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    • A01D46/00Picking of fruits, vegetables, hops, or the like; Devices for shaking trees or shrubs
    • A01D46/02Picking of fruits, vegetables, hops, or the like; Devices for shaking trees or shrubs of hops




No. 8.375. Patented Sept, 23, 1851..

Uni'rnn STATES Partnr @arrest r.. D. GR'osVENoR, or SOUTH GRfofroN',MASSACHUSETTS.


Specification forming part of Letters ,Patent Nor-8,375, dated September'23, ldl, l.

Vlo @ZZ whom iii-11mg concern: y Y Be it knownthat I, L. D. Gnosvnnon, o

Beuth Groton, in the county of Middlesex and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new `ind improved Machine for Stripping the Seed ff the Brush of Broom; Corn, and also for.- zlhrashing Various Kinds of Grain, termed the Seed-Sheller and'Thrashing-Machine; .and

l do hereby declare that vthe following is a full,

Fig. 2. Fig 4 is a horizontal section taken aty the line x m, showing a. portion of thebearded endless belt and part of the lower or under comb-rollers.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in. each of the several figures.

The nature of my invention consists in placing obliquely upon a rectangular frame twov comb-rollers, 'one roller being directly over 'the other, and the combs formed on them by lspikes or teetlrdriven in and around them in a spiral form. An endless bearded belt running longitudinally carries the broom-corn or 4whatever is to be" thrashed` along the whole 'length ofthecomb-rollers and between them. The grain and straw are laid transversely onl the endless bearded belt, and are secured to it lby the pressure of a belt .running directly over it. The rollers, by their oblique position, catch the extreme' end of the broom-corn, Ste., first, and as it' is carriedalong bythe endless bearded belt, assisted by the spiral cornb on the rollers, i

the grain is entirely stripped from the straw. .To'enable others skilled in the art to -make and invention, I Nwill proceed to de:- and operation.

y A A A is"the frame, and B B the'two combl rollers. These are placed obliquely or diag- .onally uponthe trame, as seen in Figil, and 'one directly over the other, las seen in Fig. 2. C C Grepresent theteeth'formin'g the epmb on the rollers. Theserteeth are driven in and around the rollers 'ina spira form, the directionoithespiral beingthe'samein both roll ers, as s in-Figff2. 'j-In this figure the teeth tot thedire'ctionoi' thexnis represented by dot'- ted red lines in order to prevent'confu'sion. The teeth overlap each othenlbut by their spiral forni on the rollers are'pre'vented from coming in contact.

D D (represented in allthe figures) is the `endless bearded belt. 4This runs'longitndinally and passesover the pulleysE F, Figs. 2 and 3.

G G are'the spikes or vteeth attached to it, and which serve to hold vthe .broom-cornl or' straw as` itis presseddownv upon the spikes G G by the'en'dless beltrH'H, (more particularly seen in Figs'.'l and 3,) and which-passes over the pulleys I J.

shaft of the lower .or under comb-roller,which works into a worrnwheel, L, on the shaft of the pulley E. By this means the motion is belt D D and the rollers B B.

endless belt H H.

be seen in Fig. 2.

readily seen by referring to Figs. 2,-and 3.

given to the upper roller.

partially-servesto keep the buttsof the broom corn or straw down upon the spikes of the bearded belt, and thus Aprevents an undue tax upon the-endless belt H H. Italso acts as a guide to the bearded belt D D. It may beV faced with a metal; strip to prevent abrasion.

brennt-corn, or whatever is to be thrashed', is placed transversely, as indicated bythe red arrows, Fig. 1. The spikes (3f-1G pass through a slot, W after going over the pulley F.

Operation: Motion being communicated to the machine by means of the driving-pulley l, the combrol1ers B B, the endless bearded belt D D all endless belt H H move inthe direc- G Goethe endlesmbelts D D, after'- passing K, Figs. 1 and 2, is an endless screwon the 'l 'communicated between the endless bearded -M N are pulleys upon the .Shafts o f thefpul-A`A leys J fE, and by which motion is given to the y O is a wedge o r curve attached'to .the bedpiece P. The object of the wedge or curve is" to raise the. butts 'of the'broma-corn,orv Whateverrnay be upon the bearded belt D D,v od' the spikes G G. Its position and for'rn'will The bed-piece P is for the fupper part/ of the .v bearded belt 'DD to restup'on.- lts use willbe` v It R, Figs. 1 and 2', are pulleys .on the ends ofthe shafts of the comb-rollersBB, and S is a band passing over them, by which motion is '.11istliedriving-pulley.` U isa guard,which'v -V is an inclined'plane, upon which the tionin .cated bythe black arrows. Thespikes 2 Sims over the pulley pass through the slot W, l

which is-cut through thel inclined plane or feed-board W', catching the butts ofthe broomcorn, forinstance, which is placed transversely upon it, and drawing them under the endless belt H H, said b elt pressing the butts firmly upon the spikes G G. The bearded belt D D thus carries't-he broom-corn along till it is caught at the ends between the comb-rollers B B. The teeth C C C C, forming a spiral on the rollers, serve to force the broom-corn along in the same direction as the bearded 'belt DD moves, and the teeth C C -C C of one rollery reaches the extreme end of'the rollers the teeth- C C C C reach the ends of the brush where it is united to the quill, (see Fig. tirelyseparating the-seed from the brush. The red arrows in Fig. l will give a good idea of this, the feathered part representing the butt and. the barb on the end of the brush.

By referring to Figs. 2 and 3 the use ol the y wedge or curve O will be. apparent, as the bearded belt D D passes round the pulley E. The wedge or curve 0 forces the butts of -the broomcorn off the sp'ikesGjGfa-s it projects 4,) thus enf some distance beyond the periphery of the pulley. f

It innst be borne in 'mind that the -endless belt H H is not directly over the spikes, but is 'placed a little on one side, so as not to be pierced by them. (SeeFgJ` The straw is notinjured orbroken by thrashing with this machine, andthe work is done quickly and well. For broom-corn Il prefer the spikes G G on the belt D 1W, as represented and described; but for other purposes I consider lngs7 preferable.

Broom-corn may also be evened by this mac chine'inthe most perfect manner, the butts being cut oli" at equal lengths by shears which Ywere formerly patented by me.

i Having thus dcscribedthenature and opera' tion of'my'inyention', what I daim as new, and desire tojsecure'byl'Letters Patent, is-

Theeidless bearded belt D D, constructed of any' properv material and having lugs'or spikesl GAG, as described, in combination with.- the comb-rollers B B, set diagonally upon the fralneA' A A, in the manner and for` the purposes substantially' as set forth.

In testimony'whereof VIhave hereunto signed my name, before two subscribing witnessses, this 19th dayof-LMareh, 185]. f

f v i-L.l D. GROSVENOR. W'itnesses:4


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