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    • B62J1/00Saddles or other seats for cycles; Arrangement thereof; Component parts
    • B62J1/02Saddles resiliently mounted on the frame; Equipment therefor, e.g. springs


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Patented June 21, 1898 0 m N L U l WITNESSES INVENTOR dag n (No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 2.



No. 606,160. Patented June 21,1898.



SPEGIFIGQATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 606,160, dated June 21, 1898. Application filed January 3, 1898, Serial No. 665 ,456. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that LJOHNBOULTBEE BRooKs, managing director of J. B. Brooks & Company, Limited, a subject of the Queen of Great Britain,residing at Great Charles street, in the city of Birmingham, England, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cycle-Saddles; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form part of this specification, and for which invention I have obtained Letters Patent in Great Britain, dated March 1, 1897, and numbered 5,369.

This invention relates to the underframings of cycle-saddles, particularly to saddles of that type in which the seat is distended length wise by stretcher members and is vertically supported by springs interposed between the seat and a suitable base-framinggahd has for its object to reduce the height of the saddle-that is, to diminish the height of its seat relative to its means of attachment to the support.

Figure 1 is a longitudinal vertical section of my improved saddle upon the dotted line as of Fig. 2. Fig. 2 is a bottom plan view.

My invention consists in setting down the middle parts of a pair of single, or double sided seat-stretcher rods or members preferably below the level of the base-framing members, which are thus interposed between the said stretcher members and the seat or come in such a position as to be clear of the attachment-boss, which is secured to and ties or braces together crosswise the sides of the said base-framing, so that the said stretcher members have freedom of action and rise and fall with the seat, which is supported upon the base-framing by shorter coiled springs than usual, whereby swaying is avoided. The point of attachment of the saddle to its sup: port is brought closer to the underside of the seat.

The same letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in both figures of the drawings.

(L is the seat, and b are a pair of stretcher members which arearched downwardly intermediate their ends in a form approximat ing to that of an inverted arch, with the opposite ends bb made fast or attached to the front and rear ends of the said seat through the medium of brackets c or equivalent means attached to the cantle-plate c at the back and the teiision-bracket c at the front; but to this 1 do not limit myself, as the attachment may be made either directly to the seat-leather or by means of any suitable accessoryor'attachment thereto, while the middle parts I) of the said stretcher members come below the level of and clear of the base-framing members d,

whose ends cl (1 may come together at thefore, part and be braced together at back by a cross-bracket (1 between which said ends and the under side of the saddle-seat or black etsor parts carried by or attached to them short pillar-coiled springs e and fare interposed, while the attachment boss or clip g, which may be of any construction, is c011- nected to the middle part of the base-fra1ne, whose members are cross-braced thereby.

It will be observed that the fore part (1 of the base-framing dis cranked downwardly, so as to provide sufficient spring-space between itself and the tension-bracket c to receive a spring of the desired height. vIt will also be observed that in the arrangements represented the back ends I) of the doublesided stretcher members come just within the widely-separated back ends d of the baseframing, while the front parts of the said stretcher members come outside the broughttogether front portions (1 of the base-frame members,so that the stretcher member of each side threads itself from the inner side to outer side of the adjacent base-framing member.

The application of myinvention to other forms of spring-supported seats having a baseframe differs in no essential respect from its application to the particular form of saddle herein described and represented.

Having fully described my invention, what I desire to claim and secure by Letters Patent is- In a bicycle-saddle, the combination with a base-framing the front ends of the members of which are close together and bent downward to provide a spring-space, and the rear ends of which are separated, and an attaching boss or clip carried by said framing intermediate its ends, of seat-stretcher members ICO the front ends of which are outside and the rear endsinside the corresponding ends of the In testimony'whereof I have hereunto set base-framing, and the middle portions of my hand in presence of two subscribing witwhieh are carried beneath the corresponding nesses.

portion of the base-frmning and the attaching JOHN BOULTBEE BROOKS.

boss or clip, and seat-supporting springs car- \Vitnesses:

ried by the base-frmning, substantially as de- HENRY II. OLIVER, scribed. ARTHUR 'l. SADLER.

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