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    • E05D13/00Accessories for sliding or lifting wings, e.g. pulleys, safety catches
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    • E05D13/14Counterbalance devices with weights
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- 'PATENTED MAY 5, 1908.




.To all whom it may concern:

- U Es r en FERDINAND o. SCHWEDTMAN, or sr. Louis, MISSOURI.

as sin.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 5, 1908.

Application filed October as, 1907. Serial no. 399,359.

E able others skilled in the .art to which it appertains to make and usethe-same, refer- 6, either hollow or solid as occasion demands, is arranged inside the tube at the end of the column of units and preferably on to thereof, after which two side walls 4. of t e tube are crimped in against the cap piece, as shown in Fig. 5; this leaves the other two side walls folded and extended at ri ht angles to the walls 4, as shown at 4' in ig.

: 5. I The folded projecting ends of the wall 4 once being had to the accompanying drawi are now folded inwardly upon the walls 4*, ings, forming a part of this'specification, in l as indicated by the dotted arrows in Fig. 5,

which This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in sash weights of that class wherein a metal shell or housing is employed to incase the material of whic the weight is essentially composed.

My present invention relates particularly to the manner of forming the end portions of the shell for housing.

Figure 1 is a side elevational view, partly in section, of my improved sash weight; Fig. l is a sectional View of the cord-securing clip; Fig. 2 is a sectional view on the line 22 of Fig. 1; Fig. 3g is a sectional view. on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1; F ig. 4 is an end view of the tube constituting the shell or housing of .my improved weight; Fig. 5 is an end .units of difierent specific view showing the tube or housing with two of its walls crimped, the dotted li es indicating how the remaining walls are f0 ded in; Fig. 6 a detail view of one of the end caps forming the end portion of the mandrel and over which the tube is criniped and folded; Fig. 7 is aside elevational view of a modified form of end construction; Fig. 8 is a sectional view, 'broken away in the middle, illustrating a modified form of end construc tion; and Fig. 9 is a top plan view, partly in section, through the folded portion of the,

end construction shown in Figs. 7 and 8.

In the accom anying drawings I have shown a core of 13h sash weight composed of gravities, but as these form the subject-matter of a coinpanion application filed of even date herewith, I shall not refer to them further than by saying that 1, 2 and 3 indicateunits of difierent specific gravities, which units are arranged in a tube 4. Tube 4 preferably consistsof sheet metal and may be drawn as a single tube or formed by bending the plate an forming a longitudinal seam along the edges thereof. A cap piece 5, shown in Fig.

that it can be tion will pass throu this operation forming an end such as shown in Fig. 1. A clip 6 is now riveted to the folded ends of the tube, said clip being rovided with an opening for thepassage o the sash cord. This opening is only necessary at one end of the weight but it is obvious provided at both ends if desired. The cap pieces 5 may be hollow, as shown in Fig. 6, or made solid, 'as shown in Fig. 8, in which latter instance the solid cap piece will add weight to the structure. Notwithstanding the fact that the shell or casin is of comparatively thin sheet metal, it will be observed by referring to Fig. 2 that the rivets which secure the cord clip 6 in posih six thicknesses of metal constituting the to ded end of the housing, and consequently a fastening for the cord 0 Aceordingto the modifications shown in Figs. 7 to 9, inclusive, the folded portions 4* at the ends of the tube are made to overla each other, with the result that the thicknesses of metal atthis point are increased'to ten, which'enables the use of a sin le hollow rivet 7 which may be used as a cord securing means or which may receive a ring 8 for this purpose, the ends of the ring be n passed through the hollow rivet and bent laterally as shown in Figs. 7 and 8. In this modified form I have shown also a central rod 9 having an eye embraced in the folded u per end of the shell or casing, and through w ich eye the hollow rivet 7 passes. This rod 9 may pass down'through o enings inthe units and lave this lower end the lower cap piece.

is thus provided.

with the units strun still preserve the inte rity-o serviceable, the rod thereon would destroyed.

Having thus described the invention, what eaded so as to-enga e In this manner shou d the shell creasing rust out or become un.

very strong and secure the Weight so that its usefulness woul not be assess is cleimed as new and desired to be secured oy Letters Patent 1s:

1. A sash Weight composed of a core, end

caps, and a shell or casing bent over said end and having portions of its end contact sored end caps, and on inclosing shell or cashent over said end caps and into intimate *einent with some and having its end connected together; substantially escn. ed. p

i A. sesh weight composed of a rectanguisr core, pyremidshshaped end caps errsnged otthe opposite ends of said core, and sn'onguler tube or casing bent over said end csps end having its end portions connected. togeth r, seid es s acting as stifleners for the shell suhste ntissly as described.

