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    • B41L1/00Devices for performing operations in connection with manifolding by means of pressure-sensitive layers or intermediaries, e.g. carbons; Accessories for manifolding purposes
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rmeucare SALES-CHEGK.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented may 7, 1907.

Application filed March 17. 1906. Serial No. 806,685.

To all whom it may concern:

'Be it known that I, SAMUEL S'rooK'roN ZELLEY, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city and county of Philadelphia,

State of Pennsylvania; have invented a new and useful Triplicate Sales-Check, of which the following is a specification. t

In the conduct of the various divisions. f

accounts and in the necessary checking upon .sales and deliveries of stores the use of copying-pads to multiply,

goods in the' larger the entries made by sales persons and avoid copying of the same separately has become essential. The advantage of each saving in the writin of an item and of each change to accommoifate the book to the particular system of accounts or recordsused is also very great on account of the enormous volume of the business done and the confusion inevitable where theutmost simplicity does not prevail. The further advantage of any change to avoid inaccuracy or. error is also evident. My invention consists of a novel manifolding book in which a maximum of convenience and a minimum of entry are present and in.

which the delivery address slip is made out at the same time as the original record of the sale and as a manifold copy thereof.

My invention further consists in providing an effective and convenient means of permanent' connection of the sheets to be retained by the clerk while at the same time ready se aration of the removable sheets therefrom is acilitated and the lengths of sheet required are reduced.

In the drawings.

Figure 1 re resents a perspectlve view of a manifold boo embodying my invention. Fig. 2,represents a per-' spective-view of one complete set of sheets required for the recording of one transaction shown in separated position. Fig.- 3 re resents an elevation of a portion of a plura fty of' sets of sheets in assembled position the view being longitudinal.

Similar numerals of reference indicate corres onding parts inthe'drawings.

n Fig. 1 leaves in extended position, two of the set of three leaves used for a single transaction at the top of the book in raised position to-exhibit their structure and a portion" of their 4 subject matter, and the top of the book extended for clearness of illustration.

1 designates the cover of my book within which I place a plurality of sets of leaves each set comprising a record leaf 2 intended v use-of the fastener 18. have shown portions of carbon are checked or audited and a double leaf whose parts 4 and 5 are joined at the upper endat' 6 and are divided, the lower leaf 4 into three portions 7, 8 and 9 by division lines or perforations I0 and 11 and the upper portion 5 into parts 12 and 13 by division line or perforation 14, which when the leaves are superposed lies preferably directly over the division ine 11. The double leaves are preferably secured in the book in a temporary manner. I i

e sets are superposed and are held in place by two forms of fastening, respectively tern: porary and ermanent. of either of t ese maybe used and it may at times prove desirable to fasten at either point with either type of fastenings.

In the illustration I have madeuse of a temporary fastening. 15 passing. through each of the leaves of all of the sets and through the back or cover 1 in such a way as to hold the leaves in place against accidental removal and at the same time permit ready disengagement of the double leaves 3. The fastening 15 I have shown in the form as a ring which is supported adjacent to each point of removal of a double leaf 3 by permanent leaves 2 which,

after the removal of the first double leaf, will lie above as well as below the point of disengagement of successive leaves.- It will be evident that this would be true also in regard to any piercing fastener whether the same consisted of a pin,

staple, eyelet or other such permanent or quasi permanent fastener or not.

Each double leaf 3 is clipped, cut or otherwise treated at the corners 16, 17 or at some other point along the junction edge 6 to provide a space within which may be set a fastener 18 engaging the permanent sheets 2 but not engaging the sheets 3, and this clipped-or treate portion must be of sufii- .cient size for the removable leaves 3 to be free from excessive frlctlonal engagement for permanent retention from which all sales.

Any suitable form point the fasteners 18 might heplaced inwhich the sales are checked or audited. The

- stead of or in addition to the locations shown entries are suitablymade and the voucher 9 is torn from the leaves and handed to the in Fig. 1. It will be evident that if these openings and points of attachment of the permanent leaves be too neartogether, the removable leaves may be unduly bound.

