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    • B43L23/00Sharpeners for pencils or leads
    • B43L23/08Sharpeners for pencils or leads in which the pencils or leads are sharpened mainly by rotational movement against cutting blades


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-No.50-3,'794. I I PatentedAug.2Z, 1893.

Has. HG. 9.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 503,794, dated. August 22, 1893.

Application filed Marsh 8, 1893. Serial No. 465,207; (No model.)

T0 at whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, OLIVER HOLBEN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and usefullmprovements in a Combined Penoil-Sharpening and Erasing Implement; and I do hereby declare the following to be a sufficiently full, clear, and exact description thereof as to enable others skilled in the art to make and use the said invention.

This invention relates to implements for sharpening pencils having a wooden shell incasing a core of graphite or other crayon or marking material and combines with it conveniently for desk use erasing and measuring appliances without exposing the user to the temptation to spoil the pencil sharpening part of the implement by misapplying it to purposes of erasure.

To meet these several desiderata this invention may be concisely stated to consist in a hollow truncated conical guide, having a cleft provided with a cutting blade, arranged to-cut the wood without cutting the core, attached to and forming a part of a sheath, embracing a slide having an abrading surface, and a blade having a form of edge not adapted to erase but conveniently applicable to cutting the marking core, and another blade, adapted to purposes of erasing and for convenient use, a

series of graduations of some measuring standard upon the handle or sheath, and on the reverse side of the slide or uponeither of them.

The construction of the implement embodying this invention is hereinafter fully described and shown in the accompanying drawlugs.

Referring to the drawings Figure 1, shows a front side view of the implement; Fig. 2, an end view thereof; Fig. 3, a front edge view with the blade opened; Fig. 4, a back edge view with the blade closed and the abrasive slide extended; Fig. 5, a near side view with the slide extended; Fig. 6, a front side view of a modified form of the implement, including an erasing blade shown with both blades opened. Fig. 7, shows a detached View of a scale or intermediate plate of the'case or handle; Fig. 8, a detached fiat view of the slide; Fig. 9, an end view thereof and Fig. 10, a cross section of the handle in the plane indicated by the dotted line a; a: in Fig. 4.

1, represents a rectangular block having formed in it a truncated conical cavity 2, having a cleft 3 formed in it in which is secured tangentially a blade 4, by a screw 5. The conical cavity terminates in a cylindric extension 6, of such diametral dimensions, as to receive, without contact, the crayon or marking part of the pencils to be sharpened. To the closed end of the block 1,are attached two outer plates or scales 7 and 8, and an inner plate or scale 9 which form a handle for the blades, 10 and 11 and a sheath for the slide 12.

The scale 7, is a simple flat plate having perforations for the insertion of rivets 13, for attaching it to the block 1 the perforations 14 for the insertion of the rivets for holding the spring 16, and other perforations 15, for receiving the pivotal rivets for holding the blades 10 and 11.

The scale 9, is of like form to the scale 7, with apertures registering with those in the scale 7, to receive the rivets above referred to,

and has also in it a slot 17, in which a pin 18, in the inner end of the slide 12 engages and prevents the slide 12 from being drawn entirely from the case or handle.

The scale 8 is made of a channel or trough shape, as shown in Fig. 10, so as to inclose the sides of the slide 12.

The outer end 19 of the slide 12 is bent downwardly, so as to furnish a means of extending it, and when extended to support the slide, when the scale 8 rests on a flat surface.

The scale 8 may be secured by soldering its upper edges to the edges of the scale 9, or by dovetailed projections 20 on the scale 9, engaging corresponding notches in the upper edges of the scale 8.

The upper side of the slide 12 is roughened by file cutting, or by the application of a cement and abrading material such as corrundum of pulverized flint.

The spring 16, operates on the blades 10 and 11, in the manner usual in pen and pocket knives, to retain them in open and closed position. The blade 10 is made short, and with an edge receding from a line, drawn from the point 21, to the stop 22, so that while it is available to cut the wood of the pencil, and

2 scam;

the lead or crayon, is incapable of use as an a ver'y thin envelope o'f-woo'dsurronndihgor partly'sur'roundi ng" it. The blade 10 is t-lien 20 eraser onflat surfaces. The blade 11 is formed with a convexly curved edge adapted to use as an eraser. The scales 7 and 8 are marked with graduations of standard measures of length, such as inches and'fracti'ons ther'eof,"and' centimeters and millimeters, as is also the under side of the slide 12. 1.!

and the large part of the wood of the pencil end pared therewithyso as to enter the cavity 2. The blade 101s then closed. The paredpencil end is inserted in t'hecavity 2; and rotated against the edge of the blade 4, until the wood is' shaved' into a co'ne,'*with the uncut lead or crayon projecti ng bey0nd"-the cone with crayon'orle'adrnbbed upon'the abradihg surattained. t

Having described "my invention" and the mode of using the s'aine, what r claim n- Touse this implement the blade 10is opened.

opened; and'the ieadtr erayon pared' approxi mately'to thedesired"form. Theblade'ld isj I. again 'clo'sedand the slide12 extended-=3: d'the 1. In a combined-erasing and pencil sharp- "citing implement, theknife handle "provided with scales theconical cup having an open extension or clearance adapted to receive the uncut crayon portion of the pencil, and opening into thespacebetween the scales of said arranged to remove the surrounding wood without cutti ng'the'crayofi sfib's tantially as set forth.

2. In a pencil sharpening implement, the describedarul-sh'own conicalcup 2and blade 4, in combination with the sheath or handle l providedwith scales 7 and 9 and blade 10, construc'ted and arranged substantially as shown and described. I p 3511i a"penc' ""rpen'ing i' iiplme'nt, the nesci'i'bed' ane snow pdriical'cup 25am blade 45in coni'binatiomwith the'lilz'id I 1- 0, abrasive Slide-1 2',""and connecting scale 7, 8* and 9 arranger to form a hassle-anagram substan-

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