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No.' 778,311.. PATENTBD DBO. 27, 1904.




ivo. 778311.

UNITED STATES Patented becember 1904;.r



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 778,311, dated December 27, 1904. y

l Appiicfaion filed any 14,1903. semi No. 165,489.

To all whom t may coi/ceras Be it known that I, LINLEY S. GRISELL, a citizen of the United States, residing at Clyde, in the county of Cloud and State of Kansas, have invented a new and useful Fountain Siphon- Syringe, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to devices whereby liquids may be forcibly ejected from a receiving vessel or reservoir Without artilicial pressure or suction, andhas for its object to simplify and improve devices of this character and'produce a device which may be cheaply constructed and easily operated and which shall be eiicient in action and readily cleansed; and the invention consists in certain novel features, as hereinafter shown and described, and specified in the claims.

In the drawings illustrative of the invention, in which corresponding parts are denoted by like designating characters, Figure 1 is a vertical longitudinal sectional elevation. Fig. 2 is a transverse section on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1. Fig'. 3 is a top plan view with the cover removed.

The improved device may be employed for various purposes, but is more particularly applicable to fountain-syringes or douche apparatus, and comprises a reservoir or supplytank 10, of any required size and supported in any suitable manner. When the tanks or reservoirs of the smaller sizes are employed, they will generally be suspended froma hook or nail, as by a loop or hanger 11, but may be supported upon a bracket, shelf, or other similar support.

The tank is provided with a top portion 12, extending partially thereover, as shown, and may be provided with a detachable cover 13 and bail 14 to assist in its transportation.

Formed at one side ofthe tank, preferably by a partition 15, isav relatively contracted compartment 16, closed at the top and communicating at the bottom, as at 1,7, with' the interior of the tank. The partition is lpreferably in semitubular form and connected by its side edges to the vside wall'of the tank and extending nearly to the .bottom thereof and closed at the top by the partial top portion shown, and withv a detachable plug 18,

vleading to the interior" of the compartment 16 through the portion 12 to provide for the ready cleansing of the compartment when required. vLeading from the compartment 16 at or near its top is a discharge-tube 19,` to which a hose member or other discharge-conduit 20 is attachable, as shown. By removing the closure-plug 18 access may be had to the interior of the syphoncompartment 16 Y and tothe discharge-tube 19 for convenience in removing any obstruc tions which may lodge in said discharge-tube. The member 20, it will be noted, is readily detachable from the memberv 19 and will terminate below the tank in any required form of discharge-nozzle.

The conduit 20 may be of any required length, dependent upon the force of the flow required, as the longer the member 20 the greater will be the head flowing from the nozzle. By this simple arrangement it will be noted that 'no fixed portion of the device extends below the reservoir or tank. Hence when the member 20 is detached the tank may be set upon a stove or over other heating medium, so that the liquid may be heated directly in the tank instead of being first heated in a separate vessel vand then poured into the tank, devices of this character. Then, again, if the liquid in the tank becomes cool during the operation it can be quickly reheated by detaching the member 20 and setting the tank, as before, over the source of heat. This is an important advantage and adds materially to the value and efciency of the device and also materially increases the economy of the operation.

In starting the Siphon action it is only necessary to tilt the tank toward theY discharge or compartment side, as shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1, until the liquid-oods the upper end of the compartment and starts to flow through the discharge-conduit, and. in this action the function of the partial cover portion as in the ordinary construction ofv v12 is exercised, which is to prevent overiiow during this priming action. This is also an important feature of the invention and materially aids in the operation and obviates the necessity for creating either an air-pres- IOO sure in the tank or exhausting the air from the discharge-conduit.

The tanks may be of any required capacity and of any suitable material, but will preferably be of metal and adapted to withstand heat suiicient to raise the temperature of the vcontents to the requisite degree.

The member 2O may be of any suitable material, but will ordinarily be a section of rubber hose, but may be of other material, if required.

The nozzle portion 2l may be of any form, but will generally be of the class usually employed upon such devices.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim is .1. In a fountain-Siphon, a reservoir for the liquid having a relatively contracted vertical siphon compartment at one side normally closed at its top with an open bottom communicating with the interior of the reservoir, said reservoir having a flange extending in- Wardly Jfrom the top of said Siphon-compartment,and a discharge-conduit connected to the reservoir and communicating with the compartment intermediate its ends to provide Jfor the outflow therethrough on a slight tipping of the reservoir.

2. In a fountain-siphon, a tilting reservoir having a partition attached to its wall and forming a relatively contracted Siphon-compartment closed at its upper end and coml municating at its lower end with the reservoir, and a discharge-conduit in the walls of the siphon-compartment and leading to a point below the bottom of said compartment.

3. In a fountain-Siphon, a reservoir having a relatively contracted siphon-compartment having a normally closed top provided with a removable closure, and an open ond communicating with the interior of the reservoir and a hose connected to the reservoir and communicating with the Siphon-com partment, said hose extending below the bottom of the reservoir.

4. A device of the character described, comprising a tiltable reservoir having` an open top` and provided with an upright siphoncompartment closed at the top and open at the bottom for communication with the interior of the reservoir, a discharge-conduit leading from the upper portion of the siphon-compartment, and means to prevent spilling` of the liquid contents of the reservoir when tilted to start the siphon consisting ol a semicover partly closing the top of the reservoir adjacent the Siphon.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereto aiixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.



H. M. PARKER, Guo. DANruLsoN.

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