Between the back of the book and the sets of leaves I have shown portions of carbon leaves and 21 which are adapted to be folded in from the sides, one of 'thembetween the permanent leaf and the removable leaves of each set and the other between the removable leaves. It will be evident that any suitable form or location of the carbon may be made use of and that the carbon may be folded in from the end or be used in the formof entirely separate sheets as desired. v

A portion of pageor sheet 2 that isthe fixed'sheet, in each set is removed at 22 in any suitable location to permit grasping of the removable leaves at this point without engaging the fixed leaf. v

Operation. In the use of my book or leaves the carbon sheets are placed between adjoining leaves of the set to be used and the data. of the purchasein'serted by the clerk upon the front sheet.- Preferably this data is givenin the following order.- The upper section of theleaf 5 down to apoint corre-.

.sponding to the division line 10,'contains the name and address of the party to Whom delivery is'to be made with terms, index of the party selling, time of purchase'and time. of delivery. The first carbon copy of this on sheet 4, portion numbered 7 forms the address or shipping card and-is pasted upon the package. The. second or middle portion of the sheets which upon the first, 5, and the last, 2, of the three sheets is integral with the upper portion just described, contains the direction for charge, with identification data as to the parties attending to the transaction, the coin, etc. The first carbon 8 on sheet 4 from this middle portion forms the customers check and goes in the package, containing the entry of the purchase and the price. The upper and middle portions of the front, 5, or original sheet are the original check from which the charge is made and which contains all information relative to the transaction with but one writing, that is without duplication.- The lower portions of the sheets numbered 13, in the original and 9 in the first carbon, both of which parts are removable, is the cashiers voucher and contains data as tothe clerk making the sale the amount of the sale, the terms and the department. The original 13 of this is kept by the cashier as her. voucher, while the first carbon 9 is 'ven to the customer at the time of the sale or identification of the package when it returns from the bundle wrapper; As previonsly' stated the entire third sheet, 2, is retained intact as a stub in the book from and addre'ss'oard 7 sent with the package, the

former to be included within it: and the latter to be pasted upon it if delivery be required. The upper and middle portionsof the front or original leaf or sheet are sent to the accounts department and from these the charges for the records are made. As previously stated these two portions are integral in the front or original leaf.

The disposition of the parts which I have described gives in combination with the advantages previously pointedout a saving of material over the continuous leaf with two folds which is used in some manifold books in asmuch .as one short leaf of relatively less expensive aper can be used to form one of the threev eaves, which three leaves would otherwise be formed as a continuous piece. The shorter sections by which. the three leaves are made up, one including twoleaves and the other a single leaf, reduce the cost as against a continuous piece of the added length of these two portions.

It will be evident that some of the advantages of my invention may beobtained by shown and describe or by the substitution making use of but a art of the. construction of equivalent constructions within the scope of my claims. 7

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. In a salesbook, a plurality of leaves,

leaves of a different character interspersed betweenthe first-named leaves, means retaining all of said leaves in the book and se arate means engaging only the interspersed eaves for retaining them in their position.

2. In a triplicate salesbook a pluralityof leaves suitably perforated, a plurality o integral leaves, means for securing all of said leaves together and separate means for,se curing said integral leaves together independent of said perforated leaves.

3. In a triplicate salesbook a pluralityof double leaves, a plurality of single leaves, means for securing the same together and means for securing said single leaves together independent of said double leaves. a u 7 4. In a triplicate salesbook a plurality of double leaves suitably perforated, a plurality V of single integral leaves, means for securing all of said leaves together and separate means for securing said single integral leaves to gether independent of said double perforated leaves. q V

5. In a triplicate -sales book, a plurality of 6. In a triplicate salesbook, a plurality of double leaves, the upper of each of which is perforated to form two sections and the lower of which is perforated to form three sections, a plurality of single leaves one of which separates each double sheet from the next, means for securing said leaves together and separate means for securing said single leaves together independently of sa d double leaves.

7. In a triplicate salesbook, a double leaf having a weakened line at the middle and two weakened lines in one half and one weakened line in the other half, a single leaf, the double and single leaf being in superimposed relation and means for binding the single leaf separately from the double leaf.

8. In a triplicate sales book, a'single leaf, a book cover, a double leaf, weakened at the middle line and superimposed between the single leaf and book cover, and independent means for attaching the double leaves and all of the leaves respectively to said book cover.

9. In a triplicate salesbook, a plurality of leaves, means for binding the leaves together, and means for binding some of the leaves independently of the other leaves.



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