A sssh Weight composed of a core consisting of units, end caps so constructed as to ed requisite weight to the structure, and on inciosing shell bent over said endceps to incese same end having its end portions contogcthcr beyond said end caps, said caps acting to stiffen the shell and prevent it from bending; substcntisll as described.

5. A sash weight compose of a core, an inclosing casing consisting of a sheet metel shell having oppositely disposed portions of its ends bent and folded in upon each other to eilect e complete closure, and e cord-securing nieens extending over the folded end cor ions of said shell and secured thereto for holding them together; substantially as de- 35. sash weight composed of a. core, en iiwlosing shell crossing Whose ends are bent or d folded in to efiect eclosure, fastening devices passing through the folded .ortions of seid shell for securing them togct ier, end a clipe e riveted to said folded ends; substantial y as described.

7. A sash Weight composed of a. core, and se ular shell or casing inclosing said core and formed of sheet met-e1, two of the oppositely disposed side walls of said shell being lrte weirdly so that they contact with each o a1, and the remaining 0 positely disposed side walls of said shell icing bent or folded inwardly and lo )pcd upon the con-- tscting portions of the rstsnentioned wells whereby there ere provided several thick or layers of material at the extremio. of said shell; substantially as described. A weight composed of it core, and

I on itngulztrinclosing shell or casing, two of the oppositely disposed side walls of the ends of which are bent in, end the remaining oppositely disposed side walls of said ends bent inwardly end lapped upon the end .ions or the first'mentioned walls so as to of seversl 'thiciniesses produce epyromidel'sheped end consisting or layers of material,

and securing means passing through all of said superimposed lore of mete-rial; solo stsntislly described. 9. A sash weight coniposed of e core, and an angular shell or cesing inclosing sold core and formed of sheet metal, two ol the oppositely disposcdside wells at one end of said shell being bent inwardly so that they con. tact with each other, end the re raining op" positely disposed side walls oi said 51 ell he ing bent inwardly soc hipped upon the contscting portions of the first-mentioned walls so as to provide several thicknesses or superimposed ley'ers of material st one end of .the shell, and cord-securing means passing through said sucriniposed layers oi: Insterisl; substantially as described.

10. A sash weight composed of a. core, at rod passing through said core, on inclosing shell or cssing Whose ends are cent and folded in so as to provide several thicknesses of .mc-

tcriel, said rod having en eye in rcgistrction with send several thicknesses of insterial,

and securing means passing through seid eye and said severed thicknesses of materiel; substanticlly as described,

11. As a new article of manufacture, a sesh weight consisting of s core composed of" units, a rod psssing through said units and provided with e, heed at its lower end for sup porting said units, on inclosing shell c sing heviiig portions of its ends sent into contact with each other and secured. together, and cord-securing means at the upper end of said rod; snbstsntielly as described.

12. As s new article of msnnlscture, s, sash weight consisting of it core composed of units, a rod passing thronvh said units and provided with s heed at its end "for supporting said units, on inclosing shell or cosin coi'inected to the upper end of said rod. cno having portions oi its ends bent into engage ment with each other and secured together, and cord-securing moons at the up or end of said rod; substantially es described 13. i. sash Weight consistin of s core, and a shell incssing said core and ihrmed of sheet meted, said shell having an approximately pyramidel-slmped end thnt is produced. by bending or folding immrdly the end portions of the shell and securing them together; snhstantislly as described.

4. A sash wei ht provided with s sheet metal shell having a closed end that is pro shell to secure folded 'aiiortions to ethei" substantially es 15. A sash Weight provided with a sheet In testimony whereof I hereunto sflix my metal shell having :1' pyramidal-she ed end signature in the presence of two Witnesses, which is produced by bending or fol ing porthis twenty second day of October 1907.

tions of the end of the shell inwardly upon FERDINAND 0. SCHWEDTMAN. each other to provide several thleknesses of Utnesses: material, and means for clam 1mg said folded WELLS L. CHURCH,

portions together;- substantial y as described. GEORGE BAKEWELL.

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