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PATENTED DEC. 27, 1904.
INVENTOR Jorn efs BY N mo Ev' No.f778,291.
' Patented December 27, 1904.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 778,291, dated December 27, 19.04,.
y Application filed October l1, 1904. Serial No. 228,020.I
To all whom it muy concern:
Be it known that I, JOHN WEEKs, a citizen of the United States, residing at Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in 'Fountain -Pensg and I do hereby .y declare the followingto be a full, clear, and
. pen equipped with my improvement; Fig. 2,
a section at the line .fr m of Fig. l, and Fig. 3 a rear end view of the main ink-reservoir.
'Similar numbers of reference denote like parts in the several figures of the drawings.
l is the tube-reservoir for the ink, 2 the pen-head, and 3 the pensaid parts being secured together in the usual manner.
The-rear endoi' the reservoir-tube l has a triangular shaped opening 4, the sides of which opening are provided with screwthreads 5, and said reservoir-tube throughout a portion of its length at the rear is prefer- `ably reduced in diameter, as shown at 6, and
is encircled for a short distance by a ring 7 of any suitable packing.
8 is 'a vregulator-cap which is hollow andv adapted to closely fit the outer surface of the portion 6, the packing-ring 7'serving to make an air-tight joint between said portion and cap.
9 isa threaded pin secured to the rear end of the cap 8 and interior thereof and projecting forwardly. The diameter oi' this pin is such that vwhen the cap 8 is placed on the portion .6 and turned around said pin will engage `with the threads 5 von the sides of the'triangular-shaped opening 4, and it will be noted particularly that when said'pin isv engaged with the threads 5 air-spaces 10 will be pro- .vided at the angles of said opening, whereby communication is established between the interior of the tube 'l and the interior of the cap 8.
Presupposingthe parts tobe in the positionv shown at Fig. 1, the pin is filled from the front end in' the usual manner. By turning the cap 8 in one direction, so as to advance the same along the portion 6, a pressure is eX- erted uponthe ink and the latter is caused to iiow freely to the pen, and by turning this cap in the reverse direction the ink is withdrawn from the pen back into the reservoir,
since this has a tendency to create more or less of a vacuum `within the rear end of said cap. During a continued use of the pen the ink will of course be withdrawn from the reservoirtube, and this would tend to create a vacuum at the rear end of said tube and would ordinarily cause a stoppage of the flow of ink; but by the use of my improved regulator-'cap the rear end ofthe reservoir-tube is provided with vents that communicate with an air-chamber, the size of which latter maybe increased or diminished, and whenever the flow of ink to the pen becomes sluggishor ceases altogether the regulator-cap 8 is simply advanced along 'the portion 6, so as to compress the air in said cap, and therebyrelieve the vacuum at the rear of the reservoir-tube. A slight advancement of this regulator-cap every half hour during the course of writing is suiiicient to cause the ink to flow continuously along the pen, and my improvement thus obviates the necessity of violently jarring the pen, which is a practice quite common among users of fountain-pens.
In some grades of pens I will not reduce the diameter oi' the rear end of the reservoir-tube,
angular-shaped opening the sides of which are vided at the angular' portions of said opening threaded, the packing-ring around said tube around Said pin, substantially as set forth. 10 near its rear end, the regulator-Cap adapted In testimony whereotl I aiix my signature in to slide up along said tube and across said presence of two witnesses. 3 packing-ring, and the threaded pin interior JOHN WTEEKS.
' of said cap and projecting forward from the Witnesses:
rear thereofk and engaging the threaded portions of said opening, whereby vents are pro- THos. LUPIEU, JOSEPH HARLACH.
US22802004A 1904-10-11 1904-10-11 Fountain-pen. Expired - Lifetime US778291A (en)

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