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PATENTED SEPT. 22, 1903..
E. R; JoHNsN.
THlsREcofm fox useomy au rn g RAMO PHONE OvzR'ruRE jplAy z n a m w m Kaza Jmey.
To @ZZ whom, it may concern: j
Beit known that I, ELDRIDGE R. J oHNsornav atented'uSeptember 22, lflO.
\ SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N 0.7395318, dated September 22, 1903. f
Application filed August 8, 1900. Serial Nr26|280a (No model.) Y I citizen ofthe United States, and a resident of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and usefullmprovements in Sound-Records, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings,
.forming part of this specification. j
My invention relates to certain improvements in sound-records, and particularly to f the flat disk-record, such'as are usedon grain-l ophones and other similar machines.
The object of my invention is to provide a simple, inexpensive7 and convenient means for marking records of this class in order i that the title of the matter recorded on said g record and the other matter usually engraved lthereon may be easily discerned.
1records of this class by engraving the neces- Heretofore it has been lthe practice to marksary descriptive matter on the die from which the record is stamped or by etching ther same upon the original record. This practice has been lfound to be quite expensive, inconvenient, and otherwise objectionable, and the records when so stamped are hardly legible on account of the color of the same, which is usually blackor of a dark color and has to be held ina certain position, so that the light Will properly fall upon the engraved matter before the same can be readily distinguished. My present invention is designed with a vieur of overcoming these objectionable features; and it consists in providing an inlaid tablet printed or marked with a color much lighter' Fig. 2 is a central sectional elevation of the same.
In the said drawings, A designates 'a flat circular record-disk of the gramophone type,`
-With the surface of the record-disk. lvious that by reason of the tablet being comthe having the usual spirally-arranged recordgrooves a recorded thereon. The center of the said disk is provided With an aperture b, by means ofvvhich the Asame is centered onv its support'when placed in position for operation in the machine. i
Adjacent to the aperture ZJ andpreferably concentric with the center of the disk A is a recess c of la very slight depth. Into this recess is inlaid a tablet C, made of paper or other suitable material, printed in a light color, so as to stand out in bold contrast to the dark body of the record7 and on this tablet is printed the title and such other descriptive matter as may be desired. These tablets O may be printed in large quantities at ver)T little expense and are preferably applied to the record during the process of stamping the same, the .said tablet being compressed into the center of the record While the said record is in a heated or softened condition, and afterv this operation the tablet is .flush It is 0bpressed into the record the tablet or label is prevented from being defaced, and the printing or marks thereon are preserved from scratches and from being made illegible from contact With other objects.
While I'h ave illustratedy the inlaid tablet as being circular, itvwill of course be understood that it might be rectangular or of any other suitable contour, andthe edges of the same might be scalloped or notched in order to give it a more artistic appearance.
Having thus described my invention, What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is- ,j I j f l. A sound-record comprising a iiat disk composed of a material which Will soften under the application ofheat and having sound- Waves impressed upon its surface, a thin tablet of a materialwhich is adapted 'to' receive and retain permanently printed matter, pressed into said d-iskwhen in a heated condition so as to be flush with the surface thereof. 2. A sound-record comprising a iiat disk lcomposed of4 a material which will soften under the application of heat and having sound- Waves impressed upon its surface, a thin tab-V let of fibrous material having a printed title IOO thereon, pressed into said disk when in aheated condition so as tobe iiush with the surface thereof. A
A sound-record comprising` a flat disk composed of material Which will soften under the application of heat having soundwaves impressed upon its surface, a centrallydisposed label pressed into said disk When in a heated semiplastic condition and secured to the record material bythe adhesive properties of the record material when in the softened state, the saidl label being pressed flush with or below the surface of the recordtablet. p
4. A sound-record comprising,` a Hat disk
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