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    • F02M31/00Apparatus for thermally treating combustion-air, fuel, or fuel-air mixture
    • F02M31/02Apparatus for thermally treating combustion-air, fuel, or fuel-air mixture for heating
    • F02M31/16Other apparatus for heating fuel
    • F02M31/18Other apparatus for heating fuel to vaporise fuel


Patented July 5, |898. 1. A. McGUWAN.


(Applicntion mcd Jan. 13. 1898.)

(No Model.)

we mms mns m, morwwm wAsHmmN, n. c4




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 606,998, dated July 5, 1898.

Application led January 13,1898. Serial No. 666,586. (No model.)

To @ZZ wtom it may concern:

Be it known that l, JOHN A. MOGOWAN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Maywood, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Carbureters, of which the following is a full, clear, concise, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming a part of this specification.

My invention relates to a carbureter, my object being to provide an improved apparatus for readily and efficiently manufacturing gas from any of the hydrocarbon oils, as naplitha, gasolene, benzene, and the like. Y

I provide a furnace in the bottom of which is provided a combustion-chamber and above which is placed the generating-chamber. The oil is admitted at the upper end of the generator and falls upon a series of plates arranged `obliquely end to end and in reverseorder from top to bottom of the generatingchamber. Coils for superheatedsteam or air surround the generating-chamber in the space between the same and the Walls of the furnace, whereby they are subjected to the heat from the combustion-,.chamber, and the su-Y perheated air or steam is admitted to the lower end of the generating-chamber, rising and carryingthe generated gas out of the chamber through a pipe or duct connected with the top thereof. The walls of the generatingchamber, as well as the oblique plates therein,

become highly heated, and the oil as it drops into the chamber and flows down the heatingsurfaces thereof is converted into a gas by the high lieatland is carried from the chamber by the superheated air orsteam. A portion of the generated gas is led through a branch pipe to a gas-burner for suppl ying gas to the combustion-chamber. The Oil-'may be admitted to the generating-chamber b`y gravity or by air-pressure.

I have illustrated my invention in the aC- companying drawing, in which the generator is shown in section.

Like letters refer to like parts in the draw- Ing.

1Within the furnace d is provided a genen ating-chamber b, beneath which is the combustion-chamber c, heated by the gas-burner CZ. Surroundingthechamberbarecoiledpipes e, through which air is passed from the tank f, the air being heated and passing into the lower end of generating-chamber b through nozzle e. The pipes e, instead of being connected with an air-tank, may be connected with a steam-generator. The oil-inlet pipe g opens into the chamber ZJ at the upper end,

being connected with oil-tank g', supplied 6o with air under pressure through pipe f to force the oil into chamber Z9. l/Vithin chamber ZJ are arranged the oblique plates Zz ZL, placed end to end in reverse order. These plates may be made from a single piece of metal bent at intervals to form the several oblique members. A flue Za extends from the upper end of the furnace, and a gas-exit Z extends from the upper end of chamber l) and extends to the gas-mains or other place where 7o the gas is to be utilized. A branch pipe Z extends from pipe Z into the burner1 CZ.

In operation the burner CZ heats the lower end of the chamber c, and th'e heat passing upward heats thewalls of the chamber and the superheating-pipes e. The Oil dropping into the top of the generating-chamber strikes the oblique plates and flows along the same, being spread over the surfaces to thereby completely subject the same to heat and convert 8o the oilinto gasf The oil iiows down the upper fac of the first oblique plate, along the under side of the second plate, and so on, being thus completely subjected to the heat and the draft of superheated air or steam. The superheated air or steam entering by nozzle e carries the gas out through duct Z and part thereof passes by branch pipe Zl to burner CZ to feed the llame in the combustion-chamber.

Having described my invention, what I 9o claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

The combination With an outer shell or casing, of an inner shell, an annular space being formed between the same, a series of coiled pipes situated in said annular space and opening into said inner shell, a space being provided beneath the bottom of said inner shell to constitute a combustionchamber, an oilinlet at the top of said inner shell, a series roo of oil-distributing plates Within said inner scribed my name in the presence of two Wtshell, a gas-outlet leading from the upper end nesses.

of said inner shell, and a branch ipe leadino* therefrom to a nozzle for direotinlg a flame o? JOHN A MCGOWYAN 5 gas into said combustion-Chamber, substan- Vitnesses:

tially as described. W. CLYDE JONES,

M. R. RooHFoRD.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto sul)-

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