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Patentad oct. 3o, |9ou.`
4 Sheets-Sheet I.
l mom/srs ComFnEEn GAME.'
(Applict'xon filed Feb. 15, 1900.)
(No Model.)
No. 660,798. Patented ont; so, |900.
E. G. MATTHEwsoN.-
(Application filed Feb. 15, 1900.)
(No Model.)
4 Sheets-Sheet 2.
A TTORNEVS me Nanms mens co. Preuve-urne., wAsMmaYoN. o. c.
Nu. 060,700.' l Patented 001. 00,1900,V
5.004. MATTHewsoN. l 'COIN FREED GAME.
(Applicltmlmed Feb. 15, 1900.)
(un nodal.) 4 sheetsl-sheet `a.
N0. 060,798. Patented out. 30, |900.
E. 0. M ATTHEwson. 0
com FREI-:n GAME.
(Appliclt'xon-led Feb. 15, X900.) (H0 Model.) 4 Shania-Sheet 4.
ma Noms pcfsm's oo. pHoro-urna. msnmmcn. n. c.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 660,798, dated October 30, 1900.
Application filed February 15, 19H0. Serial No. 5,336. (No model.)
T0 al?, whom, t Wto/y concern:
Be it known that I, ERNEST GEORGE MAT- THEWSON, a subject of the Queen of England, and a resident of Norwood, London, in the county of Surrey, England, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ooin- Freed Games, of which the following is a specification.
The object of my invention is to provide means for playinga miniature game of cricket with a machine so constructed that it cannot be operated unless a coin, coins, or the like are inserted in the machine, and to carry my invention into effect I construct my improved coinfreed cricket gaine as follows, reference being made to the accompanying drawings, of which- Figure l, Sheet l, is a front elevation with the front of the case ofthe machine removed. Fig. 2, Sheet 2, is a plan of the machine, taken under the field. Fig. 3, Sheet 3, is a plan, and Fig. 4, Sheet 3, an elevation, of the held; Fig. 5, Sheet 4, is a general view of the complete machine; and Figs. 6 and 7, Sheet 4, an elevation and a plan of bucket-lever for disposing of one coin when two are required to operate the machine.
The general arrangements of case, field, operating-handles, coin freed or operated mechanism, and means for delivering the ball upon the field and conducting it from the field to the delivery mechanism are similar to my coin freed or operated football game, for which Letters Patent were granted to me for the United States, No. 619,897; but instead ofthe cranks A and B, attached to the spindles O and D of the operating-handles, actuating the legs of two football-players one of the handle-spindles is connected by its crank A to levers F and G and connecting-rod H, arranged to actnate a bowler I, and the other handle-spindle is connected by its crank B to lever K and connecting-rod E and connecting-rod Lto actnate a batsman M, and in place of the goals in my football game stumps N N are tted. The shape or contour of the field or ground plate O of the machine is varied from that of my football game, hereinbefore referred to, and is made as shown at Figs. 3 and 4, Sheet 3, the arrows shown upon the plan Fig. 3 indicating the direction of the Various slopes. These slopes cause the ball to run to different posiiions, as required by the gaine, Vand the circular holes P and P' shown are holes hrough which the ball may be lost to the players. For instance, when the ball is delivered upon the field by the operating-handle after a coin, coins, or the like have been inserted in the machine the contour of the field causes it to roll to a position in front of the bowler I, and when by repeating the movement of the operating-handle the bowler is caused to strike the ball it is sent in the direction of the batsman M. Should the person operating the batsman fail to bat the ball, it will hit the stumps and fall down through the holeiu front of the stumps 'and be conducted by the channels Q to the delivery-bucket R, and the game is lost to the batsman. Should, however, the batsman be made to strike the ball, it may go to any part of the field, and by the peculiar contour of the ground or field it will always run either back to the bowler to be played with again or to one or other of the holes through the field, 'those at the extreme ends counting boundary hits and those in theother parts counting caught-out. the ball goes through either hole it is led by the channels Q back to the delivery-bucket ready to be redelivered upon the field upon In either case when' the insertion of a coin, coins, or the like in a similar manner to that in my football game.
The act-ion of the bowler I is as follows: The lower part of one legis fixed to the field or ground platev and is hinged at the knee to the thigh, which is again hinged to the body. The other leg is in one piece with the body and is continued by a lever G below the foot. This lever passes through the ground-plate O and is pivoted just below it, and its extremity is connected to a lever F, attached to the crank A upon the operating-handle.
hinged at the shoulder, so thatl the combined action by one depression of the operatinghandle causes the bowler to loan forward, which brings the hand of the bowler-arm nearly on a level with the ground and at the same time causes the arm to move sharply forward, which in turn strikes the ball, which rolls toa position in front of the bowler arranged for this purpose. When the bowler has been caused to'strike the ball, the person actuating the batsman must be ready to actua-te the batsman s0 as to strike the ball with his bat. The action of the batsman may be similar to the bowler, or both legs may be fixed to the ground, as shown in the drawings, and the action ot' the crank B, attached to the handle-spindle, causes connecting-rod E and the lever K to draw down the connecting-rod L, which is carried up through one of the legs of the batsman and actuates the upper. part of the body, which is pivoted in the center and carries with it in one piece the arms and bat. Models of elders may be placed near the holes P', if desired.
Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare that what l claim is In combination with a board having an undulating surface for causing a ball to roll in various directions, a figure of a bowler having a swinging arm, means for operating said arm to cause it to bowl a ball, a wicket at the opposite end of said field, a batsman in advance of said wicket having a swinging bat and means for causing said batto swing, substantially as described.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two witnesses.
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