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    • B26B5/00Hand knives with one or more detachable blades
    • B26B5/006Hand knives with one or more detachable blades specially adapted for using razor blades as blades


ATTORNEYJ nvmvroe @0772 specification, and. in whic UNITED STATES,
Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented Aug. 14, 1906.
Application filed Jan ary 3' 1906. Serial llo. 294,399-
.To all whom, it maqfconccrn:
- Be it known that 1, WILLIAM w'. JAMISON,
a'citiz'en of the United States, residing at.-
gilll n, in the county of Butler, State of 0, have invented-certain-newand useful Improvements in Razors; and I do hereby declare the following to he a full, clear, and
'exact'description' of the invention, such as will enable othe'r's skilled in the a'rtto which it appertains to make and'use the same.
This invention relates to razors, and hasfor its object to provide a razor including a blade, provided with a plurality of edges and which will be shiftable to bring its edges into operative position interchangeably.
ent from the following description.
In the drawings forinin a ortion of this I1 li e numerals of 'referenceindicate similar parts in' the several views, Figure lis a side elevation of the present razor, the handle being partly brokenaway. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section. Fig.
3 is a viewof the forward end of the razor.
Fig. 1 is a transverse section of the. razor, taken through the blade onthe line 4' 4 of IIIeferri-ng now to the drawings, .the present 1 invention comprises a; shank 5, ,whichis transversely enlarged at its. forward end to the width of the .usual razor-blade, as shown at 6, andwhich adjacent to its rearward portion has pivotedthereto the usual handle 7 A forwardly-extending arm 8 is carried by the enlarged portion 6 of the shank at-the upper edge thereof, and at itsforward end this arm has a spring-finger 9, extending at right an-. gles thereto and parallel with the forward end face of the shank. In the forward end face of the shank there is formed a longitudinally-eXtending-threaded recess 10, and in the finger 9 in alinement with this recess there is formed an an ular opening 11.
A blade 12 is'provided'having longitudinal cutting-edges 13 and a central strengtheningrib 15, which extends longitudinally of the blade and beyond the ends thcreofin the form of lugs 16 and 17, the former being threaded for en agement in the threaded recess 10, while t e latter is angular in form and isarranged to fit snugly within the opening 11. The arm 8 has some resilience as Well as the finger 9, so that the arm may be sprung to bring the finger out of the way in order that the. lug 16 may be screwed into the recess 10, after 'which the arm and the finger 9 may be moved to'enga'ge the lug 17 in'the opening 11. 1 The angular formation of this opening and lugpre'vents rotation of the blade, and. the o ening is somewhat elongated longitudina 1y ,ofthe finger, the lug 17 being-correspondingly elongated to conform "tofthe shape of the opening 11, so that when the lug is e aged in the openin the blade 'is held inthe P am of the shank.
derstood that the blade may be rotated-to bring either of its cutting edges into operative o'sition, and by reason ofthe fact that the vented.
What is'claimed isg :1 A r'azor comprising ashank havin a r "cess in its forward end face, -a forward -extending spring-arm carried by the shank, a spring-finger carriedby thearm and extending over t e forward face of the shank and-in spaced relation thereto, saidspring-finger.
having an-an ular opening therethrough, and a twoeedged blade having lugs at its oliposite ends, one of'said lugs being 'removab y and revolublyengaged in the recess, and the other lug being removably engaged inr the open.
ing of the finger,'said last-named lug being sha ed to conformto the opening to hold the bla e against rotation. V I
I 2.. A razor comprising a shank havin a recess in its forward end face, a forward -ex tending spring-arm carried by the shank at one end'of said face, .a spring-finger carried by the forward end of the arm and extending over the forward face of the; shank and in spaced relation thereto, said 'finger having an angular opening therein elongated longitudiwith the major transverse dimension of the 1 blade, said finger being movablezto bring the last-named lug out of 1ts opening. In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
' W. H. HO0N.
t will be uni ug 16 is screwed into the recess 10 accidental displacementof the blade through disengage,- ment of the finger 9 from the lug '17 is pre- Other objects and advantageswill be appar- .95- nally of the finger, and a two-edged blade IOC
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