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No. 6631516. Patented 1m. ll, I900. A. SMELKER.
{Application filed May 12, 1900.
(No Model.)
IE'EQIFIGA'IION forming part of Letters Patent No. 663,616, dated December 11, 1900.
Application filed May 12, 1900. Serial No. 16,406. (No model.)
To 61/ whom, it may concern: any suitable shape, preferably of glass, and Be it known that I, ANGELINE SMELKER, a it has a circular neck B, having exterior citizen of the United States, residing at North screw-threads a,and an internal ledge O,which Star, in the county of Darke and State of Ohio, may be either continuous or broken for sup- 55 5 have invented certain new and useful Importing the lid, the ledge being situate a provements in Fruit-Jar Closures; and I do short distance below the upper edge of the declare the following to be a full, clear, and neck and in a plane parallel to the plane of exact description of the invention, such as such edge. At the exterior of the upper edge will enable others skilled in the art to which of the neck is a short plain portion Z, devoid 60 [0 it appertains to make and use the same, refof threads and having a diameter, measured erence being had to the accompanying drawat the exterior of the neck, less than the diings, and to the letters of reference marked ameter of the neck at the bottom of the groove thereon, which form a part of this specificabetween the thread a, so that the point of contion. tact between the neck and the sealing-ring 65 This invention relates to devices for closing may be removed from the side of the capand sealing the necks or orifices of jars, parflange sufficientlyto insure a safe joint nearly ticularly those employed in preserving fruits central with the joint or sealing-ring. The and vegetables, the object of the invention upper edge of the neck is the sealing-ring seat being to generally improve the details of con- D and is rounded or semicircularin cross- 70 2o struction of such devices, and thus provide section, so as to present a convex surface to the most desirable and cheaply-made jar the sealing-ring, which is desirable in case which may be reliably sealed, so that the conthe cap-plate I should spring somewhat, and tents of the jar may not readily have access it further insures a perfect joint by reason either to metallic parts or to the rubber packof its narrow surface readily sinking into the 75 ing-ring, and which may be easily opened afsurface of the flexible and elastic ring L.
ter having been sealed a considerable length The lid E is preferably made of glass or of time. similar material and is adapted to fit neatly The invention consists in a jar-neck, a lid, into the orifice of the neck, its bearing-face d and a retaining-cap of new and novel form of resting upon the ledge O. The lid is prefer- 8o construction and arrangement, the cap being ably depressed centrally to clear the cap-plate provided with a sealing-ring adapted to form I, and at the center it has an elevated fingera tight joint upon the neck and also adapted hold F, preferably having a depression G in at the same time to elastically bear upon the its upper surface as a bearing-face for the lid. lid for holding it to its seat. The sides of the finger-hold are vertical, or 85 Referring to the drawings, Figure 1 reprenearly so, in order to easily draw from a mold sents the upper portion of a jar and closing and are provided with teeth or serrations Z) in devices as constructed in accordance with my order to afford a firm hold in twisting and invention and shown in a vertical central seclifting the lid should it stick to the juices of tional View; Fig. 2, a like view showing only the contents of the jar. The top of the finger- 9o the upper end of the neck; Fig. 3, a similar hold is lower than the edge D of the neck, so view showing only the retaining-cap; Fig. 4, that when the cap is removed the jar and lid a top plan view of the lid; Fig. 5, an inverted may be used together, when sealing may not plan view of the retaining-cap with the sealbe necessary, and onejar maybe placed firmly ing-ring therein; and Fig. 6, a fragmentary upon another. 95 view similar to a portion of Fig. 3, but illus- For holding the lid E firmly upon its seat trating the manner in which the sealing-ring and at the same time effecting the sealing I is retained by the cap and also showing one employ a cap comprising a plate I and a way in which the cap may be constructed. flange H, which together inclose the top of Similar letters of reference in the several the lid and the neck, the two parts being too figures indicate like parts. formed either integral or separately, as may In construction the jar A may be made in be desired. WVhen formed in two parts, the
plate I is preferably made of spring metal and has a central depression or ball J, adapted to bear upon the finger-hold F, and it is also preferably corrugated in circles, the edge being turned down as a flange 0. The flange or rim H has a flangef turned over at its upper edge and is fitted into the flange c, the latter being then turned down over it, as at h. This form of construction is for the purpose of easily securing a clear or recessed corner j, so that the rubber ring L may spring into it and be retained thereby; but I may provide this when forming the plate and rim from one piece of metal by pressing or spinning the corner in the shape of a bead 7r, so as to enlarge the rim diametrically at its junction with the plate. The rim H has screwthreads 6, adapted to engage the threads a of the neck.
Rubber sealing-rings L are cut from sheet rubber or may be mold ed to the proper diameter as washers, and it is designed that a ring should be slightly greater in external diameter than the internal diameter of the rim H, so that when forced therein it may spring into the recessj in the cap and be thereby held in close contact with the plate I, the greater bearing-surface of the cap readily carrying the ring with it when the ring slides upon its seat D, which is narrow and smooth.
In practical use the lid E may be placed upon the ledge O and the cap then screwed down over the neck, the ball J and the sealing-ring L finding bearings simultaneously, the lid intercepting the contents and preventing contact with the cap and practically with the rubber ring. When the jar shall have been opened, the cap and sealing-ring maybe cleansed and laid away for future use, while the lid may be employed as a temporary cover that may be quickly handled while the fruit is being used or afterward when other articles may be kept in the jar, such as spices or the like, thus serving two purposes.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. A jar-closure including a neck havinga sealing-ring seat formed at the upper edge thereof having a convex surface in cross-section whereon a sealing-ring may roll or tilt,
a lid, and a retaining-cap bearing upon the lid and engaging the neck and having asealingring sprung therein and bearing upon such sealing-ring seat.
2. In a jar-closure, the combination of the neck, the ledge, the lid supported on the ledge, the sealing-ring seated upon the neck in a plane above andindependently of the lid, and the cap having the annular corrugations and bearing simultaneously upon the lid and upon the sealing-ring.
3. In a jar-closure, the combination of the neck, the sealing-ring seat at the upper edge of the neck convex in cross-section, the lid having the finger-hold provided with the recess at the top thereof, the cap-plate bearing in said recess and having the flange provided with the recess at the junction with said plate and said flange, and the sealing-ring secured in said cap and extendinginto said last-mentioned recess and bearing upon said convex seat, substantially as set forth.
4. In a jar-closure, the combination of the neck, the sealing-ring seat at the upper edge of the neck, theledge in said neck, the lid resting upon said ledge and having the integral serrated elevated linger-hold, the capplate bearing upon said finger-hold and having the sealing-ring attached thereto and bearing upon the top of said seat in a plane above said lid.
5. In a jar-closure, the combination of the neck, the screw-threads upon the exterior of the neck, the ledge in said neck, the lid resting upon said ledge and having the serrated elevated finger-hold having the depression at the top thereof, the sealing-ring seat, the retaining-cap having the ball-bearing in said finger-hold depression and having the recess therein for. retaining a sealingring, the threads in said cap engaging the threads upon said neck, and the sealing-ring in said cap elastically forced into the recess thereof and bearing upon the sealing-ring seat, substantially as set forth.
In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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