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Collapsible camp-stove.

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US700356A US1901072160A US700356A US 700356 A US700356 A US 700356A US 1901072160 A US1901072160 A US 1901072160A US 700356 A US700356 A US 700356A
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Fred L Mitchell
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Patented May 20, I902.



(Application filed Aug. 15, 1901.)

4 SheetsSheet I.

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E 0? QJf/foAe/l Gimme/1;;

No. 700,356. Patented May 20, I902.



(Application filed Aug. 16.1901.)

(No Model.).. 4Sheets-Sheet 2. I

q vitmuo a p I I -776Z L,W/7(ZA6/( W Y Gum/e44 "m: Mourns wn'ens co. murmumm WASHINGTON. n. c:

Patented May 20, I902.



(Application filed Aug. 15, 190;.)

4 Sheets-Sheet 3,

(No Model.)


Wane/00% 1H: NOIRI! men; ca, PHOTD-LITNQ, WASNINOTON, D. c,

Patent'e'd May 20, I902."


(Application fllezf Aug. 16. 1901.)

4 Sheets-$heat 4,

(No Model.)

mlllllll fie'aZLeifi'ibe/f msw lllll TFREID'L. Mironntnfor Nir'wYORKfu; .1 1

srncrrrca'rronr rining art or Letters-1atent-No.'700,356;datedilllfay20,1962. V

was... filtaiitg st aieoil aturtttmtt att n} .ToaZZ whom, it may Be it known that I, FREioLbMIToHEL a. citizen of the United States, residing. at New.

7 York, in the county of New York, State of New York, have invented certainlnew and useful Improvements in Collapsible cam Stoves; and I do declare the following tobe' a full, clear, and exact description of,thei'n- .vention, such as will enable .other s'skilled in the art'to which it appertains to make and use the same. 7 Y I panyingdrawings, in which- This invention relates to improvements'in collapsible camp-stoves {audit consists of the features of construction and combination of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

' The invention is illustrated in theaccom- Figure 1 is a perspective view of the cornplete stove and oven asset up for use.- Fig.

2 is a vertical longitudinal section of the same. Fig. 3 is a cross-section through" the bodyof the stove. Fig. 4 is a longitudinal section of the same, showing the use'of the 'oven-dri'im as a hood-for protecting from rain the articles cooking on the top of the stove. Fig. 5 is a perspective view looking toward one of the ends of the stove,lshowing the oven removed and the mode offapplicatiou ofthe flue. Fig. 6 isa-longitudinal section through. the oven and itsinclosing casing 'or drum. Fig. 7isa detail" view, partly'i'n elevation-and partly in section, showing the manner of connecting the side and end walls of the stove; and Fig. 8 is a detail view of the hinge connection of the main draft-door. y l 1, Like reference characters designate corresjponding parts throughout the several views.

The stove-body 1 is bottomless and grateless and composed ofthe end and side walls 2 and 3 and two top sections 4. Thesid'eanld end walls are connected at the corners in such manner as to be readily assembled and-disasof the angle-iron flanges onthe end walls are centrally secured, bynieans of rivets 7 or other suitable fastenings, spring-metal plates 8, which are provided at their ends with ithe spring-plates against" displacement,- and their threaded 'shanksfare adapted to pass looselythrough' openi'ngsll.and,12, formed, I respectively, in the'flangej .uponlthefend wall and i n the side wall and to receive winged.

ends 13, whereby the said side and endwall's fare clamped together. As shown in Fig.7,

'tlieheadsof the bolts bear against the ends so as to maintainatension on the bolts to v screw threaded..ap;erturesizfljfor caption 'Of bolts.1 0.,; These boltrr'ejth'us secured to of thespring-plates 7' and hold the. Same. 1 v I I against theouter flanges of theangle-iron 5, r

hold the winged-- nuts 13 tightly. clamped 1 When it is desired to'disconnect the sideand end walls, the winged nuts 13 are screwed off; the bolts, and .the'latter will then be retracted by the springing back of the'ends ofthe .againstthe outer face of the side wall, there- (i bymaintainingthe parts in firm engagement.

spring-plates 7 thus disconnecting theparts.

from each other. As the bolts 10 are threaded into the apertures 9 in the ends of the spring-plates, it-will be seen that'said bolts are fixed-to the plates andcannot in the ordinary use of the stove when theparts are disassembled become lost or mislaid, as? would be likely the case if the boltswere not fixed to the plates. The fianges5 and 6 on the side and end walls are adapted to formbroa d bases V for thewalls to rest upon{ the side wall forms a three-sided strip' extending along the base and verticaledges of the wall andservingas ledges against which the end walls bear. ,Each side Wallis reinforced upon its one side by a central 'verticalbracing strip 14, and this strip andthesidewallare notched, as indicated at 14-,in [their "upper,

Each end wall is provided with'anupper nain draft-opening 15, adapted to"befc'losed by. a; main draft-door 16, and with'ailower draftopening 17, adapted tobe.closedfby 'aldraftdoor 18..

