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. WQP. WARE. COMBINED BOTTLE .STOPPBR AND SYRINGB. No. 526,880. Patented Oct. 2, 1894.
SPECIFICATION forming partof Letters Batent No. 526,880, dated October 2, 1894. Application filed November 2%, 1893. $erial No. 491,743- (No model.)
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, WALTER F. WARE, a
citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of Camden and State of New Jersey,
and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification.
My invention relates to an improved combined bottle-stopper and syringe which may be employed'as a urethral injector, and hasfor its principal object to provide a device which will perform the double function of a bottlestopper and syringe, or may be filled and carried in the pocket separately and used when necessary.
In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is an elevation of a combined bottle-stopper and syringe manufactured in accordance with my invention and illustrating it in position in the neckof a bottle and acting as a stopper therefor. Fig. 2 is a sectional elevation of the same on a somewhat larger scale. Fig. 3 is a similar view showing the position of the device when the syringe bulb .is being filled with fluid from va bottle, and Fig. 4 is a View of a stopper which may be inserted in the nozzle of the syringe when it is desired to carry the latter filled with the injecting per that it may be employed as a syringe without materially increasing the size of the stopper or making the latter so large that it cannot be conveniently carried, with the bottle, in the pocket, and being of yielding material cannot be accidentally broken, as is the case with the glass barrel syringes commonly used for this purpose.
insertedin the neck of the bottle. At the upper end of this neck, and preferably formed integral therewith, is a bulb, A, of sufficient size to contain the quantity of fluid necessary for a single injection, and at the, lower end of the stopper is a nozzle, B, tapering or otherwise graduating down to ,a comparatively small end sothatit may be readily inserted in the/mouth of theurethra.
Through the nozzle and the stopper and extending from the, bulb, A, to and communicating'with the interior .of the bottle is a passage, d, preferably of the same diameter throughout its entire length so that while the Walls of thenozzle portion are. comparatively thin and; yielding, the walls of the stopper will be much thicker and will yield but very little, if any, more than an ordinary solid rubber stopper. 1--
On the exteriorof the stopper and nozzle portions is a longitudinally disposed groove, 0, forming a passage through which air may be admitted to the bottle when the syringe bulb is being filled, as shown more clearly in Fig. 3, the groove extending from a point on the nozzle near the lower tapering end to a point slightly below the point of junction of the bulb, A, with the stopper, but not extending a sufficient distance to interfere with the usefulness of the stopper when the latter is fully in the neck of the bottle, as shown in Fig. 2.
As it may sometimes be desirable to carry in the pocket enough of the fluid for a single injection only I propose, after filling the syringe bulb, to insert within the discharge mouth of the nozzle a stopper plug, E, having a head, 6, for convenience in inserting and removing it, there being between the main body of the plug and the head, e, a portion of less diameter than that of the main body and forming a contracted neck to which the elastic mouth of the nozzle will closely fit and prevent accidental discharge of the fluid.
The plug, E, is preferably constructed as shown in Fig. 4 having an enlarged head, 6, and the main body of the plug of greater diameter in cross section intermediate in its length diminishing toward the head and toward the inner end. For convenience, this 1 in rubberstoppers, so that it may be readily a hollow bulb and at its opposite end with a conical nozzle, a centrally disposed passage extending through the nozzle and stopper into and communicating with the interior of the bulb, and said stopper being provided with a longitudinally disposed exterior air passage extending for a portion only of its length, substantially as specified.
2. A combined bottle-stopper and syringe formed of a single piece of soft rubber, and} comprising a bulb, a gradually diminishing 1 nozzle, and a neck portion situate between, the nozzle and bulb, said neck portion having a slightly conical ortapering exterior and having thickened walls formed thicker or heavier than those of the nozzle or bulb, and adapted to form a bottle-stopper, substantially as specified.
3. A combined bottle-stopper and syringe, formed of a single piece of soft rubber, and;
comprising a bulb, a conical nozzle, and a neck portion situate between the nozzle andl bulb, said neck portionhaving a tapering ex-; terior and adapted to form a bottle stopper, there being on the periphery of the'neck portion a groove extending from 'a point belowi the junction of the nozzle with the neck toa point on the neck above the line of junctioml substantially as specified.
4. The combination of a bulb, A, a nozzle,;' B, a tapering neck portion, 0, having its walls l thickened to'form a bottle-stopper, there be-; ing a groove or air passage longitudinally dis-i posed upon the exterior of the neck portion; said groove terminating at a point below the upper end of the neck, so that the escape of fluid will be prevented when the neck is fully in the bottle, substantially as specified.
5. In a syringe the combination of a bulb, a nozzle and intervening neck portion between the nozzle and the bulb, the whole being formed preferably integral of a single piece of elastic material the walls of the nozzle being constructed to yield outwardly under pressure from within in a degree diminishing from the point toward the neck portion and a plug adapted to the month of the nozzle, substantially as described.
6. In a combined syringe and bottle stopper the combination of a bulb, a nozzle, and an intervening neck portion between the nozzle and bulb, the nozzle portion adapted to yield outwardly under pressure from within in a diminishing degree from the point toward the neck portion, the mouth of said nozzle-portion being adapted to receive a plug, E, of greater diameter in cross section than the diameter of the bore of the nozzle,said plug being of greater diameter in cross-section intermediate in its length and diminishing in diameter toward the opposite end, substantially as described.
7. A syringe of elastic material consisting ofthe bulb, A, neck portion, 0, nozzle, B, the walls of said nozzle constructed to yield to pressure from within in a degree diminishing from its point toward the neckportion, a plug, E, adapted to be inserted in the mouth of the nozzle, circumferential groove, g, and
flexible cord extending from said plug around said grooved neck portion,substantially as described.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my handthis 22d day of November, A. D. 1893.
WALTER F. WARE. Witnesses:
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