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Nn. 644,9I2. Patented Mar. 6, |900. A. L. A. HIMMELWRIGHT. FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION.
(Application led Aug. 20, 1897A (No Model.)
TH: Norms PETERS cu. Pwoomwo.. wAsNmcfoN. o. c.
" nnen,
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 644,912, dated March 6, `1900. Application filed August 20, 1897. Serial No. 648,855. (No model.l
vide an improved fireproof floor construction,
and especially an improved fireproof filling for use between iron or steel floor-beams for the purpose ofpreventing the progress and spread of iires,as well as protecting,with anoninflammable material, the floor-beams.
The main feature of the invention consists in an improved construction employing light iron or steel work between the floor-beams in 2o connection with metal lathing in such a manner as to dispense with the necessity of erecting temporary wood centeringv to support the concrete while green, as `is now used in many other forms of fireproof filling employing con-` z 5 crete. t The invention consists in certain features of construction in a reproof floor provided with light metal bars for supporting the concrete while green and strengthening the con- 3o struction after the concrete has set andcertain combinations of steel bars and other light metal fixtures, metal lathing, and concrete, together with an improved clamp for uselin iireproof constructions, all as will be particularly described hereinafter and specifically pointed out in the claims.
As a full understanding of the invention can best be had by a detailed description of a construction embodying all the features of the 4o same, such a description will now be given in connection with the accompanying drawings, illustrating a preferred form of ireproof iioor construction, in which all the features of the invention are combined.
In the drawings, Figure l is a vertical section of the construction transverse to the floor-beams. Fig. 2 is a plan of the ironwork supported by the beams without the wire lathing and concrete. Fig. 3 is a section parwhile green.
allel with the Hoor-beams on the line 3 of 5o Fig, 2.
Referring to said drawings, A are the floorn beams, shown as the common I form, and B a flooring, of wood or other suitable material, supported by the tops of the beams and wooden or similar studding C, which is preferably, but not necessarily, employed. Upon the lower flanges of these beams are supported flat steel or iron bars D, placed edgewise vvertically to secure as great strength for 6o the support of the concrete as possible with a light bar, and these bars are preferably formedrwith a half-turn at their extreme ends, as shown, to form horizontal portions which rest upon the .flanges of the floor-beams. The size of these bars D will vary with the spans between the floor-beams, but in each case are designed so as to have sufficient strength to sust-ain the' weight of the concrete The flat ends of the bars D may 7o simply rest upon the flanges of the beams; but preferablysome means is usedfor the purpose of holding the bars firmly in position on the Vflanges. For this purpose any suitable form of clamp may be used; but I pref? erably use clamps E of the form shown, consisting -of metal rods bent to form a loop l, projecting above The [langes and through which `the ends of the bars are passed, and legs 2, extended underneath the flanges, so 8o as Ato hold the bars firmly to the iianges of the beams. These bars D are tied together by spacers or supporters F, which are preferably solid steel rods bent to form loops', titting over the tops of the bars D, these spac- 8 5 ers or supporters serving the double purpose of preventing the bars D from buckling sidewise and increasing the rigidity and strength of the construction. The bars D, with the clamps E and spacers F, are placed in posi- 9o tion, and then wire lathing G, provided with solid steel stiffening rods or bars 3 at suitable intervals, is applied to the under side of the beams A and bars D and supported. from the bars, preferably by wire ties 4, as shown, a flat lathingsurface thus being formed throughout the under side of the entire floor construction. Concrete H, mixed in suitable proportions to give the necessary strength for any given requirements, is then filled in on top of the wire lathing G to the desired depth and preferably is packed around the webs and top flanges of the floor-beams, as shown.
The space between the concrete and the flooring B, of wood or other material, maybe left open to form an air-space, or it may be filled with ashes or other suitable light material I, as shown, and the flooring B then placed in position. The studding O'is thus protected against hre by the lling I. If this filling is not used, but an air-space is left between the iioor and concrete, I pref` erably pack the concrete in on both sides of the stndding to the top of the latter in the same manner as shown in connection with the Hoor-beams.
The plaster ceiling K is applied to the lathing G in the usual manner from the under side.
It will be understood that my invention is not to be limited to the exact form or arrangement oi' parts in the construction shown, but that many modifications may be made therein without departing from the invention. Thus a similar arrangement of the ironwork may be used with the concrete-supporting bars D resting on the top flanges of the floorbeams, clamps of suitable form being used to hold the bars in place or such clam ps being omitted. Changes in the form of the concrete supporting bars and the manner in which they are supported on the beams may be. made, and the spacers and clamps may readily be modified in form.
What I claim isl. A fireproof floor construction having light metal bars arranged edgewise vertically and extending from floor-beam to floor-beam, metallic lathing supported by and below said bars and parallel with the lower edges of said bars to Jform a foundation to receive the concrete, and a body of' concrete extending from Hoor-beam to floor-beam applied from above on said lathing and in which the bars are etnbedded, said metal bars and lathing being constructed and arranged to support the concrete'while the concrete is green and provide tension-bars for the construction, substantially as described.
2. The combination with floor-beams, of light metal bars arranged edgewise vertically and entirely supported by said beams and extending from beam to beam, metal spacers connecting said bars longitudinally of the beams, and metallic lathiug supported by and below said bars, all constructed and arranged to receive and support the body of concrete, substantially as shown and described.
3. The combination with the beams A, ot'
the fiat metal bars D placed edgewise vert-iel cally and bent at right angles at their ends to form horizontal portions resting upon the beams, metallic lathing supported by and below said bars, and concrete or similar plastic material filled in trom above upon said metallic lathing and in which the metal bars are embedded substantially as shown and described.
et. The combination with the beams A, of bars extending from beam to beam and with their ends resting upon the flanges of the beams, and clamps E having loops l above the fianges of the beams, through which loops the bars pass and legs 2 below the iianges of the beams,,substantially as shown and described.v
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.
, ABRAHAM L. A'. llhlIlllElAVlilGll'l.
W. 0. FIsK.
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