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GEORGE s. PARKER, or JANEsvILLE, wisconsin.
yFOUNTAIN-PEI# VSFIEGIFIGAELION forming part of Letters Patent No. 512,319, dated January 9, 1894i.`
Application filed November 1, 1893. Serial No. 489,717. (No model.)
To a/ZZ whom it may concern.- Be it known that I, GEORGE S. PARKER, a
l citizen of the UnitedStates, residing at Janesv, zo
ville, in the countyof Rock and State of Wisconsin, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Fountain-Pens; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such aswill enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to theaccompanyin'g drawings, and to theletters of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.
' The objects of this invention are to obviatethe defects usually found in fountain pens,r
on account of which there is, first-, 'difficulty in starting the fiow of ink when beginning to write; second, a deficient, excessivel or irregular flow of ink; third, the dripping of ink from theA pen when the reservoir is nearl the pen is inverted after using.
The invention consists in a novel'construction of the feed piece and contiguous parts which secures and maintains an equipoise be-y tween the columns of ink and air'inthelr sev' eral passages and compels them to harmony of action.
The various features of the invention are illustrated inthe accompanying drawings, in
whicli- Figure 1 is a side view of my pen having'portions of the exterior broken -away to exposev the interior arrangementof'some of the parts.
' Fig. 2 is a side view ofthe feeder.- Fig. 3 is a vertical section of lthe feeder. Fig. 4 is a plan of the feeder with the nib in position.
' Fig. 5 isa plan of the underside of the feeder, and Fig. 6 is an enlarged end view of the pen Section on the line .9c-. ofv Fig'. 1. y 4Likeletters of reference denote corresponding parts in the different views.
The letter A. indicates the body or ink reservoir of a fountain pen.
B is'the cap fitted upon the reduced 'end a. of the body, and also fitting upon the penseetion to ycover the nib whennot in use.
The pen-section C. is attached tolthe body A. byits threaded portion c.' The bore of the pen section is uniform throughout except at its outer end, in'whioh is formed the annular depression or recess which forms a rest or seatfor the projections i'. i. on the nib I. and also temporarily stores a small yquantity of ink for 'immediate' use when making heavy K It isv a cross slit e. to receive the heel of the nib I. That part ofthe feeder above the slit c. is proe longed to form av tongue f. which extends along upon the nib I. tonear its extreme point. .A small hole j. constituting aniink conduit, is made'longitudinally through the central part of the feeder, one side of which being continued along the tongue f. forms the groove'g. therein. YVThe vertical slit-K above the heel of the nib, connects with the conduit j. and acts with the groove g. to keep the nib moist. The upper one half, more or less, of the middle portion of the feeder is removed, leaving an air chamber h. which connects through the hole j. with the cross-slit e. described above, and through it with the'outer air. Internally the chamber h.v communicates with the reservoir A. through an inlet Z. formed between the inner end of the pen section and...
the attened upper surface of the feeder, whereby air is supplied to the reservoir as the ink flows out. That part of the feeder which I projects beyond the pen section into the resl ervoir is bent or deflected downward or to one moderates the flow of ink from the reservoir.`
When the pen is held as in writing theink is conveyed from the reservoir through the groove n. and the conduit j. and along the groove -g in the tongue f. to the tip of the nib I. where it comes in contact with the paper,
the air entering through the conduit j. at e. into the chamber h. and thence by the inlet `after using, the ink collected in the recess d.
' l. into the reservoir. When the pen is inverted I and about the nib, dcws back through the ink channels described 'above into the reservoir, a drop remaining at the juncture of the feeder andl reservoir which keeps those parts wet and l insures a4 prompt outflow of ink when beginning'to write. By this construction of the trol the movement of .the ink so as vte maintain an even and constant flow of it to the last drop in the reservoir.
Any preferred materials may be used in the construction of my fountain pen, but excepting the metal nib, all the parts are preferabl made of hard rubber.
What I claim, and desire to secure, is- 1. A feeder for a fountain peu having a central longitudinal ink conduit and an inner i projecting end bentinto contact with the side of the reservoir for the purposesset forth.
, 2. A feeder for fountain pens having a central ink conduit and a cross groove-.intersecting said conduit at the inner end of the feeder which is 'bent into contact with the reservoir.
3. A feeder for'fountain pens having a central longitudinal ink conduit, and its inner projecting end bent into contact withthe side of the reservoir, a cross groove at its end intersecting said conduit, 'an air chamber cut in its upper central half and connected through said'conduit with the outer air and an inlet to the reservoir passing over the flattened rear part of the feeder substantially'as described. y
4. In a fountain pen a pen section having an annular recess at its forward end, a feeder removably fitting into said pen section having across slit to receive the heel of the nib a 35 grooved tongue extending upon the nib to4 -near its point, a vertical slit K above the nib a central air chamber connected with the slit e. by the hole j. and. communicating with the reservoir through an inlet l. a central longi- 4o tudinal ink conduit through the feeder and a groove crossing said conduit at the rear end of the feeder which isdellected into contact with the side of the reservoir as herein set forth. A v; v 45 5: Afountain pen having a reservoir body and cap, a pen section threaded for attachment to the body and having an annular recess d'. at its forward end, a feeder removably fitting the pen section and having a central 5 9 inkconduit j. lengthwise through it, a slit e to receive theheel of the nib whose shoulders rest in the said recess d. a vertical slitK and a grooved tongue extending upon thenib to near its 'vp'ontacentral air chamber in the 55 upper half of the feeder and connectingfwith the outer air through the conduit j. and slit e. and with thereservcir through an inlet l. and
a cross grooveI on-the inner end of the feeder ,l which is bent intovcontact with the sidegof the 6c reservoir substantially as hereinset forth.
In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
ends. PARKER.
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