The upper main door 16' is hinged at its-e13 lower edge to the end wall by strap-hinges 19, which engage the horizontal web of a T-shaped 'plate 20, securedhorizontallyupon the outer face of the end 'walh- These straphinges 19 have at their lower ends shanks formed'into hooks 21 to engage the said horizontal web'ot the T-shaped plate, and said shanks pass IOO . Y 9e, edges for a purpose to be presently described.

through openings 22, formed in said plate, the opening being of such relative size as to allow the shanks to fit and slide loosely therein, so that the door will turn freely on the hinges thus formed and so that by this construction expansion and contraction of the parts will be compensated for, soas to prevent binding of said parts upon one another and any interference with the free movement of the door. The door 16 is adapted to tilt downward and is provided with pivoted latches 23 to engage keepers 24 on the outer face of the end wall 2 on opposite side of draft-opening 15.

The top of the stove is divided to form the two sections 4, which are provided with the usual removable plates 24, closingpot-openings formed therein. Each section 4 is provided around its edges with an angle-iron flanging 25 andis provided upon its under side with rings 26to su pm-nhe said plates 24. The depending portions of the angle-iron flanges 25 at the meeting edges of the top sections 4 are adapted to fitdown into the slots 14' in'the side pieces 3. The vertical flanges of the angle-iron pieces around the remaining sides and ends of the'top sections 4 fit down around and inclose the angle-iron flanges 5 upon the walls 2, and their horizontal flanges rest upon the horizontal flanges of said angleirons 5, whereby the two top sections 4 are supported in an effective manner. By this construction it will be seen that the parts of the stove-body are connected in such manner that they may be readily and conveniently assembled and disassembled and packed away vided with a draw-off cook 30. To the end walls of each of these tanks are pivoted hangers 31, which project through slots 32, formed in said sidewalls, and have hooked ends to engage the walls of the openings to removably support the tank in posit-ion. The Walls of each slot 32 are preferably reinforced by a slotted plate 33, which strengthen said wall to prevent displacement thereof underthe weight of the tanks.

V A fine 34, consisting of an inclined bottom 35 and twoside pieces 36, hinged to fold down upon said bottom, is provided'for use in connection with either one of the draft-openings 15, formed in the:end walls of the body of the stove. The sides 36 are pivoted tothe plate 35, so th'atthey may be turned down upon the same for close storage when the stove is disassembled for packing away or shipment, and are provided at their inner ends with upwardly-projecting hooks 37 to bear against the inner side of the depending flange 25 on the outer side of one of the top sections 4 and below the same with lateral hooks 38 to engage the keepers 24 when the door 16 is turned down. The open top of the flue is adapted to be closed by the supporting-plate of the oven-drum hereinafter described and to conductthe smoke and products of combustion fromthe top of the stove to said drum. In order to augment or diminish the draft, the plate 35 of the fine is provided with a suitable damper 39.

The oven-supporting plate 40 is in the nature of a shallow tray having its opposite side and end edges bordered bya flange-strip 41, whichinay consist of one web of a strip of angle-iron, of which the other web is suitably secured to said plate. One end of the plate is adapted to'rest against the flange (25 on one of the removabletop sections 4 of "the stove. The supporting-plate 40 is adapted to rest upon the flue 34, which isintii'rn supported by the T-shaped horizontalplate 20, and to rest at its outerend upon legs 42, which are pivoted, so as to beturhed down to bear upon the surface oftlie ground. 'On the plate 40 is mounted a drum or oven-cas ing 43, which is open at its bottoihandprovided at its opposite ends with pivoted h'andles 44, which enable the drum or casin to be easily transported and handled. This casing has at its lower end an angle-iron 45, which is adapted to rest upon the angleiron 41, which angle -irons respectively stiiten the edge of the supporting-plate 40and the drum. The smoke and products of combus tion from the stove are adapted to pass into the drum through opening 46, formed in the plate 40, which is in connection with theflue 34. The drum or casing 43isprovided'ivith a vent or outlet 47 for the smoke and products of combustion and consists of inner and outer plates 48 and 49, having between them an interposed layer5O of asbestos or other suitable heat-confining material. 51 is adapted to be supported concentrically within the drum or casing 43 and for this purpose is provided with hooks 52 to engage track-rails 53, carried by hangers '54, secured to end walls of the casing 43. In order to prevent the disconnection of thesehooks from the the tracks and the displacement of the oven in case the drum 43 shouldfbe overturned while in use,plate-spring's 55are secured to the top wall of the drum and, have ends free to bear upon the top'wallof the oven, so as to hold the hooks in firm engagementwith the tracks. Oneside of the drum 43 is left open to receivethe oven 51 and has a surrounding strip 56 of angleiron, against which is adapted to abut a co1'respending strip 57 on the outer end ofthe oven, so as to form an air-tight joint between them to prevent the escape at thefront of the heat and products of combustion circu lating around the oven, which discharge to the atmosphere through the opening 47. The front of the oven is closed by two hinged doors 58, one of which carries a latch 59 to The oven engage a keeper 60 on the other, as'clearlyy shown in Fig.1.

