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    • B22D13/00Centrifugal casting; Casting by using centrifugal force
    • B22D13/04Centrifugal casting; Casting by using centrifugal force of shallow solid or hollow bodies, e.g. wheels or rings, in moulds rotating around their axis of symmetry


UNITED i STATES vljmrlirri OFFICE. f
Specification forming part of Letters Patent N o. 5,988, dated December 26, 1848.
To all whom, it may concern,.-
Be it known that I, THos. J. LovEcRoovE, of Baltimore, in the county of Baltimore and State of Maryland, have inventedcertain new and useful Improvements in Casting Metal Pipes; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description projection of the parts of the mold detached..
My invention consists inv forming pipes of cast metal by causing the mold into which the melted material is put to revolve with sufficient force to cause it to be thrown outagainst the sides of the mold with sufficient force to form a stratum there of a proper thickness, regulated by the hole through the head of the mold, as hereinafter more particularly described, or by the quantity of metal introduced.
` The mold may be caused to revolve in any convenient way, one method being shown in the drawings. This consists of two axles, a, placed parallel to each other, and each having near their ends, just inside of the bearings, two wheels, b, the periphery of which may be, as exhibited in the drawings, of angular form. These wheels receive the mold c upon them, a groove, d, being formed around the mold in which the wheels run, and hold it steady while revolving. The wheels b may be turned by any convenient power, and the velocity be such as to effect the purpose intended-viz., that of keeping the met-al out of thev inner surface of the mold, leaving a true cylindrical hole through its center, Without the expense of forming a core or the risk of placing it out of the center in casting. By this means I insure a perfect pipe, equally thick on all sides.
'holds the parts together.
hole through their center at the end, the exf The mola is made in the following way: It is divided into two or more parts, (see Fig. Y
3,) parallel with the plane of its axis, and onto each end there is a cap, e e, tted, that These caps have a act size .that the hole in the pipe is to be made, and from the hole in e ashort tube, f, projects, which is the size of the interior bore of the mold or outside of the pipe. Opposite this tube, when t-he mold is put together, the interior is enlarged, as shown at h. This is intended for forming the pipe in the ordinary way for fitting together. For some purposes it may be omitted. i fi are handles for removingA th/eJ mold by.
To operate this mold after it is put together it is put in motion, revolving rapidly on its own axis. The melted metal is poured in through one of the holes in the center of the caps, as above'narned. It is immediately forced outward by the rapid revolution of the mold, and coats the whole interior thereof to a thickness equal to the difference between the diameter of the bore of the mold and that of the hole through cap. Should anymore metal enter, it will be thrown out through the said holes in the capsj- The motion is kept up till the metal chills sufficiently to retain its form. Itisthen removed, the capsknocked off, and the mold separated, which completes the operation.
Having thus fully described my improvement, what I claim therein as new, and for which I desire to secure Letters Patent, is-
`Forming pipes of'castiron or other suitable `metal by causing the moldinto lwhich the Y 1
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