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Letters Patent No. 73,204, dated January 7,4 1868.
Bc it known that I, JOHN F. SKINNER, ot' Br'asher Iron-Works, in the county of St. Lawrence, and State of NewYork, have invented 'a' new and improved Grain-Threshing Machine; and I do hereby decla-re that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable others skilled in the art to make and use the same, reference being had to tho accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification.
This invontionlrclatcs, rstto a new and improved means for operating or giving motion to the shoe which contains the grain-screen; second, to an improvement in the construction of the grain and straw-carrier; third, to an improved arrangemcntofa belt with a pulley and spring, arranged in snella manner as to render a single belt clliciont in driving the straw and grain-carrier, fan and boater-cylinder; fonrth, tothe employment or use of friction-rollers, in connection with the peculiarly-constructed grain and straw-carrier; said parts being all constrcted and arranged as hereinafter fully shown and described, whereby certain advantages are obtained, as will be hereinafter set forth. In the accompanying drawings- Figure 1, Sheet No. 1, is a side view of my invention. I
Figure 2, Sheet No.v 2, a side scctionalview of the same, taken in the line :c :11, iig. 3.
Figure .3, a. plan or top vi'ew of the same.
Similar letters of reference-indicate like parts.
A represents the framing of a grain-threshing machine, constructed in the usual or any proper manner. B is the threshing-cylinder; C, the shoe, which contains the grain-screen ;v D and E, the grain and straw-carrier.
The shoe C is suspended in the ,usual way, and a rod, F, is connected to its bottom, andv extends outward',
beyond one side of the shoe, and is attached to the lower end of a lever, G, thc fulcrum-pin a of which is at one side of the framing A. The upper end of the lever G is provided with a notch, or two projections, b, between which a thread or ange, c, on a pulley, H, works. This thread or angeextends circumferentially around .the pulley Il, in spiral form, one half being a portion of a right, and the other half a portion of a lcftscrew thread, the whole thread, in connection with the pulley, forming a zigzag cam, as will be fully understood hy referring to fig. 3. The pulley H is at one end of a revolving shaft, ax, placed'above the grain and straw-carrier. l l
It will be seen, from the above description, thattho thread or flange c, owing to its double or right-and` left spiral form, will communicate a vibrating movement to the lever G, and the latter will give a shake-motion to tbehoe C,'and without the intervention or aid of any spring or springs. v The shake-motion, therefore, will be a pdsitive one, and even or uniform in its operation throughout, and will work much moreV elciently than when springs are employed.
The grain and straw-carrier is composed of a belt or apron, EX, of canvas, or any other suitable textile fabric or flexible material, having buckets HX attached to ittransversely, said buckets being composed of two thin parallel strips, d d, of wood or metal, with their ends fitted in heads e, the upper and lower edges of which are c urved, as shown clearly in figs. 1 and 2, so that `the heads will be segments ofv circles, and pass' smoothly over the rollers I I of the apron E, and also admit of the bucket-s ILIX working quite closely to the straw-discharging lcarrier J, so as to cifcctually preclude straw passing down between the' two carriers, as will bcv fully understood by referring to fig. 2. Besides these advantages, tho curvature of the heads gives a slight shake-motion to the grain and straw-carrier as they pass over the friction-rollers K, and cause the grain to be separated from the lose straw, the grain falling into the buckets, from wh'ence it is discharged upon the screen Das' the buckets pass over the more elevated roller I. 'The straw is discharged from the machine bythe carrier J. v n v A L represents a belt, which passes around a pulley,f, on the shaft of the threshing-cylinder C,.over a pulley, g, on the shaft aX, around a pulley, z, at one end of a lever, M, having its fulcrum z' at one side of the framing of the machine, and a spring, N, connected to its opposite end, andalso around a pulley, j, on the fausbaft, as shown clearly'in fig. '.lhc spring N causes the pulleyg to press the belt L firmly against Athe periphery of a wheel, O, on the shaft of the more ,elevated roller I'of the grain and straw-carrier. The spring,
N, it will be seen, keeps the belt L taut, and admits of the fan-shaft a and grain and 'straw-carrier being all operated by one and the sume belt.
Having thus described my invention, I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent- 1. The operating of the shoe C, through the medium of the lever G, and the cam composed of thc double spiral thread or ilange c on the pulley H, substantially as shown and described.
2. The spring N, pulley z, and lever M, arranged in connection with the belt L and wheel O, substantially as and for the purpose specified.
B. W. CLARK, H. F. Demo.
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