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No. 818,803. PATENTED APR. 24, 1906.
Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented April 24, 190e.
Application led Junle', 1905. Serial No. 264,251.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, OTTO EMIL WEIDLICH, a citizen ofthe United States of America, and a resident of Norwood, in the county of Hamilton and State of Ohio, have invented cer- I tain new and useful Improvements in Fountain-Pens, of which the following is a specification.
This invention relates to certain improvements in fountain-pens, and more larly in that class of such devices w 'ch are provided with means forming part of the pens for use in quickly and conveniently filling the same with ink and the object of the invention is to provide a pen of this general. character having filling means of an imroved and simplified construction adapted ibi* use for readily and conveniently filling the pen and of a nature to insure a ainst the accidental discharge or spilling o the ink from the pen when`the saine has been filled.
The `invention consists in certain novel features of the `construction, combination, and arrangement oi the several parts of the improved fountain-pen, whereby certain iinportant advantages are attained and the device is rendered simpler, cheaper, and otherwise better adapted and more convenient for Use, all as will be hereinafter fully set forth. LVThe novel features of the invention will be careull defined in theclain f P In t e accompanying drawings, which serve to illustrate my invention,Figure 1 is a side view of a vfountain-pen, provided with my improvements and with its filling means arranged in position to afford access thereto for :filling the pen. Fig. 2 is a side view similar to Fig. 1, but* showing the pen -point omitted and the fore end of the pen-barrel lbroken ofi, and with 'the improved filling means adjusted to prevent access to its internal parts, so that accidental operation thereof for discharge or spilling oi' ink from the pen is prevented. Fig` 3 is a partial axial l,section drawn on an enlarged scale and showing the filling means adjusted to the closed position seen in Fig. 2,.
As seen iii these views, 1 indicates the barrel or body portion of the im roved pen, which is made in elongated tubu ar form and having screw connection at one end with the pen section or plug whereon the pen-point 2 iscarried in a well-known wa 3 'is a cap or cover, which is adapted to be slipped on the barrel 1 to inclose and cover the pen-point 2 when the device is not in use,
and` which is'designed at other times to be slipped over and eld upon the opposite or upper end of the barrel, as seen in Figs. 1 an 2.
With the pen-section is connected in a well- Y own way an elastic or compressible i'nkreservoir` 4, which may be conveniently formed of a soft-rubber tube, closed at lits upper end and arranged to communicate lat articuits lower end with the feed opening or' openings of said pen-section, so that when the penpoint 2 is dipped in a supply of ink and said elastic soft-rubber tube 4 is compressed to expel the air fro'mits interior through such feed openin or openings the elasticity of the walls of sai tube or reservoir 4 will upon release of pressure upon the same serve to cause said tube to so that ink from th pen-point has been dipped will be drawn up through the feedopening or openings of the pen-section to illA said tube or reservoir with a supply suflicient to permit use ofthe pen in writing for a considerable time.
5` is a metallic strip extended along one side of the elastic soft-rubber tube 4, and adapted to compress said tube along substantially its entire length when pressure is applied at about the central p artof the tube to said strip, and 6 represents an elliptical opening provided in one side of the barrel 1 at or near the central part thereof and of dmensions suliici nt to permit convenient insertion of the tip\of the linger of the user so resume its original hollow form,
e supply in which the thatsuch finger-tip when inserted at said opening may be caused to press upon the central part of the metallic strip 5 to compress the tube 4 and expel the air therefrom.
7 is a sleeve held upon the central portion of the barrel 1 and of fit snugly thereon, and one side of said sleeve has an opening 8 of elliptical form and similar in dimensions to the opening 6 -in barrel 1, and when said sleeve 7 1s turnedupon the barrel to one position, as illustrated in Fig. l, the opening 8 in sleeve 7 is adapted to come into coincidence with the opening 6 iii the barrel, so that -in such position of the parts the user of the en may conveniently insert the tip of his nger at said openings to press upon-the central part ofthe metallic strip 5, and thereby to compress andexpel the air from' the tu e or reservoir 4, so that the same may be filledwith ink when such pressure is relaxed.
When the sleeve 7 is turned upon the bar- IOO IIO
rei, however, it will be evideit that the openings 8 emi 6 will ne biought out of coin oideuoe, so that en imperfoiate side of the seeve will be caused to extend aereos and close the openings 6 and 8 into eiinement in orde that the pen may be quickly fiiied when desired.
En order to hold theV sieeve 7 in position against endwise movement upon the beiiei, I prefer to form said beiei with mi enlarged screw-threaded portion 9, with which one end of the sleeve 7 has screw connection, as shown in Figs. l and 3, and by this erfenge ment it Wiii be seen that seid so'ievv-tisee ed enlargement of the borrel oime e stop to prevent excessivemtuining of the sleeve in one direction when the openijig o in the bei iei has been closed end covered by tiie impeorete side o" the sleeve? so that by turning the Sleeve in such direction until the limit of the screw-threads has been reached the user Will be oetin of having overed the opening in the berre. This affords a oon.- venient ineens also for holding the sieeve against aooient'ai tuiuinff the barrel, since the friction efioideo by the fully-en gegod screw-threads of the peits will, be sufiicient to prevent such zicoidezitai turning of the Sleeve, and et the saine time e very siight force is required for reverseiytuiiing seid sleeve e, heiilrote'tion to uncover the opening in the borrel so that the moy be iiiserted. to complessi the reservoir el.
eleeoe From the above deseiiptioii it Wiii 1oe seen Y that the improved fountain-pen eonstiuoted aooorciing to my invention .is of en extieiiieiy siinpie and inexpensive nature-.kend iefeepe oiaiiy Weil eapted. io? use ieeson ofthe readinessend convenience with 'which the iiik-rese1voii may be iied when eiiipt,T 'and of the security with Wiiioii the opening-11i the barrel is oiose when the en is fiiie to pre vent acoidentai spiiiing o ink thelei'om.
it will eiso be obvious from the obo-ve deeoription of my improvements that tile pen Y is Vozmoebe of some modiioation Without imeteriai depertuie Hom the piiiioipies' and spirit of the invention, and for this fees-oe' i' stiip extended aiong it with e eeiitiei exposed et the iiigeiopening ofthe bai-Hei, and; a sleeve one end of Whieh has screw oom-- neotion with the soeW-threeded eiiiergee nient of the ieri-el, seid sleeve having en opening adapted., when the eieeve is turned ,on its screw eonnectiomto be moved in and out registry with the opening in the Der Signed at Cincinnati, Ohio, time ist June, 1905. s 'j GTT() EL HL 'WE'LC "Witnesses i om? ELIAS Joieiis, Y,
i/'iemiiiii SoHUoHiiRD-T;
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