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No; 493,617. Patented Mar. 14, 1893.
wvwvboz b v i gg NORRIS PETERS c0. vumomma, wAswmamu, u c.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 493,617, dated March 14, 1893.
Application filed August 1, 1892- Serial No. 441,849. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern/.-
Be it known that I, JOHN \VALTER CRITES, a citizen of the United States, residing at Sacramento, in the county of Sacramento and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Vending-Machines; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.
My invention relates to machines adapted to sell goods and in which the delivery of a certain article is made contingent upon the deposit of a certain coin.
The object of my improvements is to adapt one of these machines to the sale of stamped envelopes, note-paper, postal cards and such things as are mostly needed by the traveling public.
In the drawings,Figure 1 is a broken elevation, partly in section, of the whole machine.
Fig. 2 isa front view of the same; and Fig. 3
is a plan showing the inner receptacle and actuating mechanism.
The same parts are indicated by the same letters of reference in the three views.
A represents the box or casing in which my improved apparatus is placed. To the top of this box is hinged a suitable cover, A, preferably semi-cylindrical in form.
B is a cylindrical receptacle provided with an endless series of pockets, b, radiating from its center and adapted to contain the goods to be sold. This receptacle is mounted on a shaft, 0, journaled in suitable bearings on the inner walls of the casing. An outer drum, D, is used to cover at least the lower pockets and prevent the fall of the packages stored therein, except through an outlet, (1, leading down into a delivery-slide, E. An inlet, d, is provided at the upper part of the drum, when used whole, for refilling the receptacle after it has been emptied of its contents. The cylinder B is moved forward and the outwardlyspreading pockets are brought, in succession, opposite the outlet 01 by means of a cog-wheel, F, secured to one side or end of the cylinder,
a spur-wheel, G, carrying a pinion, H, engaged with this cog-wheel, and a lever, I, acting upon the spur-wheel G through the medium of an interposed coin, as will presently be described.
J is acoin-chute, which extends from a slot in the upper front end of the casing down to a money-box or drawer, K, in the lower part thereof. Into this chute alternately project the spurs of the wheel G, through a rear aperture,j, so that a coin dropped into it has to fall onto one of them. The chute is made narrow in order that the coin may stand edgewise on the spur projecting therein. able bend is also provided, as at j, to prevent undue interference with the spur-wheel from the outside. The weight of the coin usually deposited into the chute not being sufficient to overbalance the wheel G and cause it to rotate the receptacle, I use for this purpose the lever I, which is forked, as shown, and suspended on the inner front wall of the easing in such a way that its handle portion will hang outside, and its tines, 2' 2', may work through slots, j y, in the face of the chute J. Upon lifting the outer end of the hand-lever I, the tines 1' t' are brought to bear upon the upper edge of the coin standing crosswise of the spur-wheel and force it down, thereby revolving the spur-wheel, its pinion, the cogwheel and cylinder and causing one of the filled pockets to wheel into line with the slide E and let out the desired articles. Only one package, however, may be had for one piece of money, as the coin is no sooner past the end of the spur on which it rested than connection is disestablished between the spurwheel and the hand-lever, the tines of the lever being far enough apart to miss the spurs 9c and leave the actuating mechanism of the 'cylinder undisturbed unlessa coin of the requisite denomination be interposed.
For the convenience of patrons of my improved machine, I provide it with shelves or 5 writing desks, L L, which are especially serviceable when stationery articles are sold. These desks are hinged to the upper part of the machine on both sides and are normally kept closed by weights, M M, located inside :00
the casing and attached to cords, m m, passing over pulleys, N N. The weights barely A suit- 65 overbalance the shelves so that the slight pressure of the hand in writing or else the Weight of the writing material will be sufficient to keep the desks open When wanted. A mail-box having suitable openings, at, a, for letters, papers, &c. and the usual locked door, a is also provided at the lower part of the case.
. It is obvious that many changes may be made in the working mechanism of the abovedescribed apparatus, and various equivalents substituted for certain parts thereof without departing from the principle of my invention, and I therefore do not confine myself to the particular forms and precise details of construction herein shown and described.
What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-
1. In a vending-machine, the combination of a rotatable receptacle, a cog-wheel secured thereto, a spur-wheel carrying a pinion engaged with said cog-wheel, and a coin-chute into which said spurwvheel projects, substantially as set forth.
2. The combination, in a vending-machine, of a rotatable receptacle,a cog-wheel secured thereto, a spur-wheel carrying a pinion engaged with said cog-wheel, a coin-chute into which said spur-wheel projects, and a lever adapted to act upon a coin dropped onto the spurs projecting into said chute, substantially as set forth.
3. The combination, in avending-machine, of a receptacle, a coin-chute, a spur-wheel connected by gearing with said receptacle and projecting into said chute, and a lever adapted to move the receptacle by means of a coin bearing on said spur-wheel, substantially as set forth.
4. The combination, in a vending-machine, of a receptacle having a series of pockets radiating from its center, a drum preventing the fall of articles stored therein, a deliveryslide connected with an outlet in said drum, a cog-wheel secured to said receptacle, a spurwheel provided with a pinion engaged with said cog-Wheel, a coin-chute having an aperture through Which said spur-wheel may project, and a forked lever adapted to force a coin past the spurs projecting into said aperture, substantially as set forth.
In testimony whereoflarfix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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