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No.. 534,697. Patented Feb. 26, 1895.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 534,697, dated February 26, 1895.
Application illed January 16, 1 8 95.
To @ZZ whom it may concern.-
Be it known that I, MICHAEL MAHONY, a
`citizen of the United States,`residing at Troy,
being provided with water legs, outer and inner shells, and smoke ilues, and the objects of my improvement are to provide for said water heater, sections of peculiar form to permit free circulation of caloric against nearly the whole surface of the internal walls of each section, and also to provide simple, strong, and inexpensive means for uniting the sections and prevent leakage at the joints. I attain these objects by the construction illustratedin the accompanying drawings, in. which- Figure lis alongitudinal vertical section of a water heater or boiler constructed inaccordance with my invention. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the same. Fig. 3 is a rear view of the front boiler section. Fig. 4 is a front (or rear) view of the second boiler section. Fig. 5 is a rear view of one of the tirechamber boiler-sections of' which, in the presentinstanca seven are shown in Fig. l. Fig. 6 is a front (or rear) view ot' one of the pendent boiler'seetions. Fig. 7 is a front view of the rearmost boiler section.
In said drawings A represents the baseV which incloses the grate and forms the ash pit as usual in that class of boilers.
B represents the hollow front section having the tire-feeding opening b and the openings 192 through which the fireiiues of the fire chamber sections can be cleaned with suitable tools, but said openings b2 are normally closed by cap-plates h3. The front boiler section (and also each one of the other boiler sections) has on the front and rear a relatively narrow rim fr which constitute the contact face of each boiler section against its companions, asbestos cement being also applied to said contact faces.
This rim fr is hollow serial No. 535.106. (No inode and constitutes aportion of the water legs of the boiler. The pendent central portion or hollow body R of each boiler section is only about half of the width thereof at the rim r, to constitute flues having large heating surfaces between said bodies.
In the second boiler section@ the pendent body portion R is relatively small, to obtain a large central flue C2 to permit the ascension of the flame or hot gases of the fire to the ilues d provided through the body portion R of the fire chamber boiler-sections D. The edges of the iiues d are also provided with rims r2 so as to be in contactwith each other and form contin nous tlues within the boiler, butan opening d3 is kept in the top of each rim fr"e to permit the hot gases that ascend against the faces of the body portion R, to descend again and enter the ues d andbe directed toward .the rear end of the boiler, but to del'lect slightly downward saidvgases in the rear of the rearmost boiler section D of the series, the boiler section E is used, the body portion R of which is not perforated. After. the hot gases have passed under the body-portion of the boiler section E,`they 4arecau'sed to slightly ascend and pass through a perforationfin the bodyportion of a boiler section F, and thence under the body portion of a second boiler section as E, to the exit opening f2 in the rearmost boiler section F2 which is substantially similar to the boiler section F. The boiler sections E, F, E, F2 are supported upon-a horizontal plate G and carried by vertical plates as shown at G2. To permit the. removal of ashes that may fall under thebody portion ofthe boiler section E, the plate G has sliding registers g that can be temporarily opened to allow the ashes to drop out and upon the floor, whence they can easily be removed.
Each boiler section has its uppermost portion connected with a hot water, or steam, dome that consists of a cylinder H having substantially the length of the boiler, the connections being made by means of short lengths of pipe t' having their ends screwthreaded and each one being provided with a lock nut 2 to insure stability ofthe connections. The top of the cylinder H has perforations h in which the screw threaded ends of pipes can be inserted to carry the steam or the hot water inany desired direction. Y Each roo boiler section has also the lower portion of each one of its sides or legs connected to a cylinder K by means of short lengths of pipe k united thereto in a manner similar to that used with the pipes t' to the pipe I-I. The cylinders K are provided on'top thereof with perforations k2 to receive one end of the feed water pipe, or one end of the return water pipe of the heating apparatus.
Having now fully described my invention, I claim- 1. A sectional boiler consisting of the vertical hollow front section B having a door opening b and two openings b2 above the latter, the adjoining sections C having a large central opening C2 the upper edge of which is on the same level as the upper edge of the openings b2, a series of sections D, each having two perforations d, in combination with the sections E having pendent bodies and the sections F and F2 having perforated bodies and arranged alternately with the boiler sections E substantially as described.
2. In a sectional boiler the combination of the vertical hollow front section B, the adjoining sections C having a large central opening C2, a series of boiler sections D having rims r and pendent bodies R about half the thickness of said rim r of each section and perforationsd through said bodies, each perforation d having a rim r2 whereby continuous passages are obtained through the series of sections D substantially as described.
3. In a sectional boiler the combination of the vertical hollow front section B, the adjoining section C having a large central opening C2, a series of boiler sections D having rims r, and pendent bodies R about halt' the thickness of said rim r of each section and perforations d through said bodies, each perforation having a rim T2 and an opening d3 in each rim r2, whereby heated gases ascending to the top of the bodies R 'are directed into the perforations cl substantially as described.
In testimony whereof I afx my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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