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    • B65D45/00Clamping or other pressure-applying devices for securing or retaining closure members
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SPEGIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N0. 664,082, dated December 18, 1900.

Application filed March 15, 1900. Serial N0. 8.755. (N0 model.)

T0 all w7wm zlt may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN H. GREEN, of Aurora, Illinois, have invened eertain new and usefu1lmprovernenlss in Adjustable Hoops, 0f which the following is a speeification.

This invention relates 130 improvements in adjustable hoops for receptaclessuch as pails, boxes, barrels &e.and refers more specifically 110 a constrnction in which the several hoops eonstiouting a set are united ab their respecoive ends t0 elamping bars or elips, whereby ohey may be all simultaneously tightened er loosened.

Among the objects 0f the invention are 130 provide a eonstruetion wherein all 0f the several hoops n1ay be tightened withouo changing their positions npon the vessel and also withoub the neoessity of adjusinga separate device f0r eaeh hoop; to provide a consrnetion in whieh the hoops of the entire sei: rnay be made 0f a single continuous wire or cable; 110 so construct and arrange the parts tha the enire set 0f hoops may be applied t0 the vesse] or rernoved bherefrom together witl1 the greatest expedition; to provide such a eonstruction that a length of any ordinary wire of snitable size may be used '00 forrn bhe hoops, thus enabling Ehe user 0E the vessel to repair the Same With Ehe minirnum delay, tronble, and expense, and in general 110 provide a simple and improved eonsbruction 0f the character referred 130.

T0 the ab0ve ends the invention consists in Ehe matters hereinafter sei: forth, and more particularly pointed ou in the appended elaims, and Will be readily understood fron1 the following deseription, referenee beinghad 130 the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a view 0f a pail 01' tub shown in side elevation equipped with a preferred ernbodirnent- 0f my invention. Fig. 2 is a fragmenbary end view of that part of 1she vessel against which the tensioning-elamps rest, the labuer being shown in end plan.

Referring t0 said drawings, 1 designaes as a whole a pail 0r other vessel eornposed of a pluralitzy 0f staves, as 2, assexnbled as usual, and 3 4 designate a pair 0f clamping-bars arranged so extend longitudinally 0f the vessel approximately parallel with eaeh ouher and at a slight distanee apart, so as 110 perinclica'ned ab 12 in Fig. 2.

mit their approaeh 110 tighten the hoops, as will hereinafter appear. Eaeh of said elamping-bars consists in the preferred embodiment shown in the drawings of a bar 0r plate of suffieient lengtsh t0 extend across the entire sen 0f hoops and eonsisting 0f a base portion 5, formed 130 resta fiatly against mhe side of Ehe vessel, and an outstanding porbion 01 flange 6 0f sufficient width 01 height; 130 receive tensioning-serews 7 whieh are inserted therethrough an intervals apart throughont the length 0f the bars.

In the particular ernbodim ent shown herein the clamping-bar 3 is provided With threaded apertures 110 receive the threaded ends 0f the tensioning-screws, while Ehe opposite bar 4 is provided With apertures through which the screws pass loosely, so that the bars rnay be drawn together by simply turning uhe screws by means 0f a screw-driver; but lt will of eourse be obvious tha any suitable elamping serew 0r holt rnay be employed instead 0f Lhe parbicular form shown. Eaeh 0f nhe baseplates 5 is provided ab its edge remote from the fiange 6 with an upourned portion 01 hookshaped flange 8, adapted t0 reeeive and hold a wire or eable 9, which forms 1she several hoops of the vessel, said flange 8 being noehed 0r apertured at suitable intervals apart, as indicated ab 10, 170 perrnit 'nh0se portions 0f the wire Whi0h extend between Ehe eonneeted pairs of hoops 110 be passed int0 looped engagement with the flangesas indieat-ed clearly in Fig. l. In the preferred construction illustrated in said figures one en(l of Ehe wire 9, forming the said hoops, is engaged with the fiange 6 of one 0f the elamping-bars adjacent (o one end thereof by exbending in through a suiable apertaure 11 and bending its extreme end back upon iself '00 forma a head, as bes1:

