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Letters Patent No. 75,991, dated March 24, 1868.


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Beit known that-I, A. M. Sl-IURTLEFF, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk, and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improved Atomizing-Apparatus; and I do hereby declare that the following, taken in connection with the drawings which accompany and f'orm part of this specification, is a description of my invention sufficient to enable those skilled in the art to practise it.

The invention relates to the construction of an atomizing-apparatus, with reference to the better adaptation of these instruments to the application of atomized fluids in surgical and medical operations, and-particularly in administering inhalations. I

My invention consists in combining, with the vessel for containing the uid to be atomized and the atomizingtubes, a shield for protecting the parts adjacent to the surface or surfaces against which the spray is to be thrown, and a flexible air-bulb or bulbs and pipes, the arrangement or connection of these parts being such as to enable the apparatus to be as easily operated by the personrcceiving the application as by a physician or other second person. v

The invention also consists in making the shield with a mouth-tube, which enables the atomized fluid to be applied directly to that part of the throat or mouth to be treated, and in supporting the shield by a band or ring encompassing the mouth-tube, this band being at the top of au upright, which sustains the shield in position relatively to the fluid-containing vessel.

The invention further consists in connecting the shield directly with the top of the fluid-cup or vessel, in such manner that the shield will drip into the said cup or vessel.

Also in the construction of the stopper or cover to the fiuid-cup or vessel, and in the manner of connecting the shield to or with relation to the luid-vesseli The drawings represent an apparatus embodying my improvements.

A shows a perspective viewof the apparatus; B, a section through the mouth of the shield and the top of the Huid-vessel. a denotes the vessel for holding the liquid to be atomized and applied; I: c, the atomizingtubes, the tube bprojecting down into the vessel or cup a, through a rubber stopper, d, and the air-tube c being connected by a flexible tube, e, with the air-bulb or elastic pumpf, by working which the medicated liquid is drawn from the vessel and projected from the point of the Huid-tube in the form of spray, as is well understood. Connected to the vessel a, or to a base upon which said vessel is secured, is a shield, i, preferably made of glass, placed in' the line of`- the educton-end of the air-tube, and in such proximity with the poinbthereof, that al1 the' spray thrown from the tubes is received within the shield, and is concentrated towards the centre thereof. l

To conduct the excess of spray condensing upon the surfaces of the .shield back into the fluid-vessel, the stopper cZ is provided with an elongated orifice, z', down into which the outer edge of the shield is entered, as seen in the drawings, the orifice opening into the vessel a, as seen at B.

As the fluid is exhausted from the vessel by the atomizatio'n, air drawn in through the orificez' to supply the place thereof, establishes a downward current through such orifice, which current takes with it the condensed liquid excess.

Projecting from the rear ofthe shield is a mouth-tube, lc, which serves, while directing the current of spray against any part of the throat or other surface back from the mouth, to prevent the liquid from touching other than such surface, and also serves to keep the tongue from projecting up into the current of spray.

The shield and tubepiece are shown as held in place, relatively to the atomizing-tubes, by an encompassing band or ringLZ, which is formed upon or fixed to a suitable standard, m, which standard may project from a base made to hold the vessel a, or may be connected directly with and supported by said vessel, as seen at A. To its connection with the vessel or base it may be hinged orjointed, as seen at n, so that the shield can swing up and away from the vessel, to allow the stopper d to be removed, the joint being such that the shield always swings down into place with relation to thestopper-orice. I

When connected directly with the vessel a, as shown, the two pieces m and o may have slotsp q, (through which the joint-pin n Aentends by means of' which the piece m may be adjusted in height or in distance (laterally) from the vessel a, .to accommodate shields and mouth-tubes of different sizes or forms.

The bander ring Z is inade in halvespsaid halves forming parts of or extensions from corresponding parts ofthe pieeem, a clasp, 7*, being slipped up towards or donn from the ring, or to loosen them with resp-ect thereto; .this construction ofV the ring l also facilitating the application of tubes of various sizes.

In using this apparatus, the tering the, :itemized medicated liqnid, \rhile the bulb f may be as rendi hand, or the vessel a may be placed upon' av table, or upon a hase 4forming part ofthe apparatus.

I claim the eoinhination of tl1e` 'elastic bulb f, and its flexible connection, with the atoinizing-tubes, the 4vessel a, theatomiZing-tuhes be, andthe shield t,fsubstantially as described.

I also claim constructing theshield h with a mouth-tube, 7c, substantially as set forth.

Also, arranging the month of the shield to`drip directly into the vessel a, substantially as shown and described.

Also, making the stopper d with an orifice, z', for reeeiv excess of fluid back into the vessel, substantially as described.

Also, supporting the shicld'by means of a ring lor band encompassing the moutlntube, substantially as set forth.

Also, connecting the shield described.

Also, applying the shield so as to swi as set forth.

Also, applying the standar tially as and for thc purpose set forth.

Also, a stopper of rubber or rubber-c tube, and an orifice for return of. the excess of iluid, substantially as set. forth. l

vessel a'may be readily grasped and held in one hand in position for aflininisly grasped and operated by the other ing the edge of the shield, and conducting the directly to and supporting it by the liquid-containing vessel, substantially as ng up from and down into`connection with'the orifice z', Substantially d m so as to be adjustable in height and in distance from the vessel a, substanompound, when made with a centre-hole for insertion of' the atomizing-l A. M. SIIURTLEFF.



to clamp the halves against the tube,

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