ac ljustable onxa short standard. provided witha footpiece,on which the foot rests,said stand- `ard being adapted to be strapped, or otherwise secured toth'e ankle or leg of the wearer, so that the periphery of the wheel is in contact withthe ground. p

l My invention will be `fully understood by reference `to the accompanying drawings, considered in connection with the following description.

In the drawingsv i A represents a ,side piece, provided with holes,` a a, in either of which may be fixed a stud, b.V 4

y This stud has a head, c, and d is a nut, screwed on from the headc." A v -On the` stud b awheel, B, is fittedlto turn.

Ito the stud on the "opposite side of the side piece A This wheel may be either on the inside or outside.

of the ankle-pieceA, and it projects below the saine,

, so as to rest on the ground;`

O represents .a foot-rest, secured in any suitable mannerto the side piece A, opposite the wheel B.

D is an over-shoe, on'thefoot-rest C.

e c' are usprings, interposed between the over-shoe and the foot4rest,to prevent jarring and sl1ocks,which would otherwise be occasioned by passageover a rough l road.

Eis a cushion, 'fixed to the upper part of the side? piece A, and provided with any suitable means foratl of March, 1869.

tachment to the ankle: or leg. The over-shoeD also has some fastening. j v

My iieldfskates can be applied to either side of one or both ankles, and the wheelsfare adjustable, so as to elevatethe rider more or less, as desired.

-The skate, orskates having been secured, the rider `may traverse the ground,`gravelwalks, pavements, and l any tolerably even su1faces,with the same motion, and

withv nearly the same facility, as when skating on ice.

Themoton is rendered easy and'pleasant by the springs, or their equivalents, interposed between the over-shoe and foot-rest. y y Y ,I would here state that the foot-rest may be made movable, but I prefer it stationary.

It may also be found unnecessary to have the wheel `or its stud adjustable. Therefora do not limit my- K self to an adjustable wheel.

lThe use of this device-.will be a source ov'amusement and pleasure,'as well as beneficial to health; and,

asit can be made of any size, at 'little eipense, and

used during all seasons of the year, without the practice required, and danger incurred in skating, it will be at once appreciated by the public. i

Having thus describedmy invention,

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters L'For the purposes of a Held-skate, the :standard- A, made adjustable, as set forth.

2. The arrangement of the wheel Bat the side of l the adjustable standardA, substantially as and for the purpose described.v f v 3. The side-wheel B, in combination with the standard A, and a foot-rest, O, secured thereto, below the axis of the Wheel, substantially as and for the purpose described.

4. The springs interposed between the over-shoe and foot-rest, substantially as and for the purpose .de-

scribcd. A To the above -I have jsigned myl name, this 3d day e THOS. L. LUDERS;` Witnesses:

W. A. Wr'nDnBsnnlM, H. M. WIEDEBSHEIM.

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