The wire thus engaged with this bar is extendecl through the n0tch 10, arranged in eircumferential ahne- 1nent With the aperture 11, carried around. the vessel and engaged with the hook-flange 0f the opposite bar, entering said flange als the upperrnost notch 01' tha'o in oircurnferential alinement witl1 the starting-poinl; of the wire and passing outabthe nextlowernotch,thence around the vessel and into sixnilar engagement with the opposite bar, and so 011 through- IOO 01111 the length 0f the vessel. The extreme end 0f 11l1e hoop-wire is passed throngh an aper1sure 13, formed in the fiange 6 0f 1ahe damping-bar similar to nhe aperture 11; but 'his end 0f tl1e wire is screw-threaded 10 receive the nu1; l4,whereby the l0op may be tensioned 110 some extent. After 13116 hoop-wire has 1;l1ns been engaged with theelamping-bars so as 10 form the several hoops 1ahe tensioning-serews 7 are turned np 110 draw 1ahe elamping-bars together, and 1ahus bring all 0f 1ahe hoop-seetions unde1 the required degree 0f tension.

In will be obvious from the foregoing description tha1: the elamping-bars may be suitably notehed t0 reeeive any required nnmber 0f hoop-secions, 01, in otsher words, that the several hoops may be spaeed apart a1; whatever distanee is deemed desirable by simply varying the position of the several notehes in the hooked flanges. 113 Will be fnrher obvious tl1at Ll1e degree 0f tension brought upon the hoops may be varied ab Will and that Ehe hoops may be tightened fromm time 10 time, as


111 will be obvions fron1 t-he foregoing desc1iption that I attain the several objects 0f my inventi0n in a simple, reliable, and inexpensive manner.

Wl1ile I have deseribed my invention as embodied in a device f01 hooping 01 banding a staved recepuacle, yet i11 will be obvions tha Wi1:h bu1; litmle 01' 110 modifiea1sion the deviceis adapued f0l use in banding boxespails 01 othe1 packages, and I (10 not therefore wish 120 he understood as in anysense limitinglvhe invention t0 11l1e parbicular applieat-ion described herein. I will be fnrther obvi0us ohab the details 0f construenion maybe modified 130 some exten1; withoub departing from ehe spi1it 0f ehe invention; and I d0 nou therefore wish t0 be lirnified '00 the preeise details shown, excep1; as hereinafter speeifically elaimed.

I claitn as my invenbion l. As a new artiele 0f manufacture, a pair 01: elamping-bars each comprising a flat base portion, and a flange portion arranged t0 extend a1; an abrupt angle from t.he base porti0n, a plurality 0f tensioning deviees couneeting said flange portions, and means for seeuxing thereto a con'nin uous length of hoopiron laeed back and f0111h 150 form a plnrali13y oft hoops, substantially as deseribed.

2. In combination with a 1eeepacle, a se1: 0f hoops and tensioning devices therefor comprising a paii 0f elamping-bars, eaeh consisting 0f a base pori0n adapted 10 rest in bearing with tl1e exterior of the reeeptaele, a flange porbion arranged 130 extencl outwardly from ehe base portion, and a hoop-engaging porbion, a plurality 0f tensioning devices operatively eonnee1sing said elamping-bars Whereby they may be drawn toward eaeh other, and a plurality 0f hoop-seetions for1ned from a single e01113inu011s lengtl1 of wire 01 eable having its ends engaged wit.h 0ne of said bars ab poin1;s remote from eaeh other, and having i1:s intermediate portions extended around the receptaele alternately in opposite direetions and engaged with clamping-bars lace fashion, substantially as deseribed.

3. In combination wibh a reeeptaele, a set 0f hoops and tensioningdevices therefor comprising a pair0f clamping-bars, eaeh consisting of a base portion adapted 110.res11 in bearing wi1;l1 the exterior 0f 13he recepacle, a [lange portion arranged t0 extend outwardly fr0m he base pori0n, and a hoop-engaging portion eonsisting 0f a hook-shaped flange formed upon 1hat edge of 1;he base portsi0n rem0te from the flange thereof and provided Winl1 a pluraliby 0f notehes 01 interruptions, a plurality Of tensioning devices operatively eonnecbing said elamping-bars whereby they may be drawn toward eaeh otaher, and a plurality of hoop-seetions formed fl0lll a single eontinuous length 0f wire er Gable, havingits ends engaged with 0ne 0f said bars at points remote fr0m eacl1 ouher, and having its intermediate portions extended around the receptaele alternately in opposite direeoions, and engaged With 13l1e clamping-barslace fashion, snbsantially as deseribed.




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