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M QXMM 4 Tran/m'.


To @El iii/'wm 'it Imay' concern:

Bo it known that we, CHARME@ 1V. 'REP Nomix. mid BENT L. WEAVER, citizens of the United States, and residents. oi tsolto' Dauphin. county, State of iJf-rmisylfo have invented cert-sin new muiuseful prof/@monts in' Railroad. 'Frogs or Crossings, oi' which the following is fi i'ull' o' 'l act description, rollerenoe lievi accompanying drawings, o Wliiliu Figure l is a plan View' of o. i? iii Wliicl'i my invention is eiiibodisil. I? E?, 4, and. 5 are respectively' seoti'o'ns ori lli-lios A--A, B-B, UWC, and D Fig. 6.35

holes or the like, is comparatively im@ from j longer oraotue, andfis also very readily renewable Without the necessity oi renewing any other parts of the frog or crossing; struc ture.. v

` In the dra-wings, iii which we have shown our invention as embodied in a. stiff railroad' frog; l, i are the stook rails loont outwardly from some distance in advance of' the frog point to the resi" thereof, oonstitutiiig the usual wing mils, 2. Arranged. between tho wing mils, 2, is s hard and tough instal liioolr, 4, which comprises the floor, Y, the lateral wing portions, 3, md the central poi1iti'oririing portion, fi, the rear said .filiali stilts against the ,convergent omis o; l point 'rs-ils, 6, and ormsin effect a ooiitizo f 'ori tiioroo. The top surfaces of the wing portions, 3, :trui

Fointiiormiiig portion 5 tre solistantirilly` lush with 'the top surfaces of the rail motions, and between the point-forming onion, 5, and the Wing portions, 3, are .ormod the usual flange grooves. The sides of tho lilooli, 4, or Wing portioiis, thereof?, rast and :tra clamped botwoen the iiionl the liomls of the wing mils, i?, mid. tli the block, 4, are provide/il with sxts which extend laterally from the w tions, 3, bonsai-th the heads oi te wing 2, to and intoeiigsgeiiiozit Witt weils, Si,

tlisii tl'iot os" oi" o wing mils.

of ii. metal much softe-r an" cliosoer the oiocl The siilwlsss,

n "clio L' rfi-ils, 2, .and rests .i i s, so that tlm smi tlie. subimos o between' tho bottoni@ o of the Wing rails that porticms, o? li, i 'ii fil-l the the inner sillas o, sind foot iY firmly ly'ld time ing through tho Wing rai-loft, sro ols l2, which firs pfov'ifisd' with' suit le G iis, 2, tot? ord oooh and tho v4iliise, il, .nml super liotwoertho wing, ls

pitite. likte-iid- "finis wil i that o iilool, l., i hold iii pisos. i o renew' thi" iiosig, fi, s

necessity to' do to loosen tulo i.

t will los observed iii the, forni oi" oorstrut tion shown iii the drm-wings, riot' only lo x doris@ the wivimtago o? securing :i readily renswslilo lisrri metal foco, but, iii too om bodiiiiriit of the invention iii frog, it will los observed that We moizitair.- the ful- 'tliiclrnsss of the Wing portions, 2, of the stock throughout their liigth; that is, rio portion of the head or foot {long-os has 'been removal and owing to the shape of tl'io bond. in the stock mil to forni tho wings, 2, lit no point (loos tlio tread of a. 'vl/'lievi passing over tlis iii torsootioii como into conti-ct with nini woo/r solely uooii tlm stock mils.

To siioid. zt molly p" v oi gutterarl wlieols, We i mid, iii a railroml frog, prsisrzibly plano. out of the stock mils, l, inoligiozl groovos, is, arranged paralleli() sind adjacent the stock rails, l, mail leading from below thoiippr surfaces of the ii/@mls of the stool rails to the tops oi' tlio Winn pcm tions, 3, of the block fl, (see Figs. zum

We rsiiizsrli that although We mweshown our invention omooilieil iii o. railroad ifi'og, itn may be saitoi' orossiiigs .Hoving thus ileso. claim as now smi 1i.,

i for this@ 'liiiiges @il our iiivoiitiori, wo f 'to secure by ittrs .ii/"ing portions, the point mils, tho liar.: instal in :i marmer to,

. n, 7 hoods mici nuts :lor draw block inserted between the wing portions of the stock rails, 'and provided with {lange-receivin g grooves, the sides of the block engaging the inner faces of the heads of the wing portions ol the stock rails and extending laterally beneath said heads, a separate sub- 1 'oase supporting said block, and means for securing said rails, said block, and said subing the inner tacos ol the heads of the wing portions of the stock .rails and extending latorally beneath said heads, a se )erste sub-v base supporting said block, and olts ijor securing said rails said. block, and said sub-base together, substantially as set forth.

3.A ln a railroad crossing, the combination oi the stoel; rails having outward extending wing portions, the point rails, the herd nieta block inserted between. the wing portions of the stock rails, and provided with flange-receiving grooves, said block extending beneath the hczitls of the Wing portions ol the stock-rails, a sub-base supporting seid block, and inea-ns 'for securing seid. block, said subbase, and said rails together, substantially as set forth.

' 4i. ln :t railroad crossing, the combination olfl the strich rails having outwardly ex tendin f wing portions, the point rails, the hard-nieta bissl; inserted between 'the wing portions of the stock rails, and provided with 'flange-receiving grooves, said bleek extending be neath the heads of the wing portions of the stock-rails, a'sulnbase supporting said block, and bolts extending through the sub-base and wing portions of the stock rails, to secure the parts together, substantially as set forth.

5. In a railroad crossing, the combination.

' block inserted between the win(T )ortions oi the stock rails, and provided with ilange-re-l ceiving grooves, ineens iior securing said block and ralls together, the wingportions of said stock rails being provided with inclined surfaces parallel to the stock rails and loading from below the upper surfaces ol the heads' of the stock rails to the top of the hard nietal block, substantially as set forth.

In testimony whereof, we have hereunto ailixed our signatures.

CHARLES W. RElN() Zilli.. BENT L. WEAVER. Witnesses:

B. A. ilANiriN, WM. R. MILLER.

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