In assemblingfthestove for use the'end andv side walls of the body are first connected in the manner before described and the sections of the top placed iuposition. The hot-water tanks29 are then supported upon the said walls of the stove by engaging their hookhangers with side walls in the manner shown The. main draft-door 16' at that end of the stove on which itis desired'to employ the fine 34 is then .let down and the fiue placed in position, and finally drum and oven are arranged to cooperate with this flue, as illustrated in Fig. 2. The lower draft-door. 18 upon the end of the stove opposite that upon which thefiue is is opened to admit air to support combustionian'd to'create the neces ,sary draft throughout the stove and oven.

The fire is then built in the stove, and the smoke and heat produetsof combustion there-I from pass outwardlythrough the open passage 15,thenceinto the fiue34,thence through the opening46 into the drum 43 and ci'rcuzlatein said drum around the oven 51, and finally pass out to the atmosphere through the opening47. heating ofthe oven is secured. The flue -34 is made reversible, so as to 'be applicable to either end of the oven in order that the lower draft door may open on that side toward which the wind is blo\ving,;so asto facilitate combustion to the highest degree and adapt the flue to draw freely. By'this means better results aresecured and the necessity of shifting the entire stove, obviated. -When the stove is disassembledflhe parts are dlSCOTl'; nected in the manner described, the flue 34:

released and folded, the legs 42 alsofolded up, the draft-doors closed, and the oven and drum removed. The parts of thestove,with

the exception of the oven and d rum,are stored away in a suitable receptacle, such as shown, for instance, in my applicationfor patent for Combined box and camp-table filed of even date'herewith, Serial No. 72,159, while the oven 51 is utilized asastorage-receptacle forthe culinary utensils. The stove when thus packed may be readily and conveniently stored away or transported. I

During inclementw'eather' the oven may be removed fromits drum or casing and placed upon the top of the stove, as shown in Fig. 4, to be used as a protecting-hood to shield the articlesoooking.

From the foregoing description, taken-in connection with the accompanyin g drawings, the construction,mode of operation, and advantages of the invention willbe readily un-' derstood. Variations in the construction and arrangement of parts may. be madewithin the scope of the invention without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any of the advantages thereof. 1

Having thus described my invention, what I- desire to obtain by Letters Patent is- 1. In a collapsible camp-stove, a stove-bod y Bythismeaus an effective j formed'of side and endpieces' and'a'top, l. having their threaded-'gshanks' projecting j 3 loosely, through openings in the side and end;

pie'ce s a curved plateespring' secured inter-,


2. In a collapsible camp-stove, astove-body formed of side a-nd'end pieces and-atop, bolts having their threaded shanks projecting I loosely through 'openings'in .the side ande'nd'.

pieces, springs fixed to thezend wallsand enf gaging thebolts, and nuts ptnule bolts and, holding the springs under tension whereby, upon the disengagementl'of said nuts, the

springs will retract the bolts,substantially as j specified. 1 t,

3. In a' collapsible can1p-stove,"a sidewall,

an end wall provided with 'antoffstanding flange, saidside walltand ifiangelbeing' provided' with registering; openings, a springplate centrally secured] to said fiange,.bolts" ,oarriedby the .endsof said spring-plate and adapted to project through said openings,-

and nntsto engage thebolts and hold the ends bolts, substantially-as set forth.

4."In a camp-stove,astove-bodycomprising [of the springs under tension ;whereby,"uponthedisengagement of the nuts, the said ends... of the-springs'will be freed andretraotthb';


edges, means for connecting the side and end. walls, and a top formed of, sections having angle-iron fiangeswhic'hfit inslots in the side wallsand'rest upon the fiange's'i'on theend r v walls..$1lbstantially as described. 7

5. In a collapsible camp-stove, detachable side and end walls, the side wallsbeingprovided'with slots and the endw'alls with off-H standing flanges, and'a'top having. affiange to engage the slots and to-re'st uponthe flanges of the .end walls, substantially as described.

6.. In acamp-stov e, a stove-bodyprovided with draft-openings, doors for closing said.

openings, a flue, interchangeable to cooper atewith either draft-opening, and an oven adapted to be supported bythe flue, substanr 'tially as described. I

7. Ina eamp-stove, a stove-body; having r draft-openingsformed inaits opposite fendjx walls, and a foldable fine ,to cooperate with either of said draft-openings, substantially as described.

8. In a camp-stove, a stove-bodyhaving a draft-opening,a flue adapted to cooperate.

therewith, a supporting-plate to rest upon the flue, a drum supported by'said plat'e,.and an oven in said drum, substantially as described. 9. In a camp-stove, a stove-body havinga draft-opening, a flue adaptedto' cooperate roe therewith, said flue being removable and foldl drum adapted to be supported by the plate,

and an oven in said drum, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing witable, a plate supported by the flue and having a smoke-passage, a drum or casing carried by said plate, and an oven within the cas- 1 ing, substantially as described.

10. A collapsible camp stove comprising nesses. side and end Walls and a top, said parts bein detachably connected and the side walls pro FRED MITCHELL vided with draft-openings, a flue intercliange- WVitnesses:


able to cooperate with either draft-opening, a supporting-plate to rest upon the flue, it

US700356A 1901-08-15 1901-08-15 Collapsible camp-stove. Expired - Lifetime US700356A (en)

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