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No. 506,307. Patented Oct. 10, 1893.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 506,307, dated October 10, 1893.
Application filed May 11, 1892- To all whom it may concern.-
Be it known that I, GEORGE O. CARD, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of the village of Spencerport, in the county of Monroe and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Pocket-Lamps, of which the following is a specification.
My invention relates to lam psof the class commonly carried in the pocket for the purpose of lighting cigars, &c., and consists essentially of a wick the body of which is contained in a fount or oil reservoir and means of a novel and efficient nature for igniting that end of said wick which projects outside of said fount, thewhole being combined and con structed in such a manner as to render the article at once simple anddurable, effective 2 provided, on its interior with a stud a the.
purpose of which will-be hereinafter explained.
B designates a shell or casing within which the upper end of the fount A fits and to which it is detachably secured in any suitable manner, preferably by frictional contact. The upper portion of the shell B is reduced in diameter and receives around it the lower portion of a cap carrying cylinder 0 the same being maintained in position about said shell by means of a slot 0 with which it is provided and which is adapted to engage with a stud 1) formed upon the exterior of the reduced portion of said shell B.
D designates the wick carrier which is adapted to fit snugly within the upper portion of the fount A. It is provided with a recess d which engages with the inwardly projecting stud a in said fount for the purpose of maintaining it in position. I have found Fig. 2 is avertical secfierial No. 432.617. (No model.)
it desirable to construct the upper portion of the carrier of reduced diameter and to so disof the latter will project a short distance above the shoulder d. The oil or illuminating fluid, which is by capillary attraction drawn over the top of the wick tube and which runs down the same, will thus be turned back into the fount cylinder.
E designates a wick carried in any suitable manner in the wick carrier D. That end of the wick which it is designed to ignite will extend, of course, above the wick carrier; the remainder will be carried in the-fount A material.
F designates a spring or igniter secured in any suitable manner to the wick carrier D. As here shown its free end will preferably be arranged adjacent to that end of the wick'E which projects above the carrier D for a purpose to be hereinafter explained.
G designates a coiled spring arranged within the cap carrying cylinder 0. As here shown, its lower end impinges against the upper portion of the shell or casing B. Its upper end impinges against a slide or cylinder g having longitudinal movements within the cylinder 0.
H designates fulminating or igniting caps interposed between the cylinder g and the end of the cylinder 0. The latter is not closed at its end but its edges 0' are turned over or crimped in the manner shown in Fig. 5 so as to leave an open space at about the center through which access may be had to the caps H, and a portion of the edge is cut away on the side where it is not turned over, to such an extent that when a cap has been used it can be removed.
The operation of my invention is as follows: Given the lamp closed in the condition illustrated in Fig. 1 when it is desired to light the wick, the fount A, and its contained mechanism, is detached from the remainder of the lamp. The spring or igniter F is drawn quickly across the bit of fulminate on the cap, until the igniter catches on the flange 0 when it is stopped in the proper position to bring the wick over the flame caused by the explosion of the cap and there retain it until the wick is ignited. After the lamp in which may be placed illuminating fluid or.
pose it within the fount cylinder that the top is used the flame may be extinguished and the fount and its mechanism restored to the position illustrated in said figure. As fast as the caps are used the remains are removed, by catching the same with the ignitor F and drawing them out from under the flange c where the tube has been cut away for that purpose and new caps are pressed into position, by the spring G. WVhen all the caps are exhausted a new supply may be introduced by removing the spring Gr and slide or cylinder 9 and inserting the caps in the cylinder 0.
Modifications may be used in the details of construction of myimproved pocket lamp without departing from the spirit or sacrificing the advantages of the invention, the essential features of which have been heretofore described and will now be claimed.
\Vhat I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. Ina pocket lamp the combination of two separate tubes, one of which is provided with a spring and is adapted to carry a number of pellets or caps, and the other provided with a reservoir, wiclcholder and scratcher adjacent thereto the said tubes being so constructed that one end of one tube is adapted to be inserted within one end of the other tube, substantially as shown and described.
2. A pocket lamp consisting of two tubes and a central tubular coupling piece, one of said tubes being provided with a spring and adapted to hold a number of pellets or caps,
and the other being provided with a reservoir, wick-holder and scratcher' adjacent thereto, one end of the coupling piece being adapted to enter the tube containing the spring and hold the spring in position, and the other adapted to telescope one end of the reservoir tube, substantially as shown and described.
3. In a pocket lamp the combination with the fount A, of the wick tube D, scratcher F, casing B, spring G, movable head and cap cylinder 0, all substantially shown and described.
4. In a pocket lamp the combination of two separate tubes, one of which is adapted to carry a number of pellets or caps and is pro vided with a flange 0', and the other provided with a reservoir, wicloholder and scratcher adjacent thereto, said scratcher being provided with a bent or hook shaped end and said tubes being so constructed that one end of one tube is adapted to be inserted within one end of the other tube, substantially as shown and described.
In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my invention I have signed my name, in presence of two witnesses, this 29th day of April, 